Daredevil has been out for a while now but I never got round to making an easter egg post. I made one for Agent Carter yesterday (WHICH YOU CAN CHECK OUT HERE) so I thought I should get my act together. Don’t be put off by the fact that it’s a Netflix Exclusive TV series, the show is swimming in MCU easter eggs. In fact, if you’re not a strong swimmer you might wanna stay in the shallow end because we’re gonna be diving deep!

1. Matt’s father, Battlin’ Jack Murdock is set to fight Carl the Crusher Creel in a poster advertisement. Carl Creel later transforms into the Absorbing Man in Agents of SHIELD.


2. Elektra could may have been mentioned in a flashback segment where Foggy claims that Matt only took Greek class in college to date someone. That Greek girl being a prelude to what obstacles Matt will be facing in season 2. This homage payment may have been long before they planned to bring Elektra in so if her origins don’t match up with this college girl then don’t worry, disregard it just like the Infinity Gauntlet in the first Thor film!


3. At the end of the ‘Stick’ episode we see Stick consulting with a rather large and scarred beast of a man. Although we don’t see his face, most people believe that it’s Sticks right hand man, Stone. Sticks and Stones will certainly break your bones! Nothing more was revealed about this side story but I’m certain we’ll see more of Stone in the future.


4. That Stick episode offered us an insight for the bigger picture which I’m guessing will be picked up in the Iron Fist series. Stick wants to kill a weaponised child code-named, ‘Black Sky’ which is in The Hand’s possession. This weapon is unknown at the moment but Stick doesn’t want The Hand Clan to get their hands on its power!


5. Turns out that Skye from Agents of SHIELD was also from St Agnes Orphanage just like Matt Murdock. I wonder if they knew each other?


6. The ridiculous villain, Stilt-Man (no imagination required) is teased in the Melvin’s workshop as you can see a pair of stupid stilts in the background. Melvin himself becomes The Gladiator which is also teased by blueprints of his signature hand-saw-thingies and a print of his chest emblem. Whether or not he’ll actually become The Gladiator is unknown.


7. Leland Owlsley in the comics is also known as, The Owl. Some versions of the character can actually fly which I think is the reason they gave the character a death by falling just to confirm he can’t actually fly!


8. The Battle of New York from the first Avengers movie is shown in a framed newspaper article. There is also another framed article with the title, ‘Harlem Terror’ which refers to The Hulks and The Abominations final showdown from The Incredible Hulk movie.


9. The Steel Serpent, an enemy from the Iron Fist comics is shown as their emblem is labelled on the packs of heroin which Madame Gao is in charge of.


10. It seems as though Madame Gao will be playing a bigger role at a later date seeing as though she is the only one of Kingpin’s lieutenants that didn’t die. She showed off her surprisingly powerful palm punch which shows that there’s more than meets the eye with her. My guess is that she is perhaps Crane Mother, ruler of an ancient civilization and will make a reappearance in the upcoming Iron Fist series.


11. Stan-Lee in an employee of the month frame down at the police department!


Other Mentions:
– His first (not very useful) outfit/costume is a clear copy from the Daredevil comic series, ‘The Man Without Fear’ which consisted of black shirt, trousers and a bandanna covering his eyes.
– Karen Page hints at her darker past numerous times throughout the series. In the comics she becomes a drug addict, has a crazy father and a bucket load of audacious lies were made about her.
– Matt Murdock is given the name, ‘Mike’ by his helpful Night Nurse friend (who is also a character from Marvel Comics). The name Mike is a nod to the comics when Matt pretended to be his (fake) twin brother called Mike to throw people off his masked vigilante scent.
– Kingpin’s love interest, Vanessa mentions that she was once seduced by a man in a white suit and an ascot which of course was Kingpins signature comic book outfit. The two then joke about it and say how stupid an outfit like that is. So I’m guessing we’ll never see that signature look!
– Stick spoke subtly about an upcoming ‘war’ of some kind which could very well be his clan, The Chaste vs rival clan, The Hand. I think we’ll be seeing more of these rivaling clans in the future.
– Foggy mentions that Hell’s Kitchen is in disrepair after the Chitauri invasion from the first Avengers film.
– The sniper hired by Kingpin seemed to be carrying an Ace of Spades playing card in his sniper rifle bag. This isn’t confirmed to be an actual playing card because it’s hard to tell but if it is then that means that this villainous marksman could be Bullseye, one of Daredevils biggest foes.

That’s all for today! If you haven’t read my spoiler-free review of Daredevil you can CHECK IT OUT HERE. Thanks for reading.

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