My (very thorough) Avengers Age of Ultron TRAILER 2 BREAKDOWN!

I swear the box office is going to explode when this film comes out! So the second trailer for Age of Ultron came out recently and after watching it endless times I felt I was ready enough to do the most thorough breakdown you’ll ever read! If you’ve seen my breakdown of the first trailer then you’ll know how in depth I get! If you haven’t read my other one then go do that…if your brain can handle it. I’m not going to discuss things shot by shot because not every shot needs an explanation. Some shots I’ll talk about more than others too. I’m basically going to talk about facts and my speculations so sit back and get ready, because this is going to be a long (but beneficial/factual) breakdown!

Shot 1: Follow Hawkeye innocent citizens!
First shot we see is of Hawkeye escorting citizens to what I’m calling a ‘flying evacuator’. The state of the city is terrible… Ultron has seriously laid waste to many, many lives (which is evident from the little number of people he’s escorting). Maybe other avengers are down the road with another evacuating vehicle with another handful of survivors. Either way there’s not many people left and they must leave before it’s too late. This may be before the events of Ultron… it could be Hydra’s last stand but I’m gonna go with Ultron.

Shot 2: Never seen a vehicle like that before…
A better shot of the ‘flying evacuator’ showing it’s size. Is this vehicle dispatched from the government or is it sent from Stark? I can’t see an ‘A’ label on it anywhere and it doesn’t look like one of Starks so I’m guessing it’s from the military. It’ll obviously be taking the people to safety but where exactly is safety right now seeing as though the whole world is getting torn to pieces? During these next few shots we get a narration from Tony Stark emphasizing the fact that The Avengers aren’t enough. “This vulnerable world… needs something more powerful than any of us”. Tony is probably dishing out this piece of dialogue whilst he’s convincing the gang (or just Bruce) to go forth with the ‘peace keeping project’. He’s trying to pitch the idea and get the thumbs up from the skeptics. It all looks good on paper so it’s easy for Tony to say, “you know what, we should totally do this. We need to up our game because the world is too big for us. We can’t be everywhere at the same time”. It also emphasizes how strong Ultron will be simply when he says it’d be more powerful than any of them. He must want/expect the peacekeeping project to take over The Avengers. The shot of the city ruins and scared citizens goes well with the ‘vulnerable world’ part of the narration.

Shot 3: “What have I gotten myself into?”
Is it just me or does Cap look way out of his league in almost every shot? He’s either standing in awe like, “aw sh*t” or getting his ass handed to him like, “oh sh*t!”. He’s probably up to speed with modern technology now but I can totally understand how much harder it could be for Steve to comprehend all this crazy robo-pocolypse business. Nothing much to say really… he doesn’t look scuffled or beat up yet so maybe he’s just landed and is taking it all in. He’s been assigned with his mission and he’s about to get his patriotic hands dirty. We’ve seen Cap running on a motorway dodging flying cars so I’m guessing this is the same scene.

Shot 4: Creeping in the woods…
We see Hawkeye far back from the action. This is certainly the Hydra conflict we’ve seen from the first trailer. When the explosion erupts he tenses up a little and backs his hand up ready to engage. Maybe the explosion was a surprise attack.

Shot 5: Snooping around without your armor on is probably not a good idea…
I think this is the same facility we see in the post-credit scene from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Hydra has been beat and the science facility is for the taking. What surprises await Tony in here? My guess is he’ll be reunited with Loki’s Scepter as well as the experiments Hydra have been doing with it. If you’ve read Ultron’s summary sheet it says that an aspect of it is created from the remains of Chitauri technology left behind from the battle of New York. This may be where Tony picks it up and thinks, “hmm… I could put this stuff to good use”. Clearly Hydra (fake SHIELD at the time) took all the Chitauri remains left over and did research on them. What else will we see in their science facility?

Shot 6: What’s caught your eye Tony?
Why would he turn around slowly and curiously for no reason? Yes I know he’s looking around but we would have simply turned. Something may have activated or made a noise which made him turn around slowly. Maybe we see some early stage Ultron computer system (clearly wouldn’t be called Ultron at this point until Tony and Bruce name it). In the synopsis it says that Tony is kick-starting an old peacekeeping project so it was clearly shelved and people forgot about it… so when it came to The Avengers busting in Hydra would grab what they could and run. They wouldn’t have bothered to grab the Ultron computer system maybe. This is the same place Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are held captive so they must have escaped during all of the fighting. During these shots we hear Ultron say, “everyone creates the thing they dread”. This is more than likely directed to Tony. By trying too hard to prevent evil (and take risks) you’re gonna end up making things worse. Ultron’s aware he’s not what anyone wants him to be but that’s not going to stop him cleanse the world of it’s sins.

