With its films in the double figures and TV shows popping out of every orifice the MCU has to offer, you can’t attach a new limb to the cinematic beast without there being any ties to anything else! This limb being set in the 1940’s, long before anything! Other than the first Captain America film of course. Agent Carter is like a doughnut full to the brim with easter egg flavored jam so let’s get started!

1. A big one to start off with is Howards self sustaining energy jacket which had a bit of an exploding issue. He obviously went on and perfected it which we saw in the first Iron-Man film which was then made miniature by Tony to stop the shrapnel ever reaching his heart whilst he was being held captive by the Ten Rings.


2. We also see more of Black Widows origin by seeing where the children were raised to be assassins. We see how they were trained and how they were essentially brainwashed to be killing machines from a young age. One of the main villains, Dottie, could be seen as a 1940’s version of Black Widow.


3. There’s loads of references to Captain America of course but the main one regards his blood. Howard obtains the last of it and is given to Peggy at the end of the series. She gives Cap a long awaited send off and pours it into the sea which in turn is the reason failed replicants such as The Hulk, Abomination and the Deathlok programme in Agents of SHIELD exist. It’s crazy how one action alters the effects of the future. We’d have no Bruce Banner Hulk accident if the military had Steve’s blood. Of course it’s a good thing the blood was trashed to avoid it getting into the wrong hands.


4. Once the main villain, Doctor Faustus is behind bars we see him interact with another inmate, Doctor Arnim Zola from the Captain America films. We know Zola hid inside of SHIELD and created the Winter Soldier and knowing that Faustus had mind control powers it’s clear to see how he assisted in the brainwashing aspect of Bucky throughout his many assassination years. So Zola essentially converted Faustus from Leviathan to Hydra. Seriously, who let these two stay in the same jail cell?


5. Another thing about Doctor Faustus is the way he mind controls. He has a ring on his finger that he touches which has led many people to believe that it may in fact be one of the ten rings of the Mandarin! ‘The Liar’ ring can control the mind of victims and create illusions which Faustus’ ring did on multiple occasions. We know that The Mandarin in Iron-Man 3 was a fake but that doesn’t mean that The Mandarin isn’t a real person. If you watch Marvel’s One-Shot: All Hail the King, you discover that there is in fact a real Mandarin so the rings must exist!


6. Obviously you can’t leave Stan Lee out! He’s seen getting his shoes shined next to Howard reading a newspaper.


Other Mentions:
– If you somehow didn’t know, Howard’s butler, Jarvis was the inspiration behind Tony’s AI assistant.
– The fact that Peggy and Howard are so close means that she may have had a role in babysitting mini Tony back in the day. Perhaps we see him as an Iron-Baby during season 2 if the time era is relevant for Tony Starks age. If not, we may hear a reference of Tony during Ant-Man during Hank Pyms early SHIELD days.
– We saw Hugh Jones, owner of Roxxon who in the comics is the leader of the Serpent Society (which Captain America 3 was going to be called). Roxxon was also labelled responsible for Howards future death which of course is a lie and was covered up…Winter Soldier!
– Anton Vanko is seen at the SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve). His son, Ivan Vanko (Whiplash from Iron-Man 2) claims that the Stark family stole the Arc Reactor technology due to the fact Anton and Howard worked on it together. Well Ivan, if your dad didn’t go behind Howards back he wouldn’t have been labelled a dishonorable traitor and deported back to Russia would he?!
– Lastly we got to see Peggy team up with the Howling Commandos, Captain Americas personal team of Hydra butt-kickers.

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