PERSONAL POST- My Marvel Makes!

I’m a very hands on person. I enjoy to make things and with such a love for superheros, I tend to make random Marvel things for the heck of it! Check them out…

Ironman Night Light:


Just card shaped like the Mark 42 gauntlet with a sticky press light. I added translucent blue paper to give it the blue tint, easy peasy!

Groot Pumpkin:


Self explanatory. Last Halloween I drew Groot on one side of a pumpkin and the new born version on the back! I carved out the eyes to give him a ghostly ghoul look and it certainly works well.

Ironman DIY propulser:


This didn’t cost much but took me a good four hours! Recognise the blue light? Yep, it’s the same one I used for the night light. I made the frame out of painted cardboard and then proceeded to destroy an old game console controller. I used the gears and gizmos and attached them on the frame to give it a more mechanical feel. That was the only picture I could find of it so sorry for the tacky screenshot. (Feel free to follow me on Instagram for more Marvel stuff!)

I hope you like what I’ve made. I’ll certainly make more in the future. This stuff I made before I created the blog so there’s no pictures of me during the making process. In the future I’ll provide instructions and pictures! Made stuff of your own? Let me know! Tell me how it worked out and what influenced you 🙂

5 thoughts on “PERSONAL POST- My Marvel Makes!

  1. Not too sure yet! Maybe a Winter Soldier cosplay because I have the hair for it haha. Whatever inspires me I guess. Like I said in the post, I’ll actually do a ‘how-to’ with pictures along the way so you guys can have a go yourself!


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