Shot 7: Frankenstein’s monster rises…
From the sheer mess around him we can see that the peacekeeping robots failed and Tony must have been like, “screw this, it’s a waste of time”. Ah, not entirely true! The robots wake back up with Ultron in command. I think Ultron will be much like Jarvis as in he’s an AI as well as an operating system. Anyways, Ultron reboots himself and thinks for himself now so look out Avengers. He looks very creepy and I love it.

Shot 8: Party crashing mode engaged…
We’ve seen his zombie-like entrance in the previous trailer and if you’ve read my previous trailer breakdown you’ll know I pretty much covered everything there is to say about this shot so erm… yeah you should go and check out the other breakdown if you haven’t already (and ‘like’ it).

Shot 9: Surprise, surprise…
“Ultron?!” Bruce says whilst looking at Tony (presumably responding to Tony saying something on the lines of “what the hell?”). The woman in the blue dress behind is Tony’s Korean assistant which I’ve already covered in the last breakdown soooo get reading. Bruce is obviously confused like everyone else but you can also tell that he knows it shouldn’t be able to walk and think for itself. He knows somethings clearly wrong but no one can really speculate what’s about to happen. They all have to stand back and listen to what Ultron has to say. I wonder if anyone says anything back during Ultrons speech… well if they do try talking back I’m sure he’ll have the ability to deny then where they stand.

Shot 10: “What have I done?”
Alas, Tony only realizes what he’s done wrong once it’s too late just like everything else he does. Like I said earlier, it looked good on paper but now the errors are clear it maybe wasn’t a good idea after all. There must be a million thoughts going around Tony’s head in that small head turn. He’s well and truly screwed up and he knows it.

Shot 11: Run Avengers, run for your lives!
I love this shot! In response to Bruce’s “Ultron?!” he stands there scarily and says, “in the flesh!” and BOOM, in comes the other bots ordered by Ultron to make the Avengers ‘Extinct’. Such a short but sweet response. It shows what kind of mind Ultron has. He always has a response. He his certainly dominant among everyone else and he knows it. Who in their right mind would stand unarmed in front of Earth’s mightiest heroes and talk to them like they’re nothing? Ultron… that’s who. It’s going to be awesome seeing how they all react and dodge the robots. It’ll certainly be a shocking aftermath leaving everyone dazed and confused.

Shot 12: Kaboom!
Not quite sure if the building holds significance or not… I don’t think so. Just showing the global chaos Ultron has to offer. There is going to be so many casualties and it’ll really sink in for The Avengers seeing how serious this villain is and how much cleaning up they’ve got to do.

Shot 13: The Maximoff Twins looking nervous…
We don’t see much of the twins in this trailer and as a matter of fact, this is the only time we see Quicksilver in this trailer unfortunately. There was a clip of Quicksilver running through the train surrounded by Ultron bots at the CES 2015 event… I wanted to see that! Anyways, they’re both clearly nervous. We saw a shot of the twins meeting Ultron in the other trailer so maybe this is them awaiting to see him. Wanda is looking the most nervous out of the two and Pietro looks as though he’s trying to calm her down. He doesn’t want to disappoint the master. It’s like a business meeting with an intimidating boss. It’s either before they’ve met Ultron or it’s after Ultron’s laid waste to innocent lives. They might be reconsidering being on Ultron’s side which could be the turning point for them both. They’ve had a taste of the dark side but it’s about time they lend a hand with The Avengers. They could have vital information for The Avengers which gives them a step ahead for once.

Shot 14: Keep it together Brucey!
Why is Bruce getting angry right now? I can’t really pin point when in the film this could be. I think it’s after we see him wrapped up in the ship from the last trailer. Maybe it’s like twitches, the hulk keeps popping out and it’s up to Bruce to shove it back down. We know somethings happened to him but who is it that did this to him? Biggest bet is Scarlet Witch of course. Later on in the trailer where we see Hulks ravaged look it’s clear to see he can no longer contain it and it’s escalated to this uncontrollable state (enter the Hulkbuster).

