The Movie Maniac is BACK!

Hurrah, I return from hibernation! Well that’s what you’d think anyway. Fact is I’ve been busy with University, other projects, holiday and life in general. I confess, I could have posted bits and bobs but I haven’t and for that I’m sorry. My absence doesn’t mean I’ve been left in the dark with all the latest news- oh no, I still scan the internet high and low for the latest news once, twice, sometimes three times a day!

I’ve got a whole heap of maniacal Marvel movie mews- uh, I mean, news to share and much more! Here’s a taste of some upcoming posts I’m working on:
– Agent Carter Season 1 Review [SPOILER FREE] & Funko POP reveal
– Agent Carter Season 1 Easter Eggs [SPOILERS]
– Ant-Man Trailer and TV Spot Box Set Collection
– Marvel’s Contest of Champions Game Review
– Captain America Civil War Leaked Set Photos Collection
– Captain America: What We Know So Far & Speculations
– LEGO Marvel’s Avengers Videogame Trailer and Gameplay
– MCU Phase 4 Speculations
– Much, much, much more, oh my!

I’m also going to do some sort of recurring Super News Roundup for all the little bits of information from all aspects of Marvel film, TV and more! I’ve got a lot of stuff to do and I can’t wait. Oh, and a personal message to ‘A Tale of Two Dans’, I’m sorry for the wait, can you forgive me and my empty promises?!

So, without further ado…

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