My (very thorough) ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Teaser Trailer Breakdown!

The first shot is a great establishing shot. I love the way the camera is titled kinda to symbolise how the world has began to turn ‘upside down’. The city scape is definitely not New York and I don’t think it belongs to anywhere in America for that matter. The orangey/yellow filter hints towards Africa? The warm feel kinda draws me to Africa and seeing as though one of the main settings in the film is Johannesburg then I’m gonna go with that. Ultron’s voice over, “I’m gonna show you something BEAUTIFUL…” This shows Ultrons creepy sadistic nature.

shot 1

We see things blowing up, nothing more than a destructive puff of smoke. What’s more important is the next shot of people running away from it. What exploded exactly? That warm filter is still there so my guess is this part is still in Africa.

shot 2

An angry crowd of French protesters perhaps? I read somewhere that it could be a football game but I don’t buy it so I’m gonna go with protesters. At the front is Wanda and Piotr Maximoff, the ‘miracle twins’. This is definitely before they become Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver. Note how Piotr has no grey/silver in his hair and Wanda is…well…not crazy. It’s probably not important what they’re protesting about, probably just to introduce the characters and show what kind of people they are and what they stand for. Now that I think about it, perhaps Hydra offered them a deal to be test subjects to help aid the cause of the protest? They thought they were doing the right thing but now they’ve been burdened with these powers and are kept imprisoned by Baron Von Strucker. (Kinda like how Aldrich Killian needed the right kind of test subjects for his Extremis project). Baron could have wanted these fitting candidates after seeing what they stood for.

shot 3

Here we see Ultron’s arm rising from lava after rebuilding himself and upgrading his metal armour. If it’s not Ultron maybe just an Ultron-bot being forged in the fires. My other idea could be that the Avengers hurl Ultron into some lava in an attempt to destroy his body to then see him rise out of the fires unharmed (which reminds me of when Smaug from The Hobbit is dunked in molten gold and then bursts out with no damage).

shot 4

The next part shows Captain America walking through a pretty beat up road. Before that there’s a quick shot of more chaos and people screaming. There’s a child with his mother with a football shirt on but I’m not sure what country it belongs to, even if I knew it still might not have been where the setting is. Anyway, back to Cap. The filter is a lot different to the ‘Africa’ one from earlier so my guess is that this is a different location than before. Not sure what country the number plates on the cars belong to. Korea is one of the settings in the film so just a slightly educated stab in the dark there. Cap looks a little beat up as he walks through the rubble. Notice how he doesn’t have his shield? It could just be on the floor but hey-ho, just a thing to think about.

shot 5

We get our first shot of Hawkeye presumably evacuating citizens and looking up at something (maybe a threat on its way, could be Ultron-bots, could be Hydra tanks). Nothing much going on here. Not sure where the location is but the mountains on the left could reveal something. We also get a glimpse of the destruction Thor is beholding, nothing to say about that other than ‘uh oh, more destruction!’ Ultron says “You want to protect the world, but you don’t want it to change…” This means that Avengers are doing a cruddy job at ultimately making the world a better place. It’s the next shot that I wanna talk about!

shot 6

Next we see a great shot of the gang (minus Hawkeye and Iron man) looking pretty shaken up. I’m guessing Hawkeye is piloting but where’s Stark? Perhaps absent or sat in the cockpit too, who knows. Anyway, notice how no one’s looking at each other or talking? It seems like no one wants to be there and everything is just awkward. Maybe they’ve just messed up their mission and are on their way home feeling like they’ve been defeated. Or maybe they’ve witnessed the true power of either Ultron or Hydra or Quicksilver and the Witch and got their butts handed to them. The main focus here is Bruce trembling on the floor with no shoes on and his shirt wrapped around him. This shows he recently Hulked-out but the aftermath is pretty different here for him this time round. There’s something definitely up with him. Scarlett Witch may have cast a spell on him making him unable to control the Hulk. My second guess is that Hydra got hold of him and tinkered about with him and experimented and the whole purpose of the mission was to rescue the green guy. Whatever it is it looks like a pretty crazy battle inside of his head. The next shot is just a close up of Bruce looking nervous and anxious.

