My (very thorough) ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Teaser Trailer Breakdown!

This trailer has been long awaited by many fans like myself. Upon watching the trailer a billion times, I’ve took it upon myself to do the most thorough trailer breakdown you’ll ever lay your eyes on! If you read my Age of Ultron breakdown then you’ll know what I mean.

Jumping, explosions, ass-whooping- this trailer has it all! I stayed up till 5 in the morning to see the trailer premier as I’m actually from the UK so perhaps that emphasizes how badly I’ve been waiting. There’s so many emotions when I watched… so lets do this frame-by-frame to evaluate and speculate. Apologies if my breakdown has taken longer to be released than everyone else’s… I wanted to make sure I left no stone unturned. Okay, we’ve wasted enough time already, let’s get into it! (Side note- I almost had a heart attack and I swear I could feel my body about to explode into marvel confetti when I watched this…)

1. Unlucky Bucky
The trailer opens with this run down warehouse looking environment. Where they are is unknown, but it seems like Bucky is there against his will. His metal arm is clamped in a vice-like device. Who could have done this to him? It might be easy to assume, Iron-Man or the Government stuck him there but there’s a strong chance it isn’t. If you’re awesome like me then you’ve seen the Ant-Man end credit scene which is actually another snippet from this same scene where Bucky whimpers the word, “help”. To eliminate culprits, that one word makes me believe that Cap and Falcon have found him like that. It’s a difficult one to figure out for sure! I sway between who it is but given the little evidence there is, for now, I’m going to say Crossbones and his merry men (Baron Zemo might be in charge of this). I think this is the best possible culprit because apparently in the D23 footage that was shown, Crossbones was the person that told Cap that Bucky remembers who he was. So surely Zemo and Crossbones have him captive. Maybe Crossbones told him this to lure him in so he would come running to Bucky and then ambush at the warehouse!


2. Cap looking rough
The next shot is of Steve in rather dirty clothes. He may have just fought his way into the warehouse or he hasn’t had time to change since ‘yesterdays’ incident. REMEMBER STEVE’S CLOTHES FOR LATER! Moving on, Cap says, “Buck… Do you remember me?”. You all should know why he’s asking that- If not then get out of my sight and watch Captain America The Winter Soldier. Okay, all the newbies gone? Great, so anyway I think Cap is requiring clarification to Crossbones’ accusation when he stated that Bucky remembers in the D23 Footage.


3. He remembers!
“Your Moms name is Sarah… You used to put newspapers in your shoes”. This is the clarification Cap was looking for! It’s not exactly clear as to what triggers Bucky to remember who he is… There probably isn’t anything in particular that helps him remember other than having some peace and quiet and a long time to think and regain his memory. Of course, in The Winter Soldier end credit scene we saw Bucky checking out the Captain America exhibit at the Smithsonian. Ever since that occasion he’s probably been in hiding and slowly getting his memory back. The reason that Baron Zemo has allowed Bucky to keep his memory is unknown. Perhaps he’s remembered too much to be brainwashed like old times. Or maybe they (Hydra/Zemo) don’t require the Winter Soldiers services anymore so his death is perhaps imminent hence why Cap is there to save him.


4. A sigh of relief
Although everything seems dark and serious right now, Cap is still able to pop an emotional smile. I can only begin to imagine how happy Steve is right now- finally having his old friend back. Hey, don’t worry Falcon, he’s still your friend! This is the last shot of the warehouse so who knows what happens next. Time to speculate… with the help of Ant-Man’s end credit scene! When the two of them enter the warehouse Falcon says, “this would have been a whole lot easier a week ago” (referring to the new superhero registration that has gone into effect). Cap replies, “If we call Tony”. Falcon, “Nah he wont believe us”. Cap, “Even if he did-“. Falcon, “Who knows if The Accords would let him help” (again, referring to the registration). Cap, “We’re on our own”. Falcon, “Maybe not… I know a guy” (referring to Ant-Man). So in regards to what happens next, my only guess is that they’re going to call in Ant-Man to help free Bucky. Also, I believe there’s a reason as to why Cap and Falcon aren’t wearing their suits which I’ll talk about further into the breakdown.


5. Establishing shot
“You’re a wanted man” says Cap to Bucky in a voice over. This is obviously understandable given the fact that the Winter Soldier has shaped the course of history in Hydras favor for over 70 years by sabotaging and assassinating. It’s imperative that Cap keeps Bucky safe because if the Government got their hands on him first then he’d be as good as dead. Anyway, this shot is of some sort of important United Nations building. You can tell by all of the flags below and the shot coming up after this one. I’m presuming this is where all of the superheroes go to sign The Accords as important people discuss what is to come of them. I will be referring to this building later on.


