I’ve been waiting all my life for a film full of maximum nerdy goodness! Marvel Movies are my favorite form of entertainment and to finally see what I’ve been dying to see for so long I am lost for words with amazement and bewilderment. I left the cinema completely speechless.

So far in the MCU we’ve been blessed with amazing scenes that stick with you forever. In terms of favorite and iconic moments, the whole film is one giant insane moment. So much is going on! I’m going to attempt to structure my experience in a review… hopefully without falling into my bewildered paralytic state of awe due to reminiscing what the heck I witnessed on screen!

What I thought of the story:
The Avengers have all been established, their training wheels are off, growing pains have stopped and the separate heroes we love are working in harmony, as friends or more importantly, as a team. It’s fantastic to see them flow and bounce off of one another’s actions or each other’s dialogue. It works so well. What you see on screen is the perfect interpretation of what you’d find in the comics, but better. We dive straight into the thick of it effectively because the friendships are believable.

The story is perhaps the most intense/deep story we’ve had so far. There doesn’t feel as though there’s a clear three act structure. This is in no way a bad thing. We’re given action scene after action scene with the occasional plot-developing breathers. It sounds silly but the whole film feels like one huge act. Like a waterfall flowing from start to end but rising upwards rather than going down.

The film is on such a bigger scale compared to anything we’ve seen before. The Avengers aren’t saving New York, they’re saving the whole world. You feel as though the team may not be able to fix something on such a big scale. It effectively makes you feel as though they’re out of their league.

There’s a great deal of unexpected moments. Especially when I did breakdowns for two of the trailers… I answered some mystery moments but there was still so much more. I had watched all of the trailers, featurettes, TV spots and clips and asked myself, “am I seeing way too much of this film before I’ve even gone and seen it?” The answer is no. Although you feel as though you’ve been given a great deal of important footage the actual film is bursting at the seams with so much more. More than what you could have ever imagined.

The story offers a variety of emotions. There is thrill, amazement, surprise, suspense, you name it. I must have had goosebumps for the majority of the action sequences. Before the film came out I would imagine what it would be like and what would happen… sometimes I dreamt it! Let me tell you, even with endless thoughts and speculations the film still offered such a unique and unfathomable tone. For such a huge fan like me you’re more than rewarded with Marvel geekery. This film is also the funniest one yet for me. I wasn’t expecting it to be so funny! It’s confusing how they have created the darkest film yet and the funniest one at the same time. Overall, the story never feels too slow, too dry or unimportant. Every second is worth it and the story ensures you keep your eyes, hearts and minds fixed on it.

What I thought of the characters:
The characters we have lived and learned to love, we learn to love even more. They all seem to play bigger but equal parts. Each hero is fleshed out to the maximum because we’ve seen them time and time again but this doesn’t mean they’re old news. They’re constantly bringing something new to the table. Everyone offers their unique traits accompanied with a balance of funny and dramatic moments. Each character has been gifted with equal amounts of awesome moments. Its fantastic to see them kick and punch in their unique ways and to see how they’ve all evolved since the first time we saw them. You’ll be glad to know that Hawkeye gets much more attention this time round. It’s like, “hey, you didn’t like the fact there was barely any Hawkeye last time? BOOM, here’s loads!”

Let’s not talk too much about characters we already know. The Maximoff twins; Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are a great addition to the ensemble. It’s nice to see and hear some cultural diversity. These characters weren’t included for the sake of it, they have interesting dark and troubled agendas. I’m glad they are a part of this film. The Avengers is one half of your meal, Ultron is the other and the twins are the gravy poured all over! They provide us with something new to the franchise and creates a new branch of character abilities. They work very well as a duo regardless of who’s side they’re on.

Ultron… perhaps my favorite movie villain ever. Not just within the walls of the MCU, but every film ever. Again, he’s a new enemy/threat the Avengers have never faced before. He’s such a twisted character with a shrouded mindset fixed on what he thinks is right, as though he’s the messiah to his own ideologies and must carry out this over-bearing duty. He’s cold, sarky, merciless and thought provoking at the same time. Who would have thought a robot could be such a scary character/villain. He’s not scary in terms of ‘hide under your bed sheets’ scary… more on the lines of disturbing. Personally, he’s not what I was expecting. This is great because I had this idea of what I thought he was like but then I see the full picture and you can see what he’s truly like. You want the Avengers to win but you also relate and agree (to some extent) to what Ultron is saying… sometimes. He presents a very valid and difficult point about world peace and the barriers that come with it.

