PERSONAL POST- My road to a Wolverine body!

I’m bored at university so I thought I’d do a personal post…

Why does every super hero have a six pack? Seriously, even looking upon the Vision concept art.. he has hard robotic abs! 

There’s been many actors working hard to look the part for the Marvel comic book films. The best examples are probably Chris Pratt as Star Lord or Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. They must have to take part in some serious regime and diet!

I took it upon myself to devise my own workout regime which has proven very effective for me! I thought it’d be worth sharing.


6 sets of 70 Bicycle Crunches 

6 sets of 30 Wide-Arm Push Ups

6 sets of 1 Minute Planks

3 sets of 21 Bicep Curls 

3 sets of 12 Bench Press 

I try and do all that everyday. I often devide it in half and do some in the afternoon, eat, and then the rest in the evening. Of course it depends on personal capability and the facilities you have. Give or take from this regime, tweak it so it suits you better and build up on that. 


Brown rice and chicken breast is heavily recommended but if you’re a vegetarian like me then beans are a good source of protien. 

I got rid of cows milk a long time ago and now I drink almond milk. Almonds are said to help lose stubborn belly fat. 

I won’t say specific meals but it’d be ideal to stick with green vegetables, chicken, beans, brown rice, wholemeal bread with peanut butter. 

Too much sugar and Carbohydrates are the enemy! Allways check the labels, it takes one minute!

Try not to snack! If you truly feel the need then fresh fruit would be a good option or a slice of wholemeal toast and peanut butter. 

I stuck to this for 30 days straight and I saw results! All it takes is dedication. Start in your comfort zone and build from there. I hope this helps! 

I know it’s a little abrupt/vague. If you have any questions then do ask in the comments, I’d be happy to help. 

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