6. BOOM!
So this next shot is from the inside of the building whilst a huge explosion goes off inside of a crowded room full of presumably important people. Having Cap say, “you’re a wanted man” to Bucky as this explosion happens makes it seem like Bucky is to blame but I don’t think it is. Perhaps who ever did this wanted to frame Bucky which would amp up the governments hunt for him. If they don’t want to frame Bucky then perhaps some other potentially dangerous person like Scarlet Witch. This explosion is going to cause chaos that’s for sure. In the comics a group of rookie superheroes accidentally cause the death of thousands of civilians which is what starts the Registration. This explosion could be the movie version of that where the government building is destroyed and people only have superheroes to blame. My guess is that this is the work of Baron Zemo- causing rifts and turmoil to cleverly divide the viewpoints of many… Why fight the Avengers when you can make them fight themselves right? With the Avengers no more and superheroes controlled by the government (which I’m guessing he’ll want to be in charge of) he’ll be the boss of everybody and he’ll be able to rule the world with ease.


7. A worried Falcon
I think Sam is currently stood outside of the building that just exploded. Everyone is running around panicking so they seem to be evacuating and fleeing the building. If Falcon was in there then I’m guessing there was a few other superheroes in there too, including Cap. I think Cap is perusing somebody inside of the building and I’ll tell you why when we get to the right scene. Bucky replies to Cap in voice over, “I don’t do that anymore” which reinforces the fact that Bucky is back to normal and has no ties with this government building incident.


8. Here they come… or do they?
Over the next few shots Cap replies to Bucky, “Well the people that think you DID are coming for you right now”. Firstly, it’s easy to assume that Cap would say “the people that think you DO”… not, “the people that think you DID”. You’re going to find out that trailers don’t always have a linear story telling and that goes for the dialogue too. Editors cleverly mash up different scenes and dialogue to provide, I guess you can say ‘fake’ interpretations of what’s happening. They do this to help summarize the trailers and keep them simple and also so they don’t give everything away. When Bucky said, “I don’t do that anymore” we were made to believe that Cap was telling Bucky that people still think he DOES… but Cap said, “the people that think you DID” so that segment of dialogue is talking about a specific incident which people blame Bucky for… which is that government building explosion! So this reinforces my idea that people are blaming Bucky for the explosion. The warehouse scene may be a race against time to get Bucky out of there before very angry members of the government get there first. Anyway, this next shot shows Crossbones and his team of bad guys infiltrating the IFID building in Africa (Institute For Infectious Diseases). I know it’s that building because of another shot later on. Again, this is another example of how editors manipulate our interpretations with trailers. Just because Cap said they’re coming for you right now whilst we’re shown Crossbones raid the IFID doesn’t mean we should put the two together. This isn’t outside of the warehouse and Crossbones isn’t moments away from bursting in so try to disregard that for a moment as we discuss what Crossbones current motives are. Why would he be wanting to break into somewhere like this? I believe he’s possibly stealing some sort of dangerous disease to use for some sort of biochemical warfare… but I wouldn’t bother thinking about this too much… simply because a lot of people believe that this Crossbones Africa scene will be at the beginning of the movie and will only serve as a fun, action packed introduction: Crossbones threatens IFID, a handful of Avengers are on hand to stop him, Crossbones causes civilian casualties and the government get angry.


9. Here they actually come…
This shot as well as a couple of other police shots are shown straight after we see Crossbones in Africa so the editors of the trailer are once again making us think that the gunmen in Africa are part of this same scene of breaching police men which isn’t the case. Trailers are fast so you instantly assume that shots go together! So to clarify, the IFID Crossbones raid and this Police breach are totally different. Given the fact that ‘Polizei’ is the German word for Police and the fact they have a German flag on their uniform indicates that this breaching scene is in Germany (duh). These guys are legitimately coming after Bucky unlike the previous shot of Crossbones. I wonder how they knew Cap was hiding Bucky in this German hotel. More importantly, why are they in Germany? Maybe that’s where the warehouse was located or perhaps they have a lead on Baron Zemo. After all, Zemo is Hydra and Hydra started in Germany. Cap voice overs to Bucky, “they’re not planning on taking you alive” which explains the fact the Polizei are armed and all the more reason for Cap to keep Bucky safe. Further on we see Cap fighting off the Polizei as Bucky makes his escape…


10. He’d rather fall and die than be killed it seems…
Okay, I’ve done my fair share of death-defying roof jumps in my time so I know an impossible one when I see one! It’s hard to tell if he’s going to make it or if Falcon will whiz by and catch him. We haven’t seen any sign of Falcon in these Germany scenes so it’s difficult to know if Cap and Bucky are with anyone else at this moment in time. I think if he does make the jump it’ll be a close one! His metal arm will provide him with the necessary grip and strength to hold on and climb up to side of that car park. REMEMBER WHAT BUCKY IS WEARING FOR LATER! It’s unclear if Cap follows him down across the roof or if he stays in the hotel room and keeps the Polizei busy and catches up to him later.


