ROAD TO ULTRON 1 of 6: MCU characters that died but then… actually didn’t [SPOILERS]

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is well known for misleading the audience into thinking a character has tragically died in front of our very eyes until moments later we realize it was a load of fluff and SURPRISE! They aint dead! Maybe the MCU uses this feature all too often and doesn’t actually kill anyone off (other than the odd villain). I personally don’t mind, I don’t want any of them to die so it’s reassuring when they spring back to life afterwards! Non the less, it is a rather hilarious/overused feature. So today this list is going to recap all of those said times. It’s not until you sit back and see them all do you realize how many times this actually happens. I’m only including moments when we’re led to believe the character has died… not moments where we see something tragic happen but we know they can’t be dead for example, if they’re the main character. I included this in my ‘ROAD TO ULTRON’ miniseries which I’m going to do once a week until the film is released (in the UK, 23rd of April). The fact that I chose this topic is because Joss Wheadon is teasing at some actual deaths so don’t get used to all these fake deaths for too long!

1. Iron-Man: The Iron Monger needs de-icing…
Yes, I’m gonna go in chronological order! So this happens during the first MCU boss fight we see. Tony flies up into the sky with Obadiah’s monster of a suit following behind. The Iron Monger catches up and grapples him. He boasts the fact that his suit is more advanced than Tony’s which is soon proven wrong when Tony asks how to solve the icing problem. Going that high up in the sky caused the cold metal giant to ice up. This resulted in Obadiah free falling due to complete function loss of his suits mechanics. With Iron-Man hovering in the air victorious and the triumphant music beginning to play we were led to believe that the Iron Monger was defeated. That of course would have been too easy. Moments later once Tony returns to flat ground, (in other words, the roof of the arc generator building), Obadiah jumps out of nowhere unscathed! Of course this was the first time we witnessed the MCU pull this stunt so it was good and pretty much unexpected.

2. Thor: Odin, God of Resurrection & Loki, God of Death-Reluctance…
A two-in-one this time! When we see the All-Father succumb to Odinsleep he is left vulnerable and on the verge of death. At first evaluation, most people would think that he’s not going to wake up and Thor is going to take his place and rule Asgard blah blah. Not many people would have cared if Odin was assassinated by the Frost Giants therefore the film made us believe that he’d…well, stay asleep forever. Non the less, Odin wakes up just in the nick of time to prevent Thor from falling off the edge of the broken Bifrost. Alas, it’s not over yet! We see Loki holding onto the staff which Thor has hold of at the other end. Loki, dangling for dear life decides to let go and we watch him fall into space I guess. Oh no! Loki is dead! Nope, this was clearly a deliberate plan of his to escape because in the end credit scene we see a tease of him mind controlling Scientist, Dr Eric Selvig when him and Nick Fury are checking out the Tesseract. Then of course in Avengers Assemble when Loki teleports to Earth. Luckily the Incredible Hulk and Iron-Man 2 didn’t decide to do the whole fake death stuff so I don’t have to cover those films.

3. Captain America the First Avenger: Bye-Bye Bucky Barnes…
When Cap and Bucky are raiding the Hydra train in search of Arnim Zola, the side of the carriage gets blown off. Bucky falls out but clings onto the loose debris. Cap tries his best to reach out and grab him but he has to watch his friend plummet. “Oh boo hoo, my best friends dead”, just kidding he returns as the Winter Soldier! Okay, I’m not talking about his grand reveal during the second film, hell, once we heard the title of the second film we knew he was gonna return! However, at the time of the first film no one really knew that they would reprise the character and implement the metal-arm menace onto the big screen. No one wants to stay ‘dead’ in these films! These fake deaths are starting to take their toll on the audiences patience! Specially when you accompany them with all the times the main character gets put into a death situation, (example, cap crashing at the end of the film). So much fake death!

4. Avengers Assemble: Why did Coulson die then come back? Because Agents of SHIELD, that’s why…
Everyones first tearjerker within the MCU. Coulson fearlessly confronts Loki during the Helicarrier assault. He is the teams last hope, he has his finger on the trigger and- STAB! Loki does the old hologram trick and kills Coulson from behind! Thor releases an almighty “NO!” as do the audience. There is so much emphasis on his death in the following scene when Nick Fury presents the bloody Captain America trading cards. He gives a little speech about what Coulson believed in so everyone thought he was truly gone for good. We were wrong again once Marvels Agents of SHIELD was announced and Agent Coulson would be returning to the MCU! As far fetched as it was, he was back! Marvel played with our hearts and he didn’t even stay dead! Oh well, everybody loves Coulson.

5. Iron-Man 3: Aldrich eats an explosion & Pepper miraculously accepts Extremis…
Two-in-one again! Coming to the end of the film we see Pepper clinging on for dear life. (I should have made a list for ‘characters holding on for dear life’ too). She is dangling above her fiery doom as the whole ship docking bay is slowly exploding and going up in flames. Tony fails to grab her and she falls into the fire. I personally thought Marvel had finally stopped pulling our leg and actually killed someone for once! It was the ideal motif to make Tony kick Aldrich’s butt and we were right behind him rooting for him. Luckily for Tony, Pepper is alive! Her resurrection ties into Aldrich’s death-cheat… During Tony’s fight with him we see the return of Mark 42. A suit that can fly and attach directly to him or anyone he chooses. For once, instead of Tony putting on a suit he slams it onto Killian and orders Jarvis to blow it up. A contained explosion within a skin tight suit… surely there would be nothing left! I don’t care if he has Extremis inside of him, we see the helmet pop open afterwards and there’s nothing in it! Before we can think, Aldrich rises from the literal flames ready to kill Tony. This is where Pepper comes back. She accepts the Extremis inside of her luckily and evidently becomes fire-proof because she too comes back out of the flames and lays it onto Killian. She uses a missile taken from a hostile suit and kicks it at him which explodes all over him again. Apparently to kill him for good it requires exactly two explosions, of course, silly me!

