Marvel Cinematic Universe Quiz! (Let’s see how much you REALLY know…)

So, are you worthy of the ‘Marvel Movie Maniac’ title? Or are you one of those annoying fans that just strolls up to the cinema and watches an odd sequel (without watching ANY of the other movies)? Yes I’m harsh but when you’re as passionate as me seeing mortals not taking it as seriously as I it’s annoying… It’s not your fault, it’s my insanity…mainly.

Before we get started I’ll tell you how this is going to work. I’ll do three questions for EACH movie so far (so up to Guardians of the Galaxy). I’ll then have all the answers at the bottom of the post BUT NO CHEATING! You’re only cheating yourself! I guess if you get some wrong you’ll only be learning from your mistakes and become just that little bit more informed 🙂 Okay let’s do this!

Iron Man 1:
Q1)- So, Yinsen helps Tony Stark build his Mark 1 suit in Afghanistan but which other movie do we see him feature in?

Q2)- When Tony returns back to America after his ordeal in the terrorist caves what food does he go and get before his press conference, and what brand?

Q3)- What kind of ‘Red’ does he order JARVIS to paint the Iron Man suit? And where did the influence come from?

Iron Man 2:
Q4)- During Justin Hammers military tech demo, what is the name of his ‘best’ piece of tech?

Q5)- Where does Tony Stark cure his hangover the morning after his tragic birthday party?

Q6)- Tony makes a suit within a suitcase! What Mark suit is this?

The Incredible Hulk:
Q7)- What was Bruce Banner trying to do with gamma radiation in the first place and who for?

Q8)- What maneuver/action does the Hulk use to save the burning helicopter?

Q9)- When Bruce is pretending to be a pizza guy, what’s so significant about the Security Guard?

Q10)- What do the Asgardians refer Earth as?

Q11)- What is Thor’s hammer made out of or what was it?

Q12)- What does Thor call Agent Coulson?

Captain America the First Avenger:
Q13)- Red Skull gets hold of the Tesseract but what is an ancient space relic doing on Earth in the first place?

Q14)- Is Red Skull officially ‘dead’? What exactly happened at his moment of defeat?

Q15)- Which super hero was visually and briefly referenced during the Stark Expo?

Avengers Assemble:
Q16)- Why can’t the Hulk control his rage the first time he hulks-out during the movie but can the second time?

Q17)- What material does Hawkeye steal to help power the Tesseracts teleportation device? And who said he needed to get it?

Q18)- What influenced the creation of the weapon Coulson uses when taking on Loki?

Iron Man 3:
Q19)- How is America similar to a fortune cookie according to The Mandarin?

Q20)- What’s the name of the heavy duty Mark 38 armor?

Q21)- Which super hero does Aldrich Killian briefly mention?

Thor the Dark World:
Q22)- Why is Erik Selvig crazy for the majority of the film? And why does he know so much about the Convergence?

Q23)- Which Infinity Stone is the Aether?

Q24)- “Well done, you just decapitated your Grandfather!” But what’s the name of Thor’s gramps?

Captain America the Winter Soldier:
Q25)- Which three super heroes are referenced in this film?

Q26)- What’s the name of the main villain aboard the ship at the beginning of the film and how have they ‘tweaked’ him from the comic book version?

Q27)- Which character from the Iron Man series is revealed to be working for Hydra?

Guardians of the Galaxy:
Q28)- Which Infinity Stones are shown in the film?

Q29)- What is the group of mercenaries led by Yondu called?

Q30)- What do Xandar people refer to Earthlings as?