11. Who’s in the helicopter?
Like I’ve stressed before, trailers can lie! The shot after this shows Thaddeus Ross which implies that he’s the one arriving in this helicopter. Chances are it very well is but keep in mind that it might not be. Secondly, where is it going? Judging by those waves the weather isn’t too great and they’re travelling over deep water. I don’t want to speculate so I guess it’s easiest to simply assume this is actually Thaddeus for now. Side note, from now on throughout the trailer, the musical score is beautiful and fantastic!


12. Remember this guy?
If you don’t know who this man is then you’re not as big as a MCU fan as you should be. This is General Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross. He was first seen and last seen in The Incredible Hulk movie which was a long time ago in the MCU. I could go on about how awesome I think it is that they’ve brought this character back after such a long time but I’m here to breakdown, not react I’m afraid! It’s unclear if Thaddeus is still a General of the US Army or if he’s gotten a little too old for chasing Hulks and he has a cute office job now instead. Either way, it’s clear he’s still working with the government. You’ll actually notice on the shot after this one he’s wearing something different so they’re two different scenes. This scene looks like he’s actually walking to a helipad rather than just getting off of one. Perhaps the helicopter shot just before this one is actually set AFTER this shot and Thaddeus is just about to board that very helicopter. Trailers man, they’re never straight forward! In the comics, Thaddeus spends most of his time trying to put an end to the Hulk, which was obviously his role in The Incredible Hulk film, but my point is that in the comics he actually becomes the Red Hulk so he has a fighting chance against Bruce Banner. I don’t think the movie version Thaddeus will become the Red Hulk but I’m sure Marvel will include some sort of Hulk-like easter egg when he’s talking to The Avengers.


13. Super jump kick!
During the next couple of shots we get a voice over from Thaddeus, “Captain, while a great many people see you as a hero… there are some who prefer the word, vigilante”. This has been a running theme throughout all of the MCU films so far really- you have a handful of people that praise The Avengers’ hard work and you have the realists that question their morals and question their limitations. The notion of consequence and collateral damage has been floating around all of the previous films so it was only a matter of time until the government thought enough was enough. It’s not completely audacious for the government to want to implement some sort of regulation scheme… especially after the chaos from the Age of Ultron and that explosion from earlier on in the trailer. In regards to the actual shot, this is Cap in that IFID scene in Africa obviously perusing Crossbones and his men. I can imagine Falcon flying around, Scarlet Witch witching around and Black Widow widowing around the building too seeing as though they were said to be in the same scene during the D23 footage.


14. No time to sit around and gawp
This is part of the same Africa scene. We get a close up of his suit where you can see the red lines are no longer going towards the star like they were in Age of Ultron, they’re just blue now instead. Apparently Cap is said to be getting his iconic chain mail/scaled armor like in the comics after people saw a leaked concept photo. It’s clear to see that this isn’t the case but perhaps he gets that later. Is it just me or is there a bit of damage to his shield? I don’t think that’s part of the arm strap- it seems too close to the rim of the shield. Maybe it’s wear and tear from whacking people with it all the time.


15. The new, new Avengers HQ
Yeah, this isn’t the same one we saw at the end of Age of Ultron. Maybe the birth of the new Avengers HQ was the beginning of a number of other HQ’s being built around New York. In fact, who’s to say this is in America? Maybe this is an international HQ… chances are it’s in America but still.


16. Thaddeus doesn’t seem pleased…
Seeing as though this shot comes straight after the shot of the Avengers HQ it makes you think that this meeting is being held in there but remember it might not be… but I’m 99% sure it is anyway. Like I said, Thaddeus is wearing different clothes to the earlier shot so those are two different scenes. Not much to say about this shot, we already discussed his dialogue leading up to this… but he does say some more soon.


17. And neither does Cap
Present at this meeting is Black Widow, Cap, Falcon and Scarlet Witch as they listen to what Thaddeus has to say in regards to regulating superhero activity. There may be other Avengers present but I’m sure it’s just those. I think what Thaddeus has to say is bad news to any superhero- being told that your heroism isn’t good enough how it is, regardless of how many times you’ve saved the world. There may be more in this scene which shows Thaddeus discussing more into the new rules and possibly talk about the location of Bucky. All Cap can do is sit and listen, knowing that the government have him and his friends under their thumb. This will probably be one of the early points of division where Black Widow agrees with the government for her own reasons and Cap storms off in a rage.


