NEW: Vision ‘officially’ revealed in Age of Ultron poster!

I eat my own words here. If you’ve seen my other posts you’ll know that I said, “I’m pretty much certain they’ll not reveal Vision” or something like that. (I know there’s plenty of pictures of the character leaked about but this is the first debut reveal by marvel themselves other than the glimpse we got on the third trailer). I was clearly wrong because his spotlight poster has recently came out of nowhere! I’m surprised they’ve revealed him to this extent. I personally would have kept him as secret as possible but that’s just me. I sure hope that’s the soul gem on his head! (And yes, I know what it is on his head in the comics, but the films are known to change things up.. Plus the soul gem would help make the birth of vision that more plausable for a modern age film set in a pretty much realistic interpretation of Earth).

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