ROAD TO ULTRON 2 of 6: Top Five Fight Scenes in the MCU

The Age of Ultron is getting closer and closer and it’s going to be the Avengers toughest fight yet. From the trailers we can see it’ll be jam packed with awesome fight scenes but for now let’s reminisce the top five fight scenes the MCU currently has to offer (in my opinion).

5. Ironman and Warmachine vs HAMMER Drones…
To begin the countdown we’re gonna start with the end fight from Ironman 2. Ivan Vanko has sabotaged Justin Hammers suits and transformed them into drones. Ironman and Warmachine find themselves having to fight for their lives back to back against an endless array of bots. I like this fight because it’s a fun cooperative fight. We see them both fighting along side each other after their awkward feud during Tony’s birthday. I like the bombardment of drones surrounding them and it’s enjoyable to watch the two of them using every trick up their sleeves to stay alive.

4. Thor and friends vs Frost Giants…
Next we have our first look at the Mighty Thor in battle. A narrow minded heir to the throne dashes off to Yodenheim, world of the Frost Giants after Asgard was briefly compromised by them. We see for the first time the power he possesses and what it takes for him and his warrior friends to fight other-worldly foes. It’s a good way for us to be introduced to his and the others fighting styles and personalities. It’s also fun to look back and see what sort of person Thor was and how much he’s changed. This is the first time we see a fight outside of Earth so it’s interesting to observe and would have been a breath of fresh air at the time.

3. The Incredible Hulk vs The Abomination…
Probably everyone’s least favorite film from the franchise which is a shame because of it’s awesome brawl between the green beast and the slightly paler green beast. It’s fun to watch the two rivaling monsters punch each other over and over to see who’s the strongest! I think it’s the fact that it’s an all-out brutal brawl it’s exciting to spectate. Bruce decides the only way to stop The Abomination is to Hulk-out and fight back. He drops out of a helicopter and lands in the floor. He rises up as the Hulk and things start tense and exciting as we see the two coming at each other.We see hulk use his surroundings like cars as boxing gloves and chains as a mace which would be impossible for other characters to use in such a way. My apologies for the link, it’s the best one I could find in terms of quality, but it has no sound from the film.

2. Captain America vs Batroc’s ship crew…
Wow, such an awesome introductory fight! I wasn’t expecting such an evolved fighting style from Cap. Him, ‘SHIELD’ agents and Black Widow storm a ship which has been said to be holding hostages and vital SHILED data. This isn’t specifically a single fight scene but more of an all out action scene… but it has fighting in it non the less! It’s great to see how much movement and action potential the character truly has that we didn’t really get to see in his first film. We see him leaping, jumping and using his shield super effectively as though it was an extension of his body. Anyone who dosn’t think Captain America is a badass… watch the Winter Soldier and think again!

1. The Avengers vs The Chitauri…
You all saw this coming. This had to be number one because it’s the most awesome battle out of the whole franchise (for me anyway). The Avengers are up to their eye balls in Chitauri in the heart of New York. After a shaky start, the team manage to work in tandem with one another and get their heads in the game. The best fight scene that emphasizes this is the long shot which follows each character one by one kind of like a relay race. It shows off their unique fighting capabilities and don’t forget Hulk punching Thor at the end because… well, because he can. ENJOY!

I hope you liked my countdown. In terms of honorable mentions, every other fight scene in the MCU deserves one. It’s a shame I restricted myself to a top five or else the Guardians of the Galaxy would have been featured. I won’t be offended if you don’t agree with my top five! If you feel differently let me know in the comments section below and tell me your favorite fights and why. My next ‘Road to Ultron’ will be “My Favorite MCU Heroes and Villains” so keep your eyes peeled for that. Bye for now!

4 thoughts on “ROAD TO ULTRON 2 of 6: Top Five Fight Scenes in the MCU

  1. Cool top 5, the MCU has definitely had some great battles! I look forward to seeing what Age of Ultron brings to the table. For me it would be

    5. Hulk vs Abomination. That was a fun battle of power!
    4. Iron Man vs Thor. I was really hyped when this fight started and it was short, but epic!
    3. Iron Man vs….fire guy from Iron Man 3. Killian I think? I forgot his name for a while, but I think that’s it. It was sad to see Iron Man’s armors breaking so much, but he still gave Killian a run for his money!
    2. Captain America vs Winter Soldier. The hand to hand techniques in this fight were pretty incredible and the films really got to show how skilled the two fighters were.
    1. Thor vs Kurse. A blowout for Kurse, but the actual fight was great. It was like a preview of how Thanos will handle the team in the future.

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