shot 7

Here we have our reveal shot of Ultron! Awesome right?! No… he looks like scrap metal. Yeah, he looks pretty erm, broken here and sorta reminds me of a zombie. Perhaps he’d been destroyed (shutdown) because he was a failure. “Nah guys, this Ultron project is a failure, a total no-go, let’s get rid of it”. But to their surprise he’s back and thinking for himself and boy does he have some complaints to throw at the Avengers. He says how they’re all puppets, following orders. Tangled in strings, meaning they’re all messed up and they don’t truly know what they’re doing. We get a few close ups of the characters reactions and then…

shot 8

…A long shot of all the characters in the room. Dammit Ultron, you party crasher. Everyone seems pretty surprised to see this guy alive and functioning on his own. Kind of like when Pepper and Tony were rudely awoken by Mark 42 during Tony’s nightmares in Iron Man 3. From left to right is: Bruce, Natasha, *mystery woman*, Thor, Steve, Maria, Rhodey (really hope he suits up in this film, not just a cameo), Tony and Clint. I believe that the mystery woman is the Korean character who is being played by Kim Soo Hyun. Maybe she’s lending a hand for Stark Industries and the gang have befriended her. Maybe she has something to do with the Ultron project hence why she’s important enough to be dining with them (Pepper must be at a business meeting at this point…and no sign of Jane Foster too). Notice how Natasha is comforting Bruce too? Keeping him calm in case something bad happens which is clear to see as the rest of the characters are looking pretty anxious. Thor has his hammer at the ready so my guess is that Mjolnir will end this little problem. My guess is that Clint is pretty jealous about Nat and Bruces current interest for each other seeing as though he’s all the way on the right, and they’re on the far left. I don’t think there’ll be a love interest at first, just Black Widow merely comforting Hulk but then the closer they get, the more they show an interest for each other. Hawkeye can see pretty far so maybe he kinda knows what’s gonna happen between those two!

shot 9

Ultron picks up what I’m presuming is another version of himself. My guess is that there was a bunch of these Mark 1 peacekeeping robots and they failed miserably but Ultron’s body is his own. He crushes the other robots head as a sign of dominance upon the lesser-evolved robots. Funny, he doesn’t walk in with that robot carcass so my guess is that he walks about for a bit during his puppet speech and picks it up from somewhere.

shot 10

We get to see Iron Man Mark…um 43? (presuming that’s the only one he’s made since Iron Man 3 which I doubt). We see a big old building in the mountains which I’m guessing is Hydra’s secret science facility where Quicksilver and Scarlett Witch are being held. Maybe the Avengers are just doing their job and stopping Hydra or they’ve followed Ultron there and it’s nothing to do with Hydra at all.

shot 11

Captain America kicking a door down within the big building we just saw. His face portrays hopelessness as if they’ve been searching high and low in this facility to find something (Ultron/Hydra) and they’re nowhere to be found. Later on in the trailer there’s a shot of Ultron with the Witch and Quicksilver which looks like an underground area, maybe that’s why they can’t find anything, because its deep in the mountains. But I’ll get onto that shot later.

shot 12

We get a few shots of police shooting at something unknown and a foreign army marching about (maybe African). We see more ‘ka-booms’ and destruction. We also see a tank in a snowy forest which I’m guessing is a Hydra tank. I think it’s the same location as the building up in the mountain, big high up forests which leads me to believe that building maybe belongs to Hydra. The most important shots in these are the ones of Bruce staggering to the floor after what I’m guessing was a Hulk-out. Maybe this is the key point where Bruce starts to get a little trippy or he’s merely catching his breath after transforming back. Either way it’s showing the tense fragile-ness of the character and his struggle between him and his alter-ego which is always gonna be a big deal.

shot 13

Black Widow in an empty room waiting for someone or looking around for someone. It all looks shifty to me.

shot 14

There’s two quick shots of a wheeled bed being pushed and then someone being tested on with a few odd apparatus. Maybe it’s Hydra testing on one of the miracle twins or it’s how hulk became so coo-coo. Creepy science experiments on test subjects? I smell Hydra!

