ROAD TO ULTRON 3 of 6: Top 3 Heroes & Top 3 Villains of the MCU so far

We’re gonna see the most dangerous enemy to date during the Age of Ultron. On top of that we’ve been teased of a roster change after this film. With this to look forward to, let’s pay homage to all the heroes and villains we’ve seen so far by picking out my favorite three from each category! The MCU has no shortage of characters so let’s begin. (Note: I’d include Thanos on this list but we’ve only seen him for 2 minutes so far… even though he’ll probably deserve to be number one after Infinity War).

Hero 3. Hulk
Before I get into it, please be aware this list was super hard! Anyway, our third place hero is The Incredible Hulk and his chilled out counterpart; Bruce Banner. This motion capture masterpiece left my jaw on the floor when we first saw him go green-mode in Avengers Assemble (not so much in The Incredible Hulk because that was simply CGI). Apart from my love for the technical aspects, I just love the character so much. I remember when I was young I would run around and pretend to be The Hulk trashing my room and throwing things about. I love how Hulk and Bruce are more or less polar opposites to one another yet they’re the same person. Bruce is a timid genius yet Hulk is an exposed beast with nothing on his mind other than SMASH! My favorite Hulk moment is when Bruce has reunited with the team in the heart of New York on a motorcycle. The team could really use the big guy and Ironman kind of forces The Hulk out by bringing a giant Chitauri beast their way. Captain America, not really knowing how it all works says that now’s a good time to get angry. Bruce responds by saying that he’s always angry! This means he has control of The Hulk if he wants to transform (minus occasions where his hand has been forced. Example; earlier in the film or the Scarlet Witch speculation for the next film). Anyways, we see Bruce morph from one state to the other and simply punch the beast in the face! It flops to the floor and the Chitauri are pretty angry themselves! This is when we see the awesome shot of the whole team too. I like this scene because we basically see Bruce join the team. After saying he’s just here to work but everyone’s eagerly waiting to see him fight as Hulk. After the reluctance he finally makes the right choice and suits-up (or more accurately, suits-down).

Villain 3. Ronan
Our third place villain is the Kree Accuser! Who doesn’t like a bit of all-out madness villainy? This is why I like him enough to be part of the top three. Most of the enemies have an understandable mindset but Ronans is pretty much just galactic eradication which his idea of ‘Kree Justice’. I think one aspect of it is him feeling lesser than Thanos. He wants to be taken seriously! Everyone fears him and so they should. He has a team of very deadly members which include Korath, Nebula and a whole army of Sakaraan’s behind him. Ronan is willing to go against anyone and doesn’t necessarily care who they are. My favorite scene for this character has to be when he’s fighting Drax for the first time. After receiving a message to come to Knowhere, Ronan is confronted by The Destroyer. We’ve seen first hand how strong Drax is but Ronan effortlessly dodges his swings. This is the first time we really see Ronan in action and it’s made pretty clear that no one gets on his bad side.

Hero 2. Groot
In second place for the Hero category we have Groot. Of course everyones favorite sentient tree beast had to make the top three! Groot is such a lovable character yet he only says three words (four technically). He has a lot of abilities up his sleeve and they’re just his own body parts. He doesn’t need weapons because his body is formidable enough on it’s own. During Guardians of the Galaxy the character keeps surprising us and making us laugh. He appeals to audiences of all ages. The character works very well alongside Rocket. He seems like the brawn whilst Rocket is the brain and it’s fun to see them working together. It’s great seeing him plod along with his lanky stature and dozed impressions but then become a team player when he needs to be. He’s a loyal companion who cares for his new found friends on an ultimate level. With endless iconic Groot scenes during the film, it’s hard to pick a specific one. If I had to choose one though it’d have to be his not so bright moment during the prison scene. Rocket is telling them the plan whilst Groot goes ahead with it a little too early! After tearing out a quantum battery from the wall, alarms begin to blare and the prison guards warn him to go back to his cell or they will open fire. In typical Groot fashion he replies with, I AM GROOT, which I’m guessing could be translated to ‘NO WAY!’ or something a little more explicit… As warned, the prison guards open fire using gun-mounted drones forcing him to transform his arm into a shield as the bullets spray into him. A full scale riot starts and thus my favorite scene from the whole film begins too, thanks Groot!

