Avengers 2 speculation: Who IS Ultron?

Okay, well we all know James Spader is playing Ultron and Ultron is a robot…but here’s something you may not have thought about. Firstly, let’s talk about ‘Captain America the Winter Soldier’ and the fact Jarvis is becoming The Vision. It’ll help me explain my theory:

Arnim Zola- The Brain Inside a Computer:
When Zola was working inside of S.H.I.E.L.D he put his data and practically his brain inside of hundreds (maybe thousands) of hard drives. He may have been a computer but he spoke and acted as though he was simply a human behind a computer screen. Operating systems can’t act as human-like as this so it’s obvious to see how his way of thinking and characteristics we’re more than ‘implemented’.


Jarvis- The Very Human Operating System:
Much like Arnim Zola, Jarvis seems to be more than a mere computer. Jarvis WAS Tony Stark’s Butler so perhaps his way of thinking and his ‘brain’ was implemented into his operating system much like Arnim Zola. Both ‘characters’ don’t speak literal, they’re much more than a computer is what I’m getting at. Jarvis has a voice like he was once a human so it’s clear to see that him and Arnim share similarities. They were both once humans but their brains were implemented into an eternal database. My guess is that there will be a flashback of Jarvis’ human form before he became..well, a computer.

the vision

Ultron- Where did his voice and way of thinking come from?:
You see what I’m getting at yet? Arnim and Jarvis’ voices and characteristics came from somewhere. They came from their physical forms and their brains. I’m not saying their brains were simply shoved into a hard drive but you know what I mean. I know Tony is ‘re-booting’ an old peacekeeping project that maybe his Father and Peggy Carter started. There’s probably gonna be a flashback of the S.H.I.E.L.D crew setting the project up. If Jarvis and Arnim were once humans then Ultron HAS to be too. Who was the human form of Ultron? Who does his voice and characteristics belong to?! Does this make sense? I hope it does. Basically, Ultron has to have had a human form before he was implemented into the peacekeeping project’s ‘operating system’. Much like Jarvis and Arnim, he had to have been a human at some point. Not to mention Jarvis will become The Vision. A human-like computer being placed into a robot body…the same will be happening to Ultron. Who was the human inside of Ultron’s brain? Maybe Tony added it into Ultron’s body by accident or it was a Hydra plan since the birth of the peacekeeping project. I think we will see James Spader acting as a human in some sort of flashback featuring human Jarvis and little Tony.


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