Which Heroes/Villains would you like to see in the MCU?

The whole of phase 3 was confirmed ages ago so we can kind of guess who we’ll be seeing up until Inhumans in 2019. That being said, the upcoming villains are unknown for the most part. It’s all up for speculation at the moment! Plus, phase 4 will most likely introduce some newcomers. Thinking about the heroes and villains that could be added to the MCU requires you to think with some plausibility. For example, Fox’s X-Men franchise is separate so it’s no good hoping to see someone like Wolverine pop up in, I don’t know, Avengers 4! Keeping aside any dreams of seeing any X-Men characters in the MCU, which characters will you hope to see? That includes any Netflix adaptations! For now, here’s my top picks in no particular order!

1. Taskmaster:
Tony Masters is the master of mastering. With an insane photographic memory and killer skills with almost any weapon, he can be a dangerous villain! He uses his memory and mimicking abilities to replicate his opponents fighting styles to find the best method of counter-attack.
He can offer a diverse amount of fighting opportunities which would provide a variety of action scenes, he can appear as a villain in almost any upcoming MCU film, he’s always adapting so he can be a continuous threat throughout a span of films.
His mask is a skull and the MCU is already full of skull-related characters (Red Skull, Punisher and Crossbones), I couldn’t imagine him to be a cosmic threat so he’s grounded as an Earth villain in my eyes.

2. Moonknight:
Mark Spector believes he’s an avatar of the Egyptian God of Vengeance. The moon loon is a little troubled in the head but is still a great fighter. Depending on the phases of the moon, his strength, reflexes and endurance are amplified. I wouldn’t want to fight him during a full moon!
I think his outfit is cool, I can see him being a part of the darker toned Netflix series’ because of his troubling mental health and brutality, he’s an odd but different character to include in the MCU.
I can’t think of any!

3. Symbiotes (Venom and Carnage in particular):
Now that Sony have finally teamed up with Marvel, this means that the whole Spider-Man universe can be added into the MCU! The symbiotes are extra-terrestrial and take over the bodies of numerous characters. Carnage and Venom are the main ones of course, and my favorites.
They can be introduced in any of the films (earth-bound or cosmic), redemption can be made after a lot of dislike to Spider-Man 3’s Venom attempt, they can be a continuous threat especially if the new Spider-Man films are set to be a trilogy.
Once we’ve seen more than one symbiote it may get a little repetitive if Venom produces Carnage and so on, they would require a lot of motion capture and CGI so it could be difficult making them ‘realistic’.

4. Kang the Conqueror:
As the name implies, Kang sets out to conquer. He wants to rule the universe during every moment in history as well as alternate timelines. He is a powerful genius who can rival all of Marvel’s big shots such as Thanos because of his access to technology from every century.
If Thanos is beaten at the end of Phase 3 then Kang could be an even bigger threat for phase 4, he could introduce the Time Stone before or during the Infinity War, he can offer a unique style of film which sends the Avengers on a time travelling roller coaster.
There is a sense of realism for the films so he may be a little too over-powered unless he’s down-graded, people might be getting bored of purple and blue colored villains by phase 4 (I’m not being racist).

Nah, I’m just kidding.

Well that was my top pick! Let me know who YOU would like to see in the MCU in the comments. Bye for now…

8 thoughts on “Which Heroes/Villains would you like to see in the MCU?

  1. More characters who aren’t straight white men.

    Moondragon and Phylla-Vell, openly in a relationship. Monica Rambeau. White Tiger (any version). Shang-Chi. The Agents of Atlas. Just . . . more characters who aren’t straight white men. We have more than enough of them. We need more diversity.

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