Shot 15: I thought you burnt your eye patch? New one? Oh, okay…
Have you seen the leaked footage of Cap and Tony chopping wood? We’ll if you have you’ll know they’re in a rural farm land. I think Nick Fury has met them there or maybe the farm house is Nicks secret living quarters and they’ve had to hide there. They must need Nick to ask him if he knew anything fake SHIELD (Hydra) were working on to possibly get more of a low-down on what the heck’s going on. The best thing about the rural farm area is that it’s far from electronics and technology seeing as though Ultron could have control of every computer on the planet. During the previous Bruce shot, this shot and the next shot we can hear Nick say, “No matter who wins or loses… trouble always comes around”. So in regards to the Bruce shot, no matter who wins or loses, the hulk always comes around. In regards to the shot of Nick, the fact that he’s in hiding doesn’t mean he’s safe and okay. Now let’s talk about the next shot…

Shot 16: So many different possibilities! Who the heck is this?!
Okay, definitely a female. This is a new character we’ve never seen before. Some people are saying it’s Death (the actual character), some people are saying it’s a Wakandan Tribeswoman (from the Black Panther universe). Is it Moondragon? Hela? Enchantress? Shuri? My biggest/strongest guess is that it’s Either Death or Shuri (Black Panthers younger sister). We know the MCU is slowly introducing the fictional land of Wakanda and the Black Panther into the world with the likes of Ulysses Klaw and the fact the team will be flying to Africa during the film. Another thing I noticed is that the pool she’s stood by is the same pool that naked Thor bursts out of angrily in the first trailer. The fact there’s light coming from above was Thor thrown into the water? I’ll discuss more of that when we get to shot 33. Could this area be a sacred Vibranium mining cave? If so why would Thor be thrown into it? It’s very confusing. The fact she’s taking her gown off shows me she’s about to go into the water but why? I’m sorry, I haven’t got a clue… only ideas at the moment! If she is Shuri I think she’ll have some beef with Tony. Why you say? Well think back to Captain America: The First Avenger where Howard Stark gave Steve his Vibranium shield… he mentioned that’s the only Vibranium on the planet (well at least that’s all he found). I think the fact Howard had possession of sacred Vibranium means that the Wakandan disapprove of the Stark name. I think when Cap rolls up with his shield they’ll also be angry about that too. Anyways, let’s talk more about this mystery woman. The fact I think it could be Death is the color/material surrounding her and the pool Thor bursts out of. It’s like a dark cold rock… and if you remember back to the previous trailer where we see a vision of Caps shield and Thor’s lifeless arm the rock looks the same. This is why I think she might be a person inside of a vision. Fast forward to Thor Ragnarok… the main focus is the end/death of the Gods so maybe in this vision we see Death and then moments later we see Thor burst out of the water like, “NO!”. Thor’s seen that his death may be coming soon but why is he shirt-less/hammer-less? Well maybe to emphasize the fact he’ll soon be no longer worthy? I don’t know… This woman is stumping me real bad!

Shot 17: Okay, let’s all reflect on what the hell just happened…
This is definitely after Ultron bursts in and crashes the party because of what they’re wearing. No one looks beat up much luckily but they all look shaken up for sure. Saying that, Rhodey is holding his shoulder so there may have been a few bumps and bruises. This will the point where everyone complains at Tony and I guess all he can do is stand and take it.

Shot 18: Thor knows the deal…
During the previous shot and this shot Thor says, “you meddle with something you don’t understand”. These two shots are in the same scene for sure. My guess is that Tony is shaken up but still wants to tinker with Ultron to fix it. Everyone else has put their hands up and said “okay, let’s just leave it” and now Thor is trying to explain this to Stark. Not even the great inventor can fix this mess according to Thor and this might intimidate Tony which’ll make him want to try even more to deny everyone. Everyone else is still dressed in their party suits but Thor has but his armor on. This might mean that Thor saved the day during the first Ultron incident. In the first trailer we see Thor in the same scene angry and marching towards either Tony or the Ultron bot (which I talked about in my other breakdown)… so this proves that Tony is really getting on Thor’s nerves. Even after explaining to Tony that he shouldn’t carry on with this peacekeeping project he still wants to do it and this is when the falling out begins.

