Upcoming Marvel Funko POP Bobbleheads!

Here’s some Asgardian POP’s that aren’t upcoming but I’m featuring them anyway because they’re fairly new. Featuring Loki with his awesome gold helmet, Odin, the all-seeing Heimdall and Lady Siff…

thor bobbles

There’s some X-Men comic book characters coming out in December. Whether they’ll be ready for Christmas or if they come out after is unknown. This set features Cyclops, Magneto, Professor X, Mystique, Storm and Colossus…

xmen funko

All the way in March next year we’ll be getting some more Guardians of the Galaxy POP’s…this time focusing on the villains. This set includes Yondu, The Collector, Nebular, Ronan the Accuser and a super exciting 6 inch Thanos!..

gotg pop

I can’t wait to see the Age of Ultron bobbleheads. I hope they finally make a Hawkeye for me to add to my collection along with Scarlett Witch, Quicksilver, Vision and Ultron himself (which I hope would be 6 inch!). Hmm, wonder how they do an Ant-Man bobblehead…

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