shot 15

Here we can see the sheer domineering height of Ultron (I read somewhere he’s like, 8ft tall!) He’s accompanied with Piotr and Wanda who look pretty uneasy. Why are they siding with a big psycho robot? Maybe Ultron was the one that broke them out of the Hydra facility and now they must work with him in return. What would Ultron want with them you ask? Well if Ultron demands the extinction of pathetic humans then he needs two examples of ‘evolved’ life forms by his side. The area surrounding the characters looks like an underground make-shift factory (the location I was talking about when Captain America was kicking doors down to find someone/something). Maybe this is where Ultron is chilling whilst he makes his next move. This could be where he’s making his army.. and The Vision!

shot 16

Well it’s safe to say these Ultron-bots are waterproof. We get to see Ultron’s legion in action, sprouting from under the water and scaling the walls. It’s almost like a zombie horde…controlled by Ultron of course. It kinda shows that they aren’t so free minded like him and do what they’re told. Maybe that’s what Ultron’s downfall is if the bots rebel against him (like on the Lion King when Scar is killed by his own ‘army’ of hyenas). Not sure of their location but the next shot could tell us more.

shot 17

Half of the gang suited up, looking bloodied and in awe at what I’m guessing is the robots making an appearance. Thors face says it all really, “oh sh*t!” Hmm, where’s Iron Man and Hulk exactly? Well I think they might be fighting down town somewhere (which is shown later on in the trailer). Location-wise, I’m gonna go with Africa. We also see The Mighty Thor drop his hammer.. I sure hope it was on purpose! Maybe he suddenly became unworthy to wield it. Maybe Ultron fooled him and placed Thor in a situation where he HAD to do something ‘unworthy’ for the sake of staying alive. Maybe he just dropped it in shock? It’s not looking promising. Either way, without that hammer…He’s a goner!

shot 18

Tony is looking over the carcass of one of his bots…presumably the one that barged in during their fine dining. He looks troubled and kind of guilty. I think this is after the zombie-like Ultron crashed the party and now Tony is checking it out and foreshadowing with a slight hint of regret. “Maybe this whole robot thing was a bad idea, but I’m too ignorant to admit that right now”. Tony talks about how it’s the end of the path he started them all on, referring to the Avengers Initiative. This shows how the teams failing, everything’s going tits up and there’s been some serious problems. It’s time to hang it up. This is followed by a quick glimpse of Nick Fury, lending a hand for the team it seems whether that’s intel or literally a hand…with a gun. At this point Tony and Nick are in some sort of barn or shack, presumably in hiding and/or in a secret location seeing as though Fury is off the grid.

shot 19

There’s a shot of Black Widow saying, “nothing lasts forever” which matches up nicely to Tony’s sentence but she’s in a totally different location talking to someone else. Where are they and who’s she chatting to? There’s an ‘A’ on the TV in the background, maybe she’s just chilling in the Avengers Tower. She seems to be talking to a woman but the hair is too long to be Maria’s, my guess is it’s that mystery Korean woman from earlier.

shot 20

Here’s Scarlett Witch looking pretty annoyed. She’s surrounded by rubble (was she the one that caused it?). She’s dropping to the floor screaming maybe regretting her actions or she’s annoyed at something and she’s about to explode! It shows the characters kooky un-stableness and shows how she can’t really control her powers very well. The distorted screams help emphasise this.

shot 21

Hulks not looking his best here… The red in his eyes looks like he’s been crying which has led him to get uncontrollably angry. It looks like if Hulk could get a fever, that’s what it’d look like. Earlier of the shot in the Quinjet of Bruce looking crazy, it looks like the results of that may have caused him to go Hulk mode. If however, he was triggered by something upsetting, what was it that upset him? Maybe the illness cast over him exaggerated his sadness and he lost control. Location-wise, I’m saying Africa because of that warm yellow filter.

