Marvel’s Contest of Champions Game Review

I’ve noticed the increase of advertisement for this mobile game so being a long time player I thought I’d write a review to hopefully get even more people on board! 

The game is essentially about you being chosen to compete against cosmic rivals using your collection of heroes and villains (champions) against theirs. The contest is hosted by The Collector and features contestants Kang the Conquerer and Thanos. The contest was designed for a hidden characters mere entertainment (their identity will remain a secret to prevent spoilers). You must collect and upgrade champions and fight your way to victory whilst unravelling the mystery of the contest. 


First of all, the game is free! But of course expect the odd pop up offering micro transaction ‘deals & offers’. It depends on how much you’re willing to commit finacially into a game. Some people aim for the best by any means nessersary which means the occasional investment. I myself have never actually paid for any bonus items or in-game currency since I downloaded it almost a year ago and I can happily say I havn’t missed out or been unable to advance through the game! So it’s down to skill and patience- if not, get your wallet out! The game also requires an Internet connection due to the heavy use of multiplayer and non-stop live updates. 


Looking at the home screen you can see a lot of interfaces. As you can see there’s multiple options to choose from. 

‘Fight’ takes you to the main story quests, daily special events and player vs player mini competitions. 

‘Alliance’ shows you your groups daily/weekly challenge progress and allows you to help other members in need. 

‘Crystals’ takes you to the vault where you can buy a variety of crystals using the games diverse selection of currencies. Each type of currency is earned in different ways such as quest completion, mutiplayer wins and alliance assistance. Sometimes you’re rewarded with crystals too by simply playing the game! The contents of the crystals of course differ depending on which type you get. Hero crystals offer 2 star to 4 star characters (yep, you guessed it, obtaining a 4 star character is the rarest thing ever!) Other crystals provide alternate in game currencies and resources such as upgrade material, health and revive potions. You also receive a free material crystal every 4 hours and a free hero crystal every 24 hours to keep you playing! 

‘Champions’ shows you all of your characters. This interface allows you to sell or upgrade your characters. The levelling up system can be confusing at first but it’s easy to get into the swing of things. 

‘Inventory’ shows all of your consumable items that you have so you can review and activate bonuses.
‘Store’ is self explanitory! You can pay from £3.99- £79.99 (sorry, I’m English) and purchase small to big quantities of in game currency to purchase crystals. 

In terms of gameplay and enjoyment, this is very addictive. During the main story quests and special events you select your characters. Note how each champion has a different class. My Hawkeye is ‘Skill’, presented with a red fist, Cyclops and Colossus are ‘Mutants’, presented by a yellow DNA symbol, Electro is ‘Science’, presented by a green vial and my Gamora is ‘cosmic’, presented by a blue planet. The other classes are ‘Mystic’ and ‘Tech’. Each class has their own bonuses and some classes do better/worse against others (kind of like rock, paper, scissors).


The main game interface is similar to a strategic board game where you advance through the ‘battlerealm’ and make it to the boss fight at the end. There are always alternate routes so you’ll be finding yourself replaying the same levels for 100% completion, which can be a drag seeing as though you have to rely on your energy. Your energy is displayed at the top of the screen. 

At first, each space you move equals the use of one energy. Although once you progress far enough, each space you use takes two from you. Some special events take three energies to move one space! This can be tedious as it takes six whole minutes to replenish just one energy. As you level yourself up you gain +1 energy capacity so the grind is ever so eased. You can also require energy refills from crystals so it’s not all doom and gloom, and you can request help from your Alliance and be replenished a faction of your energy. Making your way through the battlerealm you will face a number of champions to fight and sometimes there’s items such as health along the way to help. 

Once you reach a rival, you will have to fight them. The pre-fight interface is very useful and shows you your current health and the odds that you’ll win given by a green/red dial. Before you fight you can look through your characters and choose which one you want to fight. Once you press fight theres no going back! 

Fighting consists of swiping and tapping on the screen. You could try and randomly tap barbarically but that will only get you so far. It’s easy to work out a strategy and method of attack once you get the hang of it. You can do light/heavy attacks, charged knock back attacks and three different special moves, ranging in power! Each character has their own special moves so it’s fun to try them out for the first time. When it comes to rivals too it’s also fun to figure out the best way to dodge their specials or at least prevent a be at amount of damage. Timing is everything but it’s not a giant learning curve so you’ll be enjoying the experience as you go for sure.

When you best your rival you’re always rewarded with XP or upgrade materials- sometimes in game currency too once you beat the level boss and then go back and do the same level 100%. 

The graphics are clean and colourful which fits in with their comic book origins. The game always plays smoothly too so don’t worry about lag. Although, if you get any notifications from other apps they’ll cover up you and your rivals health bars which has actually screwed me over sometimes!

The story is fun as you slowly discover more and more as you go with pop up dialogue scenes between the Collector and his accomplices. There is three acts at the moment but the game teases a fourth act coming soon! There are always new playable champions added to the game and fun multiplayer ‘VS modes’ to try and win them. Ant-Man and YellowJacket are coming soon so I can’t wait to try and get at least one of them! 

In conclusion, the game is addictive and rewarding at times but on the other hand, it can feel like a grind but I guess that depends on your commitment. If you’re a casual player and don’t strive for the best then you won’t feel like you’re waiting forever. If you’re wanting to blast through the game and get the best stuff then prepare yourself for a fairly long wait. To me it hasn’t felt like that much of a drag however, I’ve got a mix of awesome characters and I’ve almost completed the third act in under a year. The constant progressions of your individual characters and yourself ensures that you’ll always feel like your moving foward. If you’re ever stuck I know that there’s plenty of walkthrough’s and guides on the Internet! Alternatively, you could leave a comment here with a question regarding the game and I’ll answer it! Going back to the game itself, overall it’s a fun game and I recommend it to any Marvel or Streetfighter-style game fan. At the moment I’d rate this game: 8/10

– Addictive, fun, rewarding.

– Sometimes a grind, frequently promoting its in-game purchases.


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