Villain 2. Loki
Of course the God of Mischief has to make the countdown! Number two for the villains is the one and only Loki. This character has been a recurring nuisance for Thor and the rest of the Avengers on more than one occasion. Driven by hatred and revenge, Loki often puts aside morals to get what he wants. He’s always deceiving and double crossing people and often us as the audience don’t see them coming which is good. He is probably most people’s favorite bad guy that everybody loves to hate… not to mention his famous love for horned helmets. We haven’t seen the last of this villain and I’m glad he’s been a recurring theme in the background of other events. My favorite Loki scene is probably when Thor is flying in a Dark Elf ship with Asgardians shooting from all directions. Thor is doing a terrible job at escaping and Loki is doing everything in his power to annoy him. It’s fun and a perfect example of how much of an annoyance this character can be… but in an entertaining way.

Hero 1. Ironman
My favorite hero to date is probably the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist… and that’s before he’s even put on the suit! Where to begin… Tony Stark is probably the most fleshed out character out of the whole roster because he’s been in the most films (minus Nick Fury and his cameos). We see the character transform from an arrogant weapon designer to a less arrogant designer who makes weapons for himself. What’s the name of this weapon you ask? Well it’s none other than the Ironman suit! We see the suit evolve through an insane 42 variations and that’s not even including the one’s we’ll be seeing in Age of Ultron onwards. We are constantly being amazed by his tech upgrades and accomplishments and I think this is one of the main reasons why he’s such an appealing character. The other main reason is because of the characters fast sense of humor and the fact he’s able to flow AND clash with other characters depending on the situation. Even though he seems rather arrogant on the outside, his heart is usually in the right place and he has good morals (which was made evident with his sacrificial trip into space with a nuke on his back in Avengers Assemble). It goes to show you don’t necessarily need ‘super’ powers seeing as though he’s just a guy in a suit. Like he says himself, he is Ironman even without all the suits. My favorite Ironman scene has got to be in the second film when he get to see Mark 5 unfold from his awesome literal ‘suit’case. Tony couldn’t need a suit at a better time when Ivan Vanko begins to tear up the race track. Happy and Pepper come crashing in and throw him the case. He activates it and we are blessed with perhaps the most awesome Ironman suit-ups yet (minus Hulkbuster which we all know is going to be the best).

Villain 1. Hydra
Cut off one head, two more shall take it’s place… hail Hydra indeed! Not particularly a single villain but more of a whole villainous organisation. I believe Hydra deserves the number one spot for the bad guys because of how much they’ve impacted the world. Of course singular villains have caused trouble but none are really on par with Hydra. They’ve been using the Winter Soldier for decades to change the outcome of the future in their favor. The organisation is full of geniuses and killers and that is a very dangerous combo. Red Skull had hold of the Tesseract, his right hand man Arnim Zola harnessed it’s power for weaponry, The Winter Soldier assassinated important people that where a threat to Hydra, they bled within the worlds most trusted agency (SHIELD). Alexander Pierce almost killed millions of innocent people and justified it with simply tearing down an old world to build a new one. Formidable and focused on their radical ideologies, Hydra do everything and anything to try to be one step ahead of the good guys. They’re to blame for the birth of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch… they’re able to harness the power of cosmic technology to create ‘miracles’. Hydra are certainly dangerous and have affected all of the heroes (and their histories) in one way or another. My favorite Hydra scene [SPOILERS] is probably the big reveal of Arnim Zola’s AI in Captain America the Winter Soldier. This is where computer Arnim dishes the dirt and reveals all the shocking things Hydra has been up to. Not many people would have seen this coming in this exact way. So many revelations in one short scene.

I hope you liked my Top Three for both heroes and villains. Agree, disagree? Let me know what your top three’s would be and why in the comments. Bye for now!

One thought on “ROAD TO ULTRON 3 of 6: Top 3 Heroes & Top 3 Villains of the MCU so far

  1. I agree on the villains list…on the hero list, my top three are Steve, Natasha and Peggy. Groot is great, but for me the GotG only make it into the top as a group.


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