ROAD TO ULTRON 4 of 6: Favorite MCU films from Worst to Best

We all know that Age of Ultron is going to be the biggest MCU film yet. Let’s appreciate all the films so far by discussing my favorite from worst to best. When I say “worst” it doesn’t mean it’s a terrible film.. I love all of the films, I’d rate them all 10/10! There’s ten films so far so you may as well consider this list my personal top ten.

10. The Incredible Hulk-
Most people will probably agree with my number ten placement. Although I loved the first act of the film, the middle and end don’t really do it. I like how the film jumps straight into Bruce Banners world and we don’t need a dragged out origin story. I thought that was a clever idea because most people already know his origin by now. We see Bruce in hiding and on the run from the military but then as the film goes on things seem too slow until the last fight… but then the films over before you know it. The special effects for Hulk weren’t particularly on par with what we saw in Ironman which came before it. There wasn’t any motion capture used in this, just all out CGI. You can tell seeing as thought it looks nothing like Edward Norton! I like how General Ross was portrayed too… not so much for The Abomination. You can tell this film was early on in the MCU with the use of outlandish and far-fetched story lines. At least the newer films have more of a sense of plausibility and realism? The fact that Edward Norton dropped out of the MCU annoyed me but I’m more than happy about Mark Ruffalo taking his place.

9. Ironman 2-
The second film in the Stark trilogy comes next. I struggled putting these films in ranking but next on the list is Ironman 2. I liked the whole Howard Stark history-mystery in this film. The thing that lets this film down I think is the fact that it’s more or less the same things that happen in the first film. I wanted to see more of Whiplash… not drones and an iron suit for Ivan Vanko. I liked to watch Tony begin to worry and crumble down because of the illness the arc reactor is causing him. He begins to be more careless and even fights his friend Rhodey. I also like this film because we see the birth of Warmachine and I hope to see more and more of this character in the future. Tony has a race against time before the poisoning gets too worse. It was awesome to watch him create a new element which replicates the cosmic power the infinity stones possess (because Howard had researched the Tesseract). Things had tied in before we knew they even existed!

8. Thor-
Next on the list is the God of Thunders debut film. Thor was fun and risky because it was the first time we were introduced to outer space and it’s inhabitants. It took us from one planet and revealed to us that there was numerous realms to explore. I liked the first half of this film more than the last half. This is because the first half was in Asgard and outer space. I would have preferred the whole film to be in outer space and then introduce Thor to Earth nearer to the end. I couldn’t really care less about Jane Foster and their relationship although I’m glad they made up the character, Eric Selvig for the film universe because he plays a bigger part in films to come. I don’t mind that the film kinda drags us as an audience back to Earth but I would have just preferred it all within Asgard and other worldly realms. I guess we got that in the second film. Saying all this, I liked seeing Thor interact with things he’s not used to which made things funny and interesting.

7. Ironman-
Next on the list is the first film in the MCU, Ironman. This was an awesome film! I wouldn’t have chosen any other primary character to start the series off other than Tony Stark. His arrogance and charm was very fun to watch. It got the MCU off to a cool start seeing the character convert from a weapon designing pompous business man to someone worthy of the ‘Super Hero’ title. I loved the special effects of the suits being constructed and equipped. The thing I didn’t really like about the film was the main villain. I enjoyed Obadiah Stain… but not so much the Iron Monger. I wanted to see Ironman fight bad guys different to himself… not another person in a suit! Oh well, the film was still awesome and the end fight was fun. Not much else to say really.

6. Thor: the Dark World-
This was hard to rank. The second Thor film was good but lacked a few things. Although it was certainly a step up from the first film, I wanted to see a better fight scene at the end rather than see Thor throw a few poles at Malekith. I liked the concept of The Convergence and it showed us more from the Infinity Stones. The end credit scene showed us what’s happening and how important these stones are going to be in the future. I enjoyed the Dark Elves and the badassery they brought with them. There was a lot of twists, turns and tragedies through the film but again, I’m not too fussed about Jane Foster! I liked the scene near the end where Thor and Malekith are teleporting all over the place. I just think there was a few things that never really got clarified about The Convergence and it all feels a little too coincidental about how everything fell in place. This is just me being picky because I struggle to find bad parts to these films! I’m glad there was much more of outer space this time but I still wanted more. I would have enjoyed it if Earth was completely left out of the picture… we see enough of that with the other characters.

