It’s all good sitting back and watching superheroes punch, kick and fly… and shrink and grow and shoot and run really fast… and conduct electricity, ride motorbikes, swing on webs… oh and talk, don’t forget talk. There’s only so much awe a film can create with mere visuals. Sound/music plays an incredibly important part when it comes to any film, not just the superhero genre. Music for me has to give me goosebumps or else it’s failed to portray whatever the scene was going for. Marvel (not just the MCU) has a lot of films under their many metaphorical belts- some are better than others and sometimes, the way I rate a movie can come down to the soundtrack! So, here’s my top 5 soundtracks, mostly from the MCU but all of which from the array of Marvel films from the last 10 years.

5. At number five we have, Guardians of the Galaxy. No, I’m not talking about Quills ‘Awesome Mix’. Although, that was a pretty good mix, I’m talking about the films musical score! Minus Thor, this is the MCU’s first actual cosmic outing to this extent. We needed a soundtrack that could capture the science fiction and the galactic adventure as well as the formation of a new team of outlandish superheroes. Similar to the Avengers main theme (yeah, you know which one- Duuuuh, Duh-Duh, Da-Duuuh, Da-Da-Da-Duh!), Guardians of the Galaxy has a catchy, upbeat and triumphant score. It was important that it didn’t just copy the Avengers and I feel as though it didn’t.

Listen here:

4. Yes, I mentioned the Avengers main theme so you could have probably guessed it would be on the list. This was the first film the MCU collection that managed to give me goosebumps simply because of the music! I think it’s amazing. We have a giant ensemble of heroes, all of which have debuted in their own stand-alone films with their own iconic scores. Now that we finally see them all together we get what is essentially a mash up of their signature theme tunes. We hear heroic trumpets when ever Captain America is on screen, we get a technological collection of stringed instruments when we see Iron-Man. When they’re all together in a circle, they require a score that gives all of their signature styles justice as well as composing something completely unheard. This soundtrack might only be number 4 on my list, but the Avengers ‘assemble’ theme song is my all time favorite.

Listen here:

3. Leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a moment here, at number three we have The Amazing Spiderman 2. Oh my, Hans Zimmer… you musical god. I love this soundtrack because it’s a huge step up from the first Amazing Spiderman film and it fits greatly with this bigger and better Spidey and a much more formidable villain. Okay, okay, not so many people liked this film too much but let’s not disregard the amazing music please. I love the fusion of abrupt electronic dub-step to emphasize Electros craziness. Spidermans theme tune when he flies onto the screen is killer! It sounds like such a classic, trumpet-filled entrance song that fits perfectly with a superhero. Overall, the soundtrack weaves in and out of a chilling beat ready to snap into crescendo at any moment and I think it works great.

Listen here:

2. Back to the MCU now, with Avengers Age of Ultron. I love the evolution of the Avengers theme as well as a whole new feel and tone. With Ultron now the biggest global threat in existence, the music goes down a techno-thriller route and it merges well with the powerful Avengers theme we all know and love. With the ensemble cast growing even larger, the soundtrack needed juicing up and it did. The music spills out a whole lot of diverse emotion with the occasional chill down the spine. There is moments of amazement and then there is moments of sadness… no matter what’s happening on screen, the music backs it up well. I also love the occasional synth and chime jingles. I wasn’t expecting the soundtrack to be such a step-up to the first Avengers, but I was left gobsmacked, well and truly.

Listen here:

1. Get those trumpets out, it’s Captain America the Winter soldier as my number one soundtrack! Wow, wow, wow, I don’t think anyone was expecting the second Captain America film to be THIS GOOD. For most people, Cap went from everyone’s least favorite hero to everyone’s favorite! You can thank the music for this, not just the film. The Russo Brothers made an incredible superhero movie that stands out for all the right reasons, and the same can be said for its soundtrack. The thriller genre is evident throughout whenever we hear the eerie screeches the Winter Soldier leaves behind. It morphs well with Caps iconic triumphant trumpet tune. The soundtrack is fast-paced and gives my goosebumps goosebumps! There’s a mix of haunting retro-techno and loud crashes whenever the heroes and villains clash. There’s strong action, stealth and conflict of the verbal kind which the music constantly adapts to. Cap is essentially on the run for the most part of the film and the fast paced style of music emphasizes this. This soundtrack is gonna be hard to beat in my eyes!

Listen here:

Honorable mention goes to Ant-Man, he was so close to making the cut! So, that was my top five. Agree, disagree? I DON’T CARE! Nah, I’m just kidding… let me know what your favorite soundtracks are. They don’t have to be Marvel!

5 thoughts on “SUPER SOUNDTRACKS! My top 5:

  1. Agree that Winter Soldier had the best original score of any MCU movie so far, but I think that the older super-hero franchises generally had better music than any MCU movie: Tim Burton’s Batman films, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, and the 2000-2006 X-Men movies all had very memorable scores.

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  2. I totally agree with Captain America: Winter Soldier . . . but X-men: First Class, X-men Origins: Wolverine (music somewhat makes up for the movie), and I know it’s not Marvel but Hans Zimmer’s Man of Steel are all amazing.

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