Upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy POP! Bobbleheads

Funko have recently revealed their villain range from Guardians of the Galaxy coming out in March 2015. I’ve shown these before but it was just prototype illustrations but now we get to see them for real! Let’s have look:


YONDU- The mohawk is awesome and I like the threatening pose revealing his arrow.

RONAN- I love his hammer! There’s not many marvel POPs with large weapons so it’s nice to see larger accessories being introduced.

NEBULA- A very unique pose and the head looks great. Hopefully not too top-heavy.

THE COLLECTOR- He looks very sophisticated and I like the fact he’s holding the power orb, it’s a cool touch.

THANOS- The Mad Titan himself in all of his 6 inch glory! So excited for this one and I’m glad he’s significantly larger to exaggerate his dominance and importance. They’ll probably make one featuring the infinity gauntlet in 2019…

I’ll definitely be getting Nebula, Ronan and Thanos, maybe Yondu.. Yeah why not! I’ll also be making a post showing my Marvel POP collection after Christmas so check that out! 🙂

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