I don’t want to spoil anything about the Vision. You know that he’s not like anything we’ve seen before. All I’ll say is that he’s spot on and I wouldn’t have changed anything about him. I’m so glad he’s now part of the MCU… plus the fact that it is practically JARVIS in a body. To conclude the character section of the review, we all know how important every character is. They all shape the story one way or another. With such a large amount of characters it could have been overwhelming in a bad way and ruined everything. Of course this is not the case because every character feels as though they deserve to be where they are at every moment. The ensemble cast for Age of Ultron is a mere taster compared to the amount/scale we all need to prepare ourselves for when the Infinity War comes around. I say, the more the merrier!

What I thought of the visuals:
These films are huge and feature so many things that wouldn’t feel right without the right visuals! The films need to use a great deal of motion capture and CGI to make this world believable. There’s only so much you can achieve cosmetically without special effects and to bring such a crazy world to life requires the best of every technical aspect. When the Hulk is crashing his way around it looks believable. Seeing Ultron talk and move with his army of robots looks incredible. Ultron looks disturbingly humanized thanks to visual effects.

Each location in the film provides a unique feel. Sokovia feels bleak and cold… desolated even. Wakanda/Africa has warm tones. Korea has a sort of blue hue to it which is often present in the sci-fi genre which is understandable and fitting for such a technological area. The interior of the Avengers tower well and truly feels like home! You’re comfortably made a part of this facility as though you’re part of the team. In short, it’s easy to depict what area the characters are in and what particular tone this gives.

There are so many great shots of the team working together. The action sequences never get stale because just when we think you’ve seen everything there is to offer, we see something else that leaves us gobsmacked. A great mixture of fast paced action and slow motion breakdowns give us an entertaining insight for every aspect of character interaction.

The whole film was visually stunning but my favorite was the final section. Such an unbelievable and unexpected feat! Just thinking about the things I saw just excites me. The scale of this film was proven ambitious and it’s a relief to see it done so damn well. It’s easy to picture things in your head when you’re telling a story but to bring it to life on screen requires such inventive skill. The film deserves it’s own category above ‘big blockbuster’. The scale of everything is phenomenal and I’m planning to watch this again in cinemas tomorrow!

My final thoughts:
This is, hands down, the best Marvel film to date. I wondered how they could possibly top the first Avengers film and I was happily proven how. It ups the ante and impossibly spawns a new number on the metaphorical intensity dial. It’s mind blowing to see how far these films have got. Sometimes it’s hard to believe they share this cinematic universe but then you’re reminded with the great and long-awaited team-ups. You wait so long for these films and then POOF, you’ve seen it and it’s all over. It’s as though my MCU stomach has been growling for this film for such a long time and now that I have it, I’m as full as full can be yet hungry for more. I have until 2018 for it to digest. Along the way I’m going to be blessed with appetizers, starting with Antman, before my all-you-can-eat Superhero buffet returns for the first part of the Infinity War.

Sometimes people don’t understand why I’m such a huge fan. I just love the fantasy… the whole ‘superhero to the rescue’ ideology- no matter who the character is or how they came to be. What these films have been able to do is grab memorable pages from popular comic books and slap them straight on the big screen in the most flawless and unbeatable ways possible. No matter how crazy and intense the story gets there’s always the underlining feeling of realism even though it’s essentially make-believe. I’m aware these films aren’t everyone’s cup of tea… perhaps it’s the fact that there’s so many intertwining films. For me that’s one of the main reasons why I love them so much. It’s just one huge cinematic story constantly unfolding and maintaining that consistent wow factor. There’s so many genres so it’s impossible to get bored! If I had to find one sentence to sum up my obsession with these films… it’d be escapism. We can sit down and experience an amazing story with a variety of characters in a universe which is familiar yet completely out of this world at the same time. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I just wish I had the opportunity to thank and congratulate everyone that contributed to these films… whether it’s a big role or a small role. For me, these people have single-handedly created the perfect cinematic universe and I’ll watch them for as long as I live with the same amount of excitement every time!

Go watch this film if you yearn for the perfect example of cinematic entertainment!

Thanks for reading my review. If you was somehow skeptical of this film hopefully now you’re putting your running shoes on to see the next showing. I’ll probably do a post in around a weeks time to discuss more spoilery aspects of the film. Don’t worry, I’ll mark it with a ‘[SPOILERS]’ tag so you can stay clear of that if you haven’t seen this masterpiece by then. Bye for now, thanks for 300+ followers…

…Also, this is my 50th post, yay!


  1. Great review! I’m watching this tonight and jumping around with excitement! I love Marvel so much and The Avengers rank as one of my favorite films of all time 😀


  2. Great review! I’m dying to see the movie, but I haven’t been able to yet. I probably won’t end up seeing it for another month or so, and everyone around me has watched or will be watching it soon, so I appreciate the spoiler free review!

    I like that Hawkeye, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch play big parts in the movie. I love Marvel and the Avengers, but there are some great characters in the Marvel universe and I like when they feature different ones.


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