6. Thor the Dark World: We’re as stupid as Thor for thinking he is actually dead…
There are so many tricks in this film to count. When Thor, Loki and Jane confront Malekith they fail at destroying the Aether. The Kursed elf throws one of those blackhole grenades which begins to suck Loki in. Witnessing the extended length it takes to suck him in we know he’s not gonna die. Thor flies by and saves him. It’s not until moments after when Loki stabs the Kursed elf that we get fooled once again! The Kursed elf turns around with the sword still going through his chest and grabs Loki towards him which in turn impales Loki onto the sword too. Sneakily, Loki triggered one of the blackhole grenades on the Kursed elf’s belt which basically makes him implode. Loki is on the floor looking pale saying how sorry he is for everything. We think this is it for good after all the tricks and close shaves! This one stands out for being the most emotional out of the fake Loki deaths so it’s easy to think that it’s finally gonna happen. Yet to our surprise we were fooled again when we saw Loki at the end of the film on the throne of Asgard! Will Loki ever actually die?

7. Captain America the Winter Soldier: Fury & Agent Brock Rumlow survive the impossible…
Double ‘death’ again. Not even Bucky Barnes can successfully kill Nick Fury! During the film we see Nick get smashed about in a car, fracture his arm in the process, get flipped upside down, get shot three or four times, puncher his lung and I can’t remember the rest! Are we sure Nick Fury wasn’t injected with the same super soldier serum as Captain America?! Anyways, we see Nick on a hospital bed being treated on. Nothings working, not even the defibrillators can save him. His heart seems to stop and the characters say their sad goodbyes. This death seemed so real because it was somewhat predictable, plus it’s exactly what the film needed to make things more serious and personal. Later on in the film when Cap, Black Widow and Falcon are captured, Maria Hill saves them and takes them to a secret facility. Here we see Nick Fury laid in bed chilling and we have to pinch ourselves because no one could have survived such an ordeal! He explains that Bruce Banner designed a drug to slow down the heart rate. Nick used this to looks as though he was dead. How elaborate. I myself was thinking, “damn it Marvel, how do you keep fooling me like this?!” Of course I’m glad he survived… but there’s still Avengers Age of Ultron- what? Nothing. The second death/live comes to us near the end of the film where we see Falcon and Rumlow fighting in SHIELD’s Triskelion building. To their surprise, a falling Helicarrier comes crashing through the facility which forces Falcon to leave the fight early and jump out of the window. He leaves Rumlow to be consumed by the rubble and explosions. Later on at the very end of the film we see him being carried out of all the rubble to presumably return as Crossbones in Captain America Civil War. I’m sorry but no way could he have survived that. There you have it, two practically impossible survives in one film.

8. Guardians of the Galaxy: Everyone cries for Groot & Ronan is the king of ‘unscathed’….
We’ll start with Ronan’s first ‘he probably should have died‘ moment. The team infiltrate the Dark Aster to kill Ronan before he lands on Xandar soil. Quill is wielding Rocket’s Hadron Enforcer ready to fire directly at him. He fires the missile and we witness a huge un-survivable explosion. Drax celebrates too early and yells, “you did it!” but once the smoke clears we see Ronan rise back up with a tiny circular mark on his chest?! I’ve had paper cuts more brutal than that! Once the team once again fail to kill him, Rocket crashes the Milano into the Dark Asters cockpit, crushing Ronan and destroying the ships pilots. The Ship hurtles down towards Xandar and we see the team accepting their fate. To save them, Groot extends his body to create a ball around them all. Rocket clearly states that he’ll die but Groot doesn’t care. This is a very emotional end to the character and we thank him for saving the rest of the team… NOT! If you’re not a fan of the comics you wouldn’t have known he could grow back. However, most people thought he was gone. Back to Ronan, once the Dark Aster has crashed and Groot has ‘died’ protecting the rest of the team we see the Accuser walking out of the rubble like it was nothing yet again, practically unscathed. I guess the Power Gem certainly lived up to it’s name and gave Ronan pretty much 100x the durability of a normal Kree body.


We’ll I hope you enjoyed this. As you can see, Marvel enjoys fooling us constantly. They need to grow a pair and actually kill someone. Is Joss Wheadon gonna deliver? I sure as hell hope not because I don’t wanna see any of my beloved heroes perish! I will be doing another ‘ROAD TO ULTRON’ post next week so keep your eyes peeled for it. If you think I missed any death/lives out then let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading and thank you to everyone that has helped me reach 200 followers! I appreciate it a lot. If you personally haven’t followed me yet then you’re more than welcome to do so of course. Comment, Like, Follow, whatever you feel like doing! See you next time…

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