Super-News Roundup! 08/07/15

A quick post updating you on recent things that have been revealed within the Marvel realm!

Elodie Yung confirmed to play Elektra in the Netflix show, Daredevil for season 2:

Marisa Tomei said to play Spideys, Aunt May in Captain America Civil War.

Daniel Brühl on set ready to play Baron Zemo in Captain America Civil War:
baron zemo

Winter Soldiers role in Civil War said to be “crucial”:
“He has to get everyone on his side by the end of this movie, because his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to get a lot bigger”- Russo Brothers (one of them at least… unless they both said the exact same words at the same time).

‘WHiH Newsfront’ promo news channel dunks us deeper into the MCU:

News crawl at the bottom refers to an earthquake in South Africa (civil war) & Jane Foster and her trip to Asgard.

X-Men Apocalypse said to wrap up old storylines and be a new beginning for the X-Men Film series with new characters.

Fantastic Four already confirmed to get a sequel (no one saw that coming!)

Marvel/Funko Collector Corps August Box announced- Secret Wars:

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