Give us a new Spiderman on the big screen!

We’ve had a few Spidermen on screen and yeah, we get it, guy gets bit, uncle dies, responsibility and what not. Come on, even people who aren’t associated with the movies/comics knows the old (stale) tale! Hopefully Marvel spices the character up a bit now that they’re given a second chan- UH, no, a THIRD chance!

“Dear Marvel, we wanna see a new origin on screen. Actually no.. do what you did with The Incredible Hulk and don’t spend half the film showing the characters origins… throw the audience straight into their troublesome world. With this annoying clean slate I hope you use it wisely”

I could walk down the street and ask strangers, ‘who is Spiderman?’ and pretty much anyone and everyone could give me a detailed synopsis! There’s so many Spidermen/women/animals/things in the Spiderverse so come on Marvel, use a different one… or make one up for the big screen by implementing not so familiar aspects from the comics.

Here’s my favourite ideas:

Miles Morales Spiderman


Get rid of Peter Parker entirely and bring in someone relatively fresh like  Miles Morales. A young character in which Ironman and Captain America can play ‘big brother’ to (especially for Civil War).

Spiderman Noir


I would love a cool-looking detective style Spiderman wouldn’t you? We’ve seen enough of the spangled outfit for one decade… Make the character more serious maybe?

Spiderman 2099 (no, not the time era, just the character)


First of all, I love the suit. This idea will probably never happen but I like it so yeah. Have Spidey as some sort of character from another world. Then you can implement him into Guardians of the Galaxy which in turn introduces the venom symbiote. Just my idea.

Last idea: Spider-Ham. Nah I’m just kidding. On a serious note, I don’t mind what sort of Spidey they choose as long as it’s not the same old character with the same old back story. They have a golden opportunity to spice things up and make the character more engaging. Implement different aspects from the comics, change his name, background, suit, ANYTHING!

21 thoughts on “Give us a new Spiderman on the big screen!

  1. I don’t think Spider-Man 2099 will ever happen (except maybe on TV? That might be cool). Miles Morales would be fantastic. yeah, and Spider-Man Noir looks awesome, but, uh… who is he? I’ve never seen him before.


  2. HYPHEN. He’s a Spider-Man, not Phil Spiderman. There was 2 Spider-Man noir mini-series and he was also a character in the Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions game voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes. Right now he’s in the Spider-Verse event and he was on the Ultimate Spider-Man tv-series.


  3. You are right about needing a new spider-man that isn’t just a retelling of his origin story but I think your complaining to the wrong people. It’s not marvel/disney’s fault that the only movies we get about spider-man is his origin story, it’s Sony pictures fault.
    Just a bit of history before marvels’ properties became really valuable(in the early 2000 right about the time of the comic book crash) they sold the film rights for spider-man to Sony and the film rights of the x-men to Fox. Fast forward 10 Disney buys marvel and they start cranking out decent movies but no spider-man (which may be marvel’s most iconic character) that’s because Sony still holds those rights and now that Marvel is profitable I don’t see any chance of them giving that up.

    Believe me, I can commiserate with you, I would love to see a spider-man movie arc that doesn’t have to reintroduce how he got his powers I just don’t think we will see one anytime soon.


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