Shot 19: Wanda and her space-harnessed magic…
We saw this shot in the first trailer and I spoke about it but I put this into the breakdown so I could explain something about the next shot on my list…

Shot 20: Tony in trouble!
The way this trailer is put together makes it seem as though the red projectile firing Iron Man backwards is the same as the red projectile Scarlet Witch is about to shoot from the shot before. Nope. It’s a completely different color and I’ll explain that more when we get to shot 32. The main thing I wanted to talk about is the location. Iron Man is in a ship so that links into the first trailer where we got a glimpse of a bunch of washed up ships. It shot of the ships in the first trailer looked a bit random but now we know they have more of a significance. Like I said, wait until we get to shot 32.

Shot 21: Black Widow back story…
We see a younger looking Natasha which leads me to believe it’s a flashback. We all know she has a secret, dark and disturbing past and we see a glimpse of it in the trailer. We see her being pushed on a bed and strange looking tools around her. We get to see what odd things happened to her. Maybe it was similar to what happened to the Winter Soldier which could explain why she’s such an effective spy. It could be an odd asylum or hospital which could link up to what Loki says in the first Avengers. He talks about a hospital fire from Natasha’s past and it really gets to her. Maybe this is the hospital? Probably not but we’ll see. During these shots Black Widow says, “we have no place in this world”. She’s accepted that her and her super buddies don’t quite fit in and they’re trying too hard to be heroes… maybe Ultron’s right and their extinction is the best thing for it. This flashback might be triggered by Scarlet Witch because Ultron wants to “tear them apart from the inside” (which he says later).

Shot 22: Ultron bots roll out!
I think the truck at the side holds significance because there’s a Lego set where Ultron has a truck containing The Vision. The Lego set’s usually follow the events on screen so I think this is that scene. I think Vision is in that truck and Ultron’s either stole him off of the team or the team are stopping the Ultron bots from getting him. I’m not gonna use the Lego set as a definite blueprint though… There is another bot behind the bot at the front but I screen-shotted at this point to show it better. These bots look very advanced as they’re clearly perusing someone or something. I doubt each and every bot is made of Vibranium which makes it easier for the team to fight them but Ultron is definitely going to get the big bad indestructible Vibranium upgrade.

Shot 23: Have you had an accident that wasn’t your fault? Call now…
I’m not sure this is the same truck from the previous shot but either way, what on earth has made this vehicle flip in the air? We’ve seen from the first trailer that Cap is on a motorway dodging cars which I’m guessing were thrown telekineticly by the Witch… so this might be the same scene and she might have lent a hand with the trucks flight.

Shot 24: Iron Man power-slide!
I think this is during the same scene where we saw Hawkeye in the snowy forest. I’m certain it’s a Hydra base but I could be wrong. Not much to say but it shows us Tony’s new suit… Mark 43 now? The red and gold looks perfectly balanced unlike Mark 42 where the gold was the main feature (not my favorite).

Shot 25: That’s not a football, Hulk…
Hulk kicks a car… but it’s not any old car. Hulk is clearly not in control when he’s fighting back against police and kicking police cars. This kind of action gives The Avengers in a bad name and that’s exactly what Ultron wants. There was mixed reactions of The Avengers fight with the Chitauri in the first film… some people grateful of their actions and some people thinking more realistically about damage costs. No ones gonna want this team of unstable misfits to ‘saving’ the world. Why would people put the lives of innocent citizens in the hands of an unpredictable group (including a uncontrollable green monster). Saying all this, it isn’t their fault this time round, it’s Ultrons… wait, it is their fault because Tony and Bruce created him… oops.

Shot 26: Excessive gun wielding…
Not quite sure where the location is exactly, but it’s more than likely Black Widow (which follows onto the next shot). Why two heavy guns? There must be a big threat around the corner. Not much to say really other than she must mean business… maybe a last resort/last stand.

Shot 27: What are you looking at?
Something shocking has caught her eye… now’s probably the best time to use those two big machine guns. She doesn’t look particularly confident so she’s more than likely about to run rather than stay and shoot. That means the threat is too big for her alone. Again, not much to say.

Shot 28: Gollum holding a gun…
Another shot of Andy Serkis’ character Ulysses Klaw. As well as working on the Hulks motion capture, the special effects master is playing the iconic Black Panther villain. He clearly doesn’t want anyone to get their hands on Vibranium. Maybe Ultron’s creeping around in the search for the metal and Klaw is having none of it hence the gun-ready stance. This guy seems to always be sweating too…

Shot 29: Fancy looking building…
Not quite sure what it says on the side of the building. I know for a fact that’s The Avengers in that flying vehicle because it has an ‘A’ logo on it. There’s no SHIELD anymore so maybe this is some government military building. My other guess is that it’s in Korea and Tony is meeting that Korean female scientist. Nothing much to say on these past few shots, sorry.

