PERSONAL POST- My MARVELous 20th Birthday!

I recently became 20 years old and everyone knows how much of a big Marvel fan I am so I thought I’d share my birthday experience!

Ah, t’was the 29th of October…I’d stayed up until 2am to watch the Age of Ultron footage that was shown after Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (because I’m from the UK). I went to sleep after a few too many times of watching the clip and was woken up 7 hours later at 9am! Good job it was my Birthday because I hate having to wake up so damn early! (Probably not even that early to normal people).


I went downstairs to my fam wishing me a ‘happy birthday’ and when I looked at the table I saw my little sister had baked me a load of Marvel cakes! She got up at 6am to make them! She’s a super big fan too…she usually watches me blog and gives me ideas. I forced her to love Marvel! She didn’t have a choice if I was her big brother! She also got me a cool 3D Ultimate Spiderman card which said ‘Ultimate Birthday Wishes’.


I received a cool door poster (to go with my MANY posters already) and two Marvel Funko POP! Bobble Heads- Hulk and Loki with his awesome gold helmet!


The day went on and I went to an all-you-can-eat restaurant and got full to the brim then went home and watched Captain America on DVD with my sister. The following day my awesome Girlfriend came to spend a few nights with me and spoilt me with looaaaddss of birthday presents which included; 3 Bobble Heads- Star Lord, Gamora and Rocket (which completed my Guardians of the Galaxy collection!) and a super cool duvet! She got me a card and I’m pulling an embarrassing face so don’t look too long for your personal health and safety.


She then treated me to a lovely meal out which topped everything off nicely! I bought 4 more Bobble Heads (yes, I’m obsessed) and pre-ordered Days of Future Past and Guardians of the Galaxy on DVD with my birthday money! Overall, an amazing birthday and I’m grateful to have such a loving family and the worlds most perfect girlfriend to share it with! 🙂

IMG_1104 IMG_1107

(I’m deliberately pulling that face, that’s not my normal ‘surprised’ face!) Also, I’ll do another personal post showing my forever-expanding Bobble Head collection and a few interesting stories about some of them.


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