ROAD TO ULTRON 5 OF 6: Best moment from each film in the MCU

We all know that Age of Ultron is going to be full of amazing memorable moments. So far there’s been tonnes of scenes that stick in our heads that us as nerds are forced to reference all the time. Everyone has their favorite moments so I thought I’d share mine! I’m not going to order them from least favorite to best… I’m just going to go in order of all ten films and pick one from each.

Training Wheels…
This is the first time we see Tony suit up. Our first glimpse of what’s in store as we witness Mark 1 in action! This is my favorite scene because I just think it’s great to see how it all started and how far the iron suit has came as apposed to this. After Tony is abducted by the Ten Rings terrorists, him and his cave roommate/prisoner, Yinsen decide to build an iron suit to help them escape. Once the terrorists grow restless and they think something fishy is going on they barge in only to be beaten up by the first ever Iron Man suit.

The Incredible Hulk-
Bruce Needs Stretchier Clothes…
Not much to say about this scene. It was hard to filter a scene worthy of the title, ‘favorite’ in this film but this one sticks in my head the most. This is my favorite scene probably because I have a funny story to go with it. Bruce is ambushed by the Army at the university. He is gassed out but it isn’t him that jumps out of the smoke screen, instead it’s his green alter ego Hulk. He smashes out of the building unaffected by the gas, muscles shredding on every part of his body as he lets out a huge monstrous roar. The funny story I have is a real one. Me and my sister were watching this once on DVD late at night. My mum came into the room and told us to turn it down because she was going to bed. Thing is, we never got round to actually turning it down and we rushed around to find the TV remote as Hulk let out his huge roar during this particular scene! It was so loud and it must have shook the whole house. Me and my sister laughing and panicking at the same time… funny.

Ironman 2-
Buddy Battle…
No one likes an overly drunk friend. This fact is reinforced during this fun scene from Ironman 2 where Tony and Rhodey fight it out metal style. I like this scene because it’s different from hero vs villain. Tony is celebrating arrogantly for, what he believes is his last birthday. Rhodey realizes it’s getting out of hand and suits up using Mark 2. He forces everyone to leave the party but this doesn’t please Stark very much. He requests some kick-ass music from the DJ to accompany the fight about to go down which adds to the fun. Various ‘ding’ and ‘dong’ sound effects can be heard throughout the whole fight as they kick, punch and throw one another in their metal suits.

Overly Destructive Beverage Gratitude…
Just a short scene this time. Thor has landed on Earth and we get to see the various cultural differences. The cup smash is my favorite because it’s so random and unexpected. Thor, Jane, Erik and Darcy are in a diner because the God of thunder requires sustenance. Thor scoffs his way through everything on his plate and gulps down his drink. Out of nowhere he throws the cup on the floor and demands another. He informs them that the cup smash is the Asgardian way to show your love for a drink. I hope they don’t throw and smash everything they love or else Jane is in trouble.

Captain America: The First Avenger-
Wakey, Wakey!…
Cap has spent seventy years as an ice cube and has no choice but to get used to the future that we call modern day. I like this scene because it sets us up for what’s to come in the future. I also like it because we as an audience have just watched Cap for almost two hours in the 1940’s era… and then we jump straight to present time and we see a character we associate with old timey stuff run around a world full of technology. Steve has just crashed the Hydra bomber into the ocean. He wakes up in a familiar surrounding only to find out it’s all lies! He breaks out of the 1940’s simulation room and escapes only to witness a whole new world.

Avengers Assemble-
The Goosebump Circle Shot…
Odd name you say? Well this scene is my favorite to the extent it gives me goosebumps. Every. Single. Time… without fail. I love this scene because we finally see what every nerd has been wanting to see from these movies; the team together in a circle, all flaunting their individual traits and personalities accompanied by the most triumphant soundtrack ever. The scene starts with Bruce awkwardly cruising in on a beaten up motorcycle. Ironman brings a huge Chitauri beast towards them which gives Bruce no choice but to go green. After revealing the fact that he’s always angry, he morphs into the Hulk and punches the beast directly in the face. It grinds to a halt and gets split in two. The Chitauri armies look on with anger as we cut to the next shot. The Avengers are in a circle roaring, flying, aiming, reloading, hammer-spinning and shield-wielding.