Q1)- Yinsen is featured in Iron Man 3 during the Swedish New Years Eve event in 1999
Q2)- Tony wants an American cheeseburger from Burger King
Q3)- He chooses to paint his suit Hot-rod red like one of his cars
Q4)- Justin Hammer reveals his favorite piece of weaponry, ‘The Ex Wife’
Q5)- Tony cures his hangover at Dunkin’ Doughnuts
Q6)- The suit case armor is Mark 5
Q7)- General Ross wanted Bruce to replicate the super soldier serum (used on Captain America) by using gamma radiation
Q8)- A huge clap sends a shock wave of air which gets rid of the fire surrounding the helicopter
Q9)- Lou Ferrigno plays the security guard that gives into the pizza negotiation. He was the original Hulk on screen and often helps out for the roar sound effects for other portrayals. This is why in this scene Bruce says to him that “you’re the man!”
Q10)- The Asgardians refer to Earth as ‘Midgard’
Q11)- The hammer was forged and compressed within a dying star
Q12)- Thor calls Agent Coulson “Son of Coul” because where he comes from second names are named after their father (for example Thor Odinson) so Thor must think Phil is the Son of Coul!
Q13)- Asgardians left behind the Tesseract as a gift to the Nordic Vikings after a Frost Giant war
Q14)- Red Skull can’t be confirmed ‘dead’ because the Tesseract teleports matter through space so he would have been unwillingly transported through the cosmos (whether or not he died at the other end is the question)
Q15)- The old Human Torch suit from the comics can be seen in a glass case at the Stark Expo
Q16)- Because Bruce is always angry he can willingly decide to become enraged and snap which in turn gives him control. However the first time he hulks-out it is unwillingly and hasn’t got control over the circumstances which made him lose control
Q17)- Erik Selvig needs Iridium for the Tesseract machine and it’s up to Hawkeye to retrieve it
Q18)- SHIELD creates a weapon replicating the Destroyers fiery projectile blast from Thor
Q19)- The Mandarin says America is hollow, full of lies and leaves a bad taste in the mouth much like a fortune cookie
Q20)- Mark 38 is called Igor (no, it’s not the Hulkbuster! Yes I remember everyone thinking it was when it was first seen in the trailer October 2012!)
Q21)- Aldrich mentions Thor when he says “ever since the guy with the hammer fell from the sky the world hasn’t been the same” which obviously refers to Thor
Q22)- Erik Selvig is still recuperating from being controlled by the mind gem during ‘Avengers Assemble’ because he says “I’ve had a God in my brain”. He also says during that film that the Tesseract has showed him so much which is why he knows about the universal phenomenon known as the Convergence
Q23)- The Aether is the reality stone because it’s altering reality and turning everything to darkness. Another reason is because it can alter it’s own matter by transforming back and forth between gas, liquid and solid
Q24)- Thor’s beloved grandpapa is non other than Bor, Odin’s father
Q25)- Iron Man is referenced twice in the Winter Soldier, once when Alexander Pierce asks Nick Fury to get Iron Man to go to his nieces birthday party. The other time is when Nick is explaining the new flight system which enables the airships to fly by using the same propulsion technology found on Iron Man’s armor. The other hero is Bruce/Hulk who is referenced twice also. Once when Nick explains how he made it seem as though he was dead; by using a drug Bruce created in an attempt to keep calm. The other is when Jasper Sitwell is listing off Hydra threats. This is also the point where we hear Dr Strange referenced who is also a threat to Hydra.
Q26)- Batroc the Leaper is the main villain during the ship raid. In the comics he can..well, leap far distances but to incorporate him realistically into the film they just made him very acrobatic (hence all the swooshy flips during the fight scene)
Q27)- Senator Stern from the Department of Defense in Iron Man 2 is featured in the Winter Soldier and is revealed to be a Hydra agent!
Q28)- As well as the power stone being the main focus of the film, the Tesseract and the Aether can also be seen (coincidentally the only other established stones within the movies so far, grr)
Q29)- Yondu’s group of space pirates are called the Ravagers
Q30)- Xandar refer to Earthlings as Terran

0 to 5- Seriously? Go away… I have nothing left to say to you.
6 to 10- Still terrible. You really need to sort it out.
11 to 15- You know a some bits and bobs. Maybe a few more times watching the movies.
16 to 20- You’re clearly an avid viewer and a fan of the movies… but not a die hard fan just yet.
21 to 25- Woah, you’ve surprised me. I’m glad there’s people out there who know this much.
26 to 30- Well done! You certainly know your stuff! You can consider yourself a Marvel Movie Maniac!

3 thoughts on “Marvel Cinematic Universe Quiz! (Let’s see how much you REALLY know…)

  1. A few of these questions are still just theories and have not been confirmed yet such as why Bruce Hulked out the first time and if the Aether is the reality stone. Also for one question you said Iron Man and in the answer section you said Iron Man 2. I was confused as Stern did not appear the original


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