Shot 30: Come on, get it together Cap…
I think this is on a ship also so we know that Cap and Iron Man are on the same mission. If Cap is having trouble with one bot then what’s he gonna do when they’re completely swarmed? Like I said earlier, Cap seems out of his league. You can tell by the movement of the robots limbs that they’re not as ‘evolved’ as Ultron and were constructed much quicker on a mass scale. With that being said, Cap is still getting his ass handed to him. Whatever Ultron’s doing on this ship he’s certainly got back up so it’s got to be important. The question is, why a washed up ship? Is it simply a hiding place or is there something to do with the ships? Were they shipping Vibranium somewhere?

Shot 31: Hulk’s human tranquilizer…
We know there’s a thing between Bruce and Black Widow but I think the fact she helps him calm down is the reason they have an ever-growing intimacy. We know Hulk completely loses it (with red in and around his eyes) but I don’t think this is the aftermath of the fight… simply because he’s not as scuffed up as he should be after fighting Hulkbuster. This’ll probably be earlier where he hulks out at a different time or it’s before he gets all red eyed. Maybe he loses it and Black Widow thinks, “no worries I’ll calm him down” but then he gets too out of control and then in comes the ravaged eye look. I know they put hands together in the same scene so maybe she wins him over. Maybe the film wants you to think it’ll be okay but then boom, Black Widow gets shot or something and Hulk loses it on a phenomenal scale… probably not but you never know.

Shot 32: Ultron learns force lightning…
Remember that shot of Iron Man being blasted into a wall? Well the projectile belongs to our boy Ultron. Not quite sure what element he’s firing out of his hand. During the next three shots we hear him say, “I’m gonna tear you apart… from the inside”. At first glance it seems like he’s saying this during this shot but it’s not… it just looks like it. So yeah, not only is he 8ft, made of the strongest metal in the world but he can also fire things out of him limbs. There’s probably much, much more he can physically do so I can’t wait to find out. He reminds me of the Emperor from Star Wars… completely dominant and always looking calm but sinister. We know it’s Iron Man he’s shooting at so who’s gonna come and save him? We know Cap is busy fighting normal bots downstairs or whatever so let’s hope he can throw his shield at Ultron’s head in time (if that’d do anything).

Shot 33: Thor don’t need no hammer to channel lightning b*tch!
This shot is a tough one… is he channeling the lightning on purpose or is someone doing this to him? What the heck’s going on? Well I think something related to his powers is happening for sure because of the fact it’s lightning. Is someone stripping him of his worthiness? Location-wise where the heck is he? Candles, strangely dressed woman behind him? I don’t think it’s Asgard but it may be somewhere out of space still. I am so stumped like shot 16. Are his powers being taken from him and then is he thrown into that pool? I see no hammer anywhere so maybe he can’t pick it up anymore. What’s going on?? Again, I’m sorry, I have no idea… but to make it better I don’t think anyone knows. I’ve blessed you with my educated speculations over and over but I have limits!

Shot 34: Scarlet Witch contemplating her actions…
Sparks fly in the background as we see Wanda looking guilty. This may be the turning point where she switches sides… We haven’t head either of the twins talk in the trailer. Nothing much to say, sorry!

Shot 35: He lifts him up like he’s made of polystyrene…
After countless times of Tony refusing to get rid of the Ultron project Thor thinks the only way to get into his head is to pick him up. This could begin Thor’s spiral to unworthiness if that’s his story arc (which is possible). I spoke more about Thor possibly losing the hammer in my other breakdown so there’s another hint to you reading it. I wonder how the other guys react seeing him choking Tony. Maybe he thinks, “okay okay, I’ll get rid of it” but then Ultron turns himself on again and escapes. This is the beginning of everyone feud inside the group. I also love the fact that these guys have never truly got along 100%. Everyone just sorts of tolerates each other for the sake of saving the world and then just when you think they’re getting along (drinking, hammer-lifting party) they all fall out again… great work Tony.

Shot 36: The two-wheeled Widow
This is clearly the same location as that flying truck from earlier. So now we know there’s a truck, Ultron bots, Black Widow on a bike and Cap dodging cars hopelessly. Guess what I’m gonna say… I haven’t got much to talk about with this shot. Yep, you guessed it.

