Doctor Strange Concept Art

There’s been two pictures giving us a peek of what to expect in November 2016 for Doctor Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch (eggs benedict cucumber-batch). Check it out!

 A very psychedelic and sci-fi feel to this one, definitely bringing something new to the MCU. Rocking the mustache and goatee.

 The jacket isn’t as colourful and vibrant as the comic version which is reassuring. Wielding the Eye of Agamotto which could have some ties to the soul gem for the sake of the movies? Hmm. I’m pretty sure the Eye could be seen in Odin’s treasure room during the first Thor film but I think that was a mere easter egg- a homage to the item (same goes for the infinity gauntlet loaded with gems which can be seen in there too) because that early on in the films they didn’t know what road they were going to be taking cinematically so it’s best to disregard what treasures you saw in there really. 

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