5. Ironman 3-
Not many people enjoyed this film but I loved it! We get to see what Starks been up to since the events of the Avengers. He’s been awfully busy building suits for different purposes. We see a new side of the character we haven’t seen. Tony is suffering from panic attacks that he has to get over. At the same time he answers the question of; does the suit make the man or does the man make the suit? Plus is nice to finally see an Ironman enemy that isn’t in another suit! Although most people don’t really notice it, Ironman 3 is a very important build up to Age of Ultron. Tony wants to hang it all up, have a clean slate (which is one incentive for him to resort to crime fighting AI’s in the upcoming Avengers film). It’s a good film that wraps up and offers many revelations for the character. We’ve seen Tony change what sort of person he is (in a way) but then all of his demons catch up with him. I liked watching all the suits do their part in the end scene too. I don’t care what people say, Ironman 3 is my favorite film of the trilogy!

4. Captain America: the First Avenger-
Again, not many people would have put this film so close to number one but I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was a change of scenery from all the present day Superhero films going on. It was fun to see a Superhero during a historic war era and then crash land him in present day at the end. This film has so many tie-ins and gets us ready for Avengers Assemble. The fights scenes are well done and the the portrayal of Bucky Barnes and the Howling Commandos are great. Red Skull however was an ‘okay’ villain. I love Hydra and their ideologies but the character himself was a little mundane. If there was more fight scenes with that character specifically then I would have appreciated him more I guess. As a whole, no one likes samey films so i’m glad they set Captain America in the original war era. This film effectively merged past and present in an entertaining way.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy-
Fun, fun, fun! This film was certainly a breath of fresh air to what we’ve seen so far. Yes we’ve been introduced to outer space from the Thor films but not in such a gritty and fun way. There is so much variety in the galaxy and I’m extremely happy that Marvel was daring enough to welcome us to not so known characters. Everyone loves these characters and the director, James Gunn did an amazing job of introducing us to five people in such a short amount of time. Joss Whedon already had his characters established for Avengers Assemble but James Gunn had to make Starlord, Groot, Drax, Rocket and Gamora appealing to audiences straight away in one film. The characters clash with each other as well as work effectively at times. It’s practically a space themed Avengers movie. It offers more insight to Thanos and the Infinity Stones which is always welcome too. The effects of both Rocket and Groot were great. Both characters were risky and difficult to portray so I’m glad they worked more than well! Each character brings something unique to the table and in a comedic way. It was fun to see so many different space locations that we didn’t get to see in Thor. The universe is big and we were reminded of that in this film.

2. Captain America: the Winter Soldier-
Everyone must agree that this film deserves to be here surely? The second Captain America installment was certainly a step up from the first one and it was great to see how much the characters fighting style has evolved. This is probably the most action packed film the MCU has to offer so far. I love the government thriller sort of feel to the film. Like the first film, Captain America offers something new that we haven’t seen before. Past meets present in an entertaining way with the return of old faces accompanied by new ones. It’s good to see how the character is coping in the modern era with computers always being the main threat. So many shocking and exhilarating scenes in the space of one two hour film. I also enjoyed the portrayal of Falcon and I can’t wait to see him return in future films. We see what lengths the character goes to when everything he works for has been compromised. We don’t know who to trust or what’s going to happen and it’s a roller coaster of events and twists.

1. Avengers Assemble-
Of course, number one had to be the film where all of the heroes are in it! This film will probably always be my favorite because of this reason and the only one that can replace it is Age of Ultron. We’ve seen everything build up to this point and its amazingly entertaining to see each character clash and flow with one another. It’s mind blowing seeing them all in one movie after their solo outings. Although this is number one on my list, there isn’t much to say other than the words, “ultimate entertainment” and “fun”… I love every part of this film. I’m sure you’ll agree with me!

This is just my top ten opinion. I’m sure people will disagree in some places so let me know what order you’d put them in. I get some immense nostalgia watching those trailers, waiting for the films to come out and then watching them for the first time. Keep your eyes peeled for my next installment for this short ‘Road to Ultron’ series and be sure to check out the older posts if you haven’t already. Bye for now!

2 thoughts on “ROAD TO ULTRON 4 of 6: Favorite MCU films from Worst to Best

  1. Great list! I really loved Iron Man 3 too. I think if I was doing this list I would have put the 2 Thor films the other way round in my list as the second one – while fun – dragged a bit for me, probably because it was all over the place structurally. Otherwise I’m pretty much with you!


  2. Man this one is tough. Most of them are more or less equal for me as they’ve just been great. This list fluctuates a whole lot, but mine would be

    1. Avengers
    2. Captain America- Winter Soldier. (These two never are always in the top 2…at least til Age of Ultron hits!)
    3. Thor: The Dark World
    4. Guardians of The Galaxy.
    5. Iron Man 2
    6. Iron Man 3
    8. Iron Man
    9. The Incredible Hulk
    10. Captain America


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