Spiderman coming to the MCU… And why it’s an ‘AMBITIOUS’ idea.

Don’t get me wrong, Kevin Fiege must clearly know what he’s doing… but this is crazy!

So, the short-lived Amazing Spiderman series has pretty much come to an end (just when it was gaining traction), Andrew Garfield has gone “bye-byes”, and the webslinger is being revamped once again and shoved into the already-established MCU.

This is brilliant news right? Eh, well on the outside of course it’s brilliant news. From a realistic point of view I’d much rather leave him out. Before you bite my head off hear me out… I love Spiderman, I used to run around as a kid and pretend to be him, I just worry about how well he’ll be implemented into the MCU when it’s already neck-deep in intertwining main characters.

Back when The Amazing Spiderman films were announced I was sceptical. I loved the old trilogy with Toby McGwire and I didn’t want to see it burnt to the ground and redone. Once I saw Andrew Garfield in action and the better effects and storyline I fell in love with it! Then the ending of the second film got me hyped! We were gonna see the Sinister Six in action, Spider-Mans got a tough fight ahead of him! Then BOOM, it came crashing down and got the ‘revamp’ stamp once again…

I thought perhaps it’d be beneficial having Spiderman in the MCU for Civil War in 2016 because the character plays such a huge role in it. The thing is, Spidey won’t be implemented until 2017 so all we’d see is a cameo in Civil War if that. It just feels like they’re shoving him into the MCU simply because they can… totally disregarding the Amazing Spiderman franchise that’s just started to get interesting.

I’m just mad because I was excited to see The Amazing Spiderman films in the future but now we’ve gotta start from square one again. Thing is, Sony are STILL going to make the new Spiderman films once Kevin Feige has established him in the MCU. This is good at least but now that they’re all sharing a world are we suddenly gonna see Oscorp-branded buildings and merchandise sprout out of nowhere? There’s so much Spidey lore that’s gonna suddenly ‘appear’ and it’s interesting to see how the hell it’s all gonna work.

Clearly Spidey is gonna obtain his powers in an upcoming MCU film. There’s no way he can already be an established super hero at this point without being known or lending a hand already. It’ll be interesting to see him gain his powers (again) and how much he’ll play a part in the Infinity War at least…


For me, the only way they could realistically slot an already Spidey-powered hero into the mix (and out of the blue) is to make Peter Parker come from space like some sort of alien character and make him play a role in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Give him a cool looking suit like Spiderman 2099 or something… but yeah, that’s not gonna happen so no doubt we’ll just see Peter gain his powers on screen because there’s no way he could already have them and have NOT already played a big part.

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