Ironman 3-
Full Metal Backup…
“Wow, Tony has like 42 suits. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see them all fight?” merry Christmas. This is my favorite scene because this is yet another nerd dream come true. I also like the fact that it’s JARVIS controlling them all (you could say it’s some sort of Vision prelude). Each suit has it’s own style and most have unique functions so it’s great seeing them all in action all at once. The scene starts when Tony and Rhodey are at the ship docks. Extremis soldiers are everywhere and they both admit that backup is needed. What they’re given is perhaps the coolest definition of backup ever.

Thor: The Dark World-
Troublesome Teleports…
You can’t fight properly when you’re hurtling through different realms non-stop. Malekith and Thor attempt to beat each other up during The Convergence. I like this scene because you don’t know where they’re going to end up next. That and it’s funny. The event known as The Convergence means that all of the realms are aligning for a short period of time which allows things to slip in and out of worlds. This happens continuously as Thor and Malekith fight one another. We see them fall through many portals and end up all over the place. This messes things up in all sorts of ways. Plus we see Thor travel on an underground train because it’s funny, that’s why.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier-
Weight Limit Exceeded, Surley?…
This scene proves that Captain America can fight his way out of any situation. This claustrophobic elevator punch out is my favorite because it’s not your conventional fight scene. It’s fun to watch Cap take on so many people at once in such a confined space. Things are getting a little untrustworthy at SHIELD’s Triskelion. Cap takes the elevator only to be joined with a variety of agents differing in size. The fight seems impossible at first but we’re reminded of how awesome this character truly can be when given the right screenwriters and directors.

Guardians of the Galaxy-
Because Sneaking Out Of Prison Is Too Mainstream…
Another goosebump scene for me! Rocket’s escape idea hasn’t gone quite to plan and all hell breaks loose in the prison. This is my favorite scene because it’s a fun race against time and this is the moment that all five of them work together. Groot prematurely rips out a quantum battery which makes the prison go into lockdown. After refusing to drop the battery and return to his cell, Groot fights back! Inmates run wild as bullets spray all over the place. Gamora, Drax and Starlord fight their way to the watchtower as Groot and Rocket roar, punch and shoot with all-out badassery.

Thanks for checking out my list. I’m sure you all have your own favorite moments so let me know in the comments! Bye for now…

3 thoughts on “ROAD TO ULTRON 5 OF 6: Best moment from each film in the MCU

  1. Iron Man: Tony making the “deal” with the terrorist leader. Just…him standing there, fresh out of torture, knowing fully well that he is scheduled to die no matter what and he acts like a businessman….gets me every time, though it is closely followed by Rhodey finding him in the desert.
    Hulk: Mmm….I think the transformation scene you linked, though for the wrong reason. When his hand turns up at the window, I automatically think “Titanic”. Makes me giggle every time.
    Iron Man 2: Black Widow taking out the floor of extras tops everything for me.
    Thor: Loki killing Laufey…mostly because it was so unexpected the first time around, and twist in itself is so heart-breaking and messed up at the same time.
    Captain America: Yup, the best is at the very end…though there are so many scenes in this movie I love…the show, the scene with Bucky in the fire, him leading the soldiers back into the camp, the flag, the chase through the streets of New York…..
    The Avengers: It should be the shot but “puny god” is just so much more satisfying. Honorable mention to Black Widows “I am in the middle of an interrogation” scene.
    Iron Man 3: The rescue of the people who fell from a plane. It’s an awesome scene!
    Thor 2: Ah…either the funeral or the flight from the prison. Can’t decide.
    The Winter Soldier: Yeah, I think the fight in the elevator notches out everything else, though this is another movie full of great scenes. Can’t I just vote for the whole movie?
    GotG: Again: Can’t I just vote for the whole movie? But if I really had to pick…mmm…I’m between dancing Star-Lord with scaly mike, Dancing Groot and the forming of the blockade….


  2. It could be time to revisit “The Incredible Hulk” after watching that transformation scene. In the soldiers defence that lady did elbow one of them in the face.



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