Shot 37: Generic car flip with a ground breaking twist…
What exactly caused the ground to lift up? My guess is that it’s Scarlet Witch. Not only is she flipping cars she’s using the road itself to stop The Avengers winning. It shows the capability and range of her powers and that the hero gang will be grateful she turns to their side. I kind of feel sorry for Quicksilver, he gets one power and she gets mind-bending powers, telekinesis and the ability to fire projectiles from her hands. Together they’re formidable.

Shot 38: Everyone’s favorite scene and the films not even out yet…
Another look at the Hulkbuster which is followed by a shot of Hulk whacking him with a yellow pole. There’s a size difference between the two characters but Hulk never goes down without a fight. I honestly can’t call the outcome of this fight. Will Hulkbuster suppress the Hulk or will he completely trash the suit and escape?

Shot 39: Bots vs Avengers…
The team getting a good look at what they’re about to face. They’re in a circular building so I’m guessing they’re going to be swarming from every direction. A big 360 shot of them fighting would be amazing so I expect to see that please Joss Wheadon. If you’ve seen the behind the scenes from the Guardians of the Galaxy DVD then you’ll see this part of the film with the four characters accompanied by Scarlet Witch. Maybe she’s hiding behind Thor in this shot or she comes to help later on. I can imagine them getting heavily over run at one point and she just drops down and fires a huge energy blast sending numerous waves backwards! That’d be totally badass accompanied by that 360 shot I was talking about earlier.

Shot 40: My words exactly…
This belongs to the same scene as the previous shot and her two words sums it up perfectly, “oh boy”. It reminds me of when the Chitauri come though the portal and everyone’s taking it all in. She knows how hard this fight is going to be. If a master assassin/fighter/spy is sounding worried then you know it’s not gonna be easy at all.

Shot 41: A face of anger and sorrow at the same time…
It’s cool to see the large HUD of the Hulkbuster when we’re so used to seeing the smaller bluer HUD from his normal suits. At this point Tony has lifted the Hulk up. I know for a fact Tony isn’t fighting Hulk because they’ve fallen out… it’s more the fact he’s out of control and needs sedating by any means necessary. Tony must feel bad doing what he’s doing and he’s hoping no one gets the wrong idea about it… specially Bruce himself. What’s the public gonna think seeing them ‘fight’ each other? They must think they’ve all gone mad and this Ultron crisis is no longer in The Avengers hands because they no longer seem capable.

Shot 42: “I’m just gonna put you down here, okay”…
A very harsh way to try and calm your friend down isn’t it? I think Hulk has completely lost his mind right now as though there’s no Bruce left inside of him. I don’t know how I’d feel about Bruce being permanently in Hulk-mode… I doubt that’d happen but it’s clear to see that Bruce will have a lot of trouble chilling out.

Shot 43: “This is my angry face”…
People are saying his eyes are red as in they’re literally red but no… it’s just strain in and around the eyes. Has he been crying or has the Hulkbuster fight took it’s toll on him? He looks so rough but he’s still looking as angry as ever which shows that he’s having trouble snapping out of it no matter what. It’s like a next-level Hulk… just when you think he couldn’t get worse he does. This will emphasize the vulnerability of Bruce and the fact that he’s stability is very… unstable. Is he too much of a risk to be part of the team? Is this guy a foe more than he is an ally? What lengths are team going to go to if they want this dilemma to be resolved?

Shot 44: The Age of Ultron has arrived…
One last shot showing our villain and his dominant posture and scale. Not much to be said other than The Avengers are going to have a real hard time winning this fight. If they do destroy Ultron it’s not going to be a happy victory at all… there’s going to be so much loss to sink in. No matter who wins, Ultron would have won to an extent and I doubt the film will have a ‘happy ending’ at all and it’ll just make us crave Phase 3 even more to see what the heck happens next!

I hope you liked my very thorough breakdown and if you haven’t already, I recommend reading my first breakdown for the first trailer if you’re as nerdy as me. 🙂

8 thoughts on “My (very thorough) Avengers Age of Ultron TRAILER 2 BREAKDOWN!

  1. Totally calling it–that’s the Enchantress in the pool, and that’s her blasting Thor in the lightning shot, too. So psyched for this whole movie, and so glad there’s still stuff I don’t know/understand yet.

    Great write up, yo!


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