shot 22

Here’s the moment every fan boy/girls dreams came true. They finally get to see the Hulkbuster assemble! I think everyone’s brains and wallets exploded at this point… SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! The suit looks great and by the way it kind of ‘crashed’ down into shot could mean it was dropped down or remotely flew to that location for Stark to hop in. If you’ve ever played Titanfall, that’s what it reminds me of. Nothing much to say other than Hulks got a big fight coming up.

shot 23

We see Black Widow dropping out of the Quinjet on a pretty durable motorcycle. She’s a man, uh I mean woman on a mission. The cold filter helps differentiate the Africa location to where ever she is now. Korea was said to be one of the locations and later on there’s another shot of her on the motorbike and you can see Korean shops in the background, so yeah. There’s a cool shot of quicksilver in action barging past an Ultron-bot or Ultron himself intentionally or unintentionally helping out Cap who looked like he needed the help anyway. They seem to be in a bus, but it could be a train..or a tram! I really like the motion blur that Quicksilver leaves behind.

shot 24

We get a quick shot of Scarlett Witch shooting a red projectile out of her hand, doing what she does best. Her eyes glow red as she does it so I guess every time you see her eyes change you should really consider taking cover. It’s the shot after what I find interesting. It’s only on for about 2 milliseconds but it shows Cap in an old fashioned military suit surrounded by equally old fashioned characters. Is this a flashback or an illusion by Scarlett Witch? I’m gonna go with illusion simply because of the shot of Scarlett Witch before hand, it’d be too much of a coincidence if not. She’s definitely trying to mess with people’s minds, hitting them where it hurts mentally and pulling them apart. “Here’s the life you missed out on, you’ve lost so many old friends”.

shot 25

There’s a shot of a few big ships and- wait a minute, where’d the sea go?! What caused the water to go? Fingers are pointing to Ultron. There’s nothing much to say other than that was in Bangladesh apparently. The next shot shows Andy Serkis NOT in a motion capture outfit for once playing Ulysses Klaw. Klaw is Black Panthers arch enemy so if that hero is not introduced at some point they’re missing a great opportunity to do so (end credit scene maybe). Ultron is constantly upgrading himself so at some point he’s gonna wanna get vibranium which is the same scarce material that Cap’s shield is made out of. Maybe Ultron liked the look of his shield and flew to Johannesburg to grab some off of Klaw? He could be some sort of dodgey black market guy who assists Ultron willingly or unwillingly. The avengers might need his help at some point to ask if he’d seen an 8ft robot roaming around these parts.

shot 26

We get a glimpse of Black Widow on the bike again swerving about but this time accompanied with caps shield as protection im guessing. Maybe that’s why Cap didn’t have his shield on him way back near the beginning of the trailer (which also reveals that Cap was maybe in Korea with Black Widow at this point). Congrats on Thor for taking up the Ice Bucket Challenge…The next shot is of Thor bursting out of the water enraged and despaired. He’s erm, a little naked so maybe he’s been stripped of his armour along with his hammer because he’s now unworthy for some reason?! He’s in some rocky area like a cave or something, not too sure what that means. Maybe Ultron shoved him down there to rot now that he’s hammerless (which I hope isn’t the case).

shot 27

Here we have an intimate moment between Hulk and Black Widow. She totally has the hots for him…Bruce, not The Hulk that is. After numerous attempts of calming him down they seem to have grown a bond and there’s a very big Beauty and the Beast feel to this. It also reminds me of Tarzan when him and Jane put their hands together: although they’re different, they’re still alike. Black Widow is trying to get to the human side of the character to bring him back. This might ultimately be the way Bruce is broken free from his ill spell. There’s a quick shot of some ballerinas which is clearly a flashback or an illusion for either Black Widow or Scarlett Witch. If not it’s for that mystery Korean woman. There’s some Hydra gunfire in the next shot, and a lot of blue projectiles being fired. This means they still have hold of the Tesseract weaponry or they’ve harnessed more power from Loki’s staff than what was first presumed. We also see Hawkeye whizzing past in a more padded suit. Now, everyone’s saying this is his ‘new suit’ but I think it’s merely just a different variant for the cold snowy conditions. He usually has the armless costume but for the snow-filled forests he’s gonna need something a little warmer. I don’t think this suit is gonna take over his old one, it’ll just replace it for this one mission.

