Here’s a cool list I’ve put together featuring all my speculations of all the upcoming films within the cinematic universe. Have a read and tell me what you think…

First things first, lets establish what we’ve already seen:
– Iron Man
– The Incredible Hulk
– Iron Man 2
– Thor
– Captain America the First Avenger
– Avengers Assemble
– Iron Man 3
– Thor the Dark World
– Captain America the Winter Soldier
– Guardians of the Galaxy
– The remainders of Phase Two are Avengers Age of Ultron and Ant-Man. Age of Ultron being the finale in a way and Ant-Man being the film that wraps the second phase up in a bow featuring the aftermaths of Ultron’s wrath and flashbacks of Ultron’s origins.

Now let’s get to the fun part… check out the Phase Three calendar:
Captain America Civil War-
After Ant-Man we have a lovely 10 month wait for Captain America Civil War. We’ll see what the government have to say about Tony’s naughty Ultron shenanigans (whether if it was accidental or sabotage). Whatever the government want from the superheroes now it’s obvious Tony feels more than obliged to agree with their ‘requests’. As for Captain America.. he’s sick of the government trying to be in control! He’d rather become an outlaw as such than be part of their schemes anymore (which usually fail or end up being Hydra). Most people were sad that there wasn’t going to be an Iron Man 4 but I feel that the Civil War will give us plenty of Stark screen-time. It’ll also be like a mini Avengers film because of all the super humans taking part. So far Cap, Iron Man and Black Panther have been confirmed. Falcon, the Winter Soldier and Crossbones are rumored but it’s obvious they’ll be a part of it! Crossbones will probably be working for the Government to assassinate Captain America to stop his freedom fighting faction. I’m guessing when Iron Man realizes Crossbones’ orders he’ll change his ways and shake hands with Cap after saving him. Not too sure who will be on who’s side and I’m not too sure why Black Panther will be playing a part in this 18 months before his very own film.
Doctor Strange-
Six months later… our first look at movie ‘magic’ within the Marvel Cinematic Universe! So happy it’s Benedict Cumberbatch! Not sure if this’ll be before/after/during the Civil War events.
Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (Probably War of Kings)-
We’re blessed with three films in 2017 and the first being Guardians of the Galaxy 2. I’m guessing the main themes are going to be the unanswered aspects of the first film. We’re going to meet Jason of Spartax, Peter Quills Daddy. We’ll probably see big battles and the Guardians being caught in the middle of them all. Will Yondu get payback? Hopefully there’s more Thanos and a personal feud between them. Maybe we’ll see Nova introduced as a side character?
Thor Ragnarok-
It’s been rumored that the events of Ragnarok will be taking place at the same time as the Civil War so we’ll be able to see the aftermath of Age of Ultron on Earth and on Asgard. What’s Loki been up to behind Thor’s back? Is Odin dead or imprisoned? How will fighting an evil mind-bending AI affect an Asgardian God? How epic will the destruction of Asgard be? It’s also been rumored Ragnarok will be the pinnacle film leading up to the Infinity War. Rumor number three: Thanos is apparently playing a part! Maybe Thanos will be replacing Surtur as the main villain or at least working along side him. We know there’s a connection between Loki and Thanos so maybe Loki gives him the infinity gauntlet inside of the treasure room. Whatever happens we’re going to see the end of Thor’s world and the ball roller for the Infinity War. It’s gonna be good!
Black Panther-
Back to Earth for the origins of the Black Panther. After seeing him take part in the Civil War it’s about time we saw how he came about. I would have put Black Panther before Ragnarok but I’m not Kevin Feige. It’ll be like how Captain America the Winter Soldier was the final film leading up to Avengers 2 but Guardians of the Galaxy (which has nothing to do with Ultron) came out in between. The Black Panther will have already been established obviously so it’s just a little silly having his origin later on and during the hype of the upcoming Infinity War. No matter where this film was going to be placed on the calendar I’m still super excited about it.
Avengers Infinity War part I-
Again, we’re blessed with three films in one year, thank you Marvel. Okay so we’ve seen what’s happened at the end of Ragnarok, all the key characters are established and ready to fight in the biggest war in the universe! Ultron is going to look like a dust particle to the likes of Thanos. The Avengers would have fought everything Earth has to offer as well as a mere taste of what space has to offer too. Now it’s time to join forces with the Guardians, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Black Panther and friends (side characters) to fight back against the mad titan. I think the first film will be the beginning of Thanos’ war, he’s bored of Earth being unruling and he’s found out TWICE that you shouldn’t get other people to do your dirty work for you (Loki and Ronan). If Thanos hasn’t already got hold of the Infinity Gauntlet then the films main focus will be obtaining/creating it. I think we’ll see a bit of The Collector also racing to the gauntlet and the Infinity Stones. I also think we’ll see how the current roster of Avengers add Ant-Man and Doctor Strange to the team (Black Panther will already be established because of his feature in the Civil War). The Guardians and the Avengers will probably be very split in the first film… Earth fights and space fights going on at the same time until it’s time for them to join in the second part.
Captain Marvel- 
After what ever cliffhanger we’re left with at the end of the first Infinity War we’re going to be rudely interrupted with two stand alone films! Why the randomly placed origin films in between a huge war you ask? I don’t know… maybe their origins are during the war. Maybe we see Captain Marvel and the Inhumans during the first part of the war and then we’re given the story of their origin.
I guess we’ll see Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in this film and other humans with ‘Miracle’ subtitles. Obviously this is different to the comic book origins but this to me is plausible. I hope to see Black Bolt in this and I hope the rumors of Vin Diesel playing the character is also true. Hopefully at the end of this film we’ll see the beginning of Infinity War part II. So the film is set before but throughout the film it ties in closer and closer to the events of the final Avengers film. If that makes sense…
Avengers Infinity War Part II-
Here we have it, the end game. After being introduced to all six Infinity Stones throughout an array of superhero films we finally have the outcome of all the events. How will Thanos be defeated or wont he be? How is it going to end?!


Hopefully this gave you a little more insight. Also, if the gaps between the films are unbearable to you don’t forget about all the neighboring Marvel films coming out in between them such as the X-Men, Spiderman and the Fantastic Four (and any other film series’ you love!)

(Bonus paragraph: I made a post a while ago once the Phase Three films were first announced… I said that Phase Three was the final chapter. Maybe I rushed to conclusions, maybe Phase Three isn’t the end but I personally hope it is. Let’s face it, they’ll be going out with an almighty bang. People may say that more Phases including films that haven’t yet got the sequel treatment will be happening after the Infinity War. I personally hope it finishes after the war… and this is coming from the biggest Marvel Movie fan ever! Maybe because I’m thinking realistically. I know most people would love more and more films, I know I would but I’d prefer it to end with an almighty finale than drag on with stand alone characters until audiences get less and less interested. That’s just my opinion so I’m going to consider Phase Three as the final chapter until a fourth phase is ever announced).


  1. I got to admit, I kind of hope that Phase 3 is the end of the MCU because the Infinity War will put a neat bow on the entire franchise. However in saying that, there are some many new stories and characters will be revealed and turned up from all these films and the possibilities could be endless.

    I’m most looking forward to Civil War. I know it will differ greatly from the comic, but i dont mind. The MCU has almost as rich, history wise, as its comic book counterpart that seeing Cap and Iron Man going head to head will make a huge impact.

    Also looking forward to Captain Marvel and Nova. Really hope the Nove Corps use the infinity stone in their possession to create the Nova Force and we have Nova flying around.

    Either way, loved the post. Cant wait for Age of Ultron in a few months and Ant-Man too. Just need to see a trailer for it now.


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