shot 28

Damn Thor sure is angry, hopefully he doesn’t do something unworthy like strangle Tony by the neck and- oh Thor… Yeah we see Thor pick Tony up (with ease may I add). He’s clearly annoyed and he has a right to be seeing as though everyone’s pointing fingers at Stark for Ultron’s craving for human extinction. If you notice on the first shot of angry Thor he’s not wearing his metal sleeves and is in a totally different location to the next shot where he picks Tony up, with his metal sleeves on this time. The first shot he could be marching up to Ultron mark 1 and trashing it before it gets worse or just shouting at Tony on more than one occasion.

shot 29

Black Widow looks pretty scared here. She looks like she’s in Ultron’s secret lair from before. All signs point to her looking up in fear as to what Ultron has become or it may be Vision? Most likely Ultron though. You see that steaming cauldron thing behind her? It’d be awesome if she’s getting backed up by Ultron and then The Vision just bursts out of there from behind like “hey there’s no escape”. She clearly escaped though otherwise she’d be dead.

shot 30

Hulk doesn’t seem to like Tony’s new toy. Everyone’s saying this is a ‘fight’ but people don’t look close enough. Hulk is the only one throwing the punches. I think Stark is defending himself and trying to suppress the Hulk in an attempt to calm him down. He’s looking out for his buddy in the end… but I think the fact he’s gone and made an armour in the chance he needed to use it against Bruce would offend him and make him just that little bit more mad. My speculation is that it’s gonna fail miserably and get torn to bits and Black Widow is gonna save the day with her hand moment.

shot 31

Cap is playing dodge ball with some cars on a Korean motorway. I think a segment of the film is gonna be Black Widow and Cap in Korea searching for Ultron or answers for something after all the shots of them two. The fact that Quicksilver was in that bus/train/tram shot might mean that Cap and Black Widow are looking for him and his sister in Korea. Anyways, Cap is almost hit by a car but who threw the car? I’m not sure if it’s Hulk… I’m leaning more towards Scarlett Witch throwing them telekineticly. The next shot is Scarlett Witch screaming yet again at stuff exploding, not sure what the threat to her is. The next shows Quicksilver in his suit which I’m guessing was given to by Ultron to ‘enhance streamline-ness’ or whatever. He’s zooming around looking concerned as he grinds to a halt to gawp in awe with the civilians. Maybe he’s watching his sister go crazy and throw things about. She could be threatened by the Avengers and he’s gotta save her. The other shots are back in Africa and show the Hulk-Buster stopping one of Hulks punches which further emphasises the feeling of suppression and defence rather than down right attacking.

shot 32

“Oh my god, Cap’s shield is broken, oh my god he dies!” *Slap* Get a hold of yourself, I think it’s just another illusion. I think the Witch is at play here, showing one of the characters what ‘could’ happen if they try and go against the mighty Ultron. You can also see Thors unmoving body at the side. The full scene probably shows numerous dead characters and objects broken and beat up. My guess is that it’s Hulks illusion, the one that makes him go crazy. If not, it could be for Iron Man, showing what’s gonna happen if he leads his team in this particular direction.

shot 33

I love how they’ve made Ultron look! I think this may be his final form. I mean, he has teeth for heavens sake! I got chills when he said, “there strings on me”. It means that he’s not a robot, he can’t be controlled, he has a mind of his own and he’s better/higher than everyone else. The fact that he’s built himself to look similar to a human kind of shows that he’s mimicking them and that he’s better than what they could have ever achieved mentally and physically. The effects on Ultron are amazing and I love how he doesn’t really talk angrily or look angry, he’s always calm and collected like a true psychopath. It’d be awesome to see him snap and flip his lid so to speak.. because if he’s intimidating now, just wait until he’s enraged!

shot 34

There you have it.. a very long breakthrough by me, and a little help from my sister Alex. 6 hours of thorough analysing has finally come to an end (if only I put this much effort into my Uni work). I can’t wait for this film and I hope I’ve helped. If there’s anything you think I’ve missed let me know!
Thanks for reading 🙂

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