18. Now you see me
This shot and the next is totally out of context in regards to Thaddeus’ voice over. This shot shows Bucky in Italy according to that Pharmacy behind him. It’s odd that there aren’t any other shots in this trailer that I can pick out to be in Italy. He’s wearing the same clothes as he was in Germany. So, what did he do? Did he escape from Germany to Italy? Or did he leave Italy and almost get caught in Germany only to escape? It’s difficult to know where he was first. For all we know this could be a flashback showing Bucky roaming around for answers. At the end of this shot a van goes by and when the van goes out of shot Bucky has vanished. Was he waiting to be picked up by that specific truck or was he waiting for a random one to go by so he can do that cool magic trick? Anyway, in regards to Thaddeus’ current voice over, “You’ve operated with unlimited power and no supervision” this is completely true so no wonder the world’s leaders are afraid of their capabilities. The only way the government can still feel safe and in charge is to control these super humans.


19. Enjoying the view
In typical trailer fashion, we’re lead to believe that this is Caps reaction to seeing Bucky in the streets below as seen in the previous shot… but I think this shot of Cap is in that German hotel room. I think he’s simply looking out for that incoming swarm of Polizei. This confirms that they’re wanting to be in Germany without anyone knowing and the fact he’s fully suited means he’s expecting a fight any time soon.


20. Please read all of the terms and conditions before accepting
Wow, that’s a pretty thick document! Let’s hope Wanda’s English is good enough to read the entirety of that. Yes, I think it is Scarlet Witch simply because of the rings on the fingers… if you remember back to Age of Ultron she enjoyed sporting various rings and other bits of jewelry. The front page reads, ‘The Sokovia Accords- Framework for the Registration and Management of Enhanced Individuals’. Basically a fancy way of saying, ‘we own you now’. Throughout the movie this will be referred to simply as The Accords. All superheroes are required to comply with it or else they can no longer operate as a superhero. With this document tied onto you, you officially work for the government and they can use you as they see fit. They could legitimately use you as a hero or they can use you as a weapon of mass destruction. Nuclear warfare is now a thing of the past! I believe the logo on the front page is the UN (United Nations) so it’s not just a scheme incorporated solely by the US government, it’s also other countries part of the UN. Thaddeus goes on to say, “This is something the world can no longer tolerate”. The world has had enough of you superheroes! Stop trying to save everybody all the time, gosh! No but on a serious note, I agree with what the UN are saying. Tony Stark built a robot which tore a city out of the ground and put everyone living there in danger. Hundreds of thousands of homes destroyed in an instant. Cap laid waste to three hellicarriers in the middle of Washington DC… that could have gone a whole lot worse. There’s so many super humans popping up in the world that there needs to be a system. At the end of the day, heroes create villains and whatever abilities a hero can obtain, what’s stopping someone evil obtaining the same thing? So on one hand I can totally accept what the government are wanting to do but on the other, it doesn’t take a genius to know that this system can be easily corrupted plus we know Cap doesn’t enjoy being regulated after what happened with SHIELD… especially now that he needs to find and help his friend.


21. Time to think
Firstly, you should notice that this is a different location to the one we saw a moment ago. He’s wearing the same shirt but he’s sat in a different room and on a different seat. Could this be Caps place in Brooklyn he was hinting towards in Age of Ultron? If so, nice house. Even if it isn’t his flat, it still seems less formal than the previous location. That might be Falcon behind him so perhaps the two of them are discussing their thoughts and views on The Accords with some afternoon tea over at Caps place. I think they’ve found the location of Bucky (in the warehouse) and they need to decide whether to go ahead with the plan or not. He knows once he denies The Accords there’ll be no going back.


22. No time to lose!
“I know how much Bucky means to you” said by Black Widow in voice over. We see Bucky himself zooming rapidly through traffic and tunnels. He’s wearing the same clothes as he was in the Italy vanishing scene and the Germany escape scene so is he in Germany right now or Italy? The number plates on the cars are too small to figure out which country so keep in mind this is either Germany or Italy. I doubt he owns that motorbike. He more than likely stole it so he must be in a desperate hurry to travel this fast… maybe someones chasing him? *Cough, cough, Black Panther!* what?


23. Staircase contemplation
Black Widows dialogue continues with, “Stay out of this one… please”. She clearly knows the trouble and danger Cap would be getting himself into. She herself is on Iron-Man’s team so I’m 99% sure she has signed The Accords. I don’t blame her… she wasn’t always on the good side so the government could drag her down and lock her up for her past (which I’ll remind you was completely exposed after the fall of SHIELD). She doesn’t want to see Cap killed over an old friend. This shot of him stood on the stair case is probably after the meeting with Thaddeus. He probably needs a moment to think and breathe after hearing what’s going to happen. This film is certainly going to be dark at some points. Who would expect ‘the star spangled man with a plan’ to go rogue? I like the composition of this shot, do you think it represents Caps consequences? ‘Behind bars’…


24. Troubled Widow
“You’ll only make this worse” she says. So it seems that The Accords and Bucky is already in enough of a shambles as it is. When she says that things will get worse it’ll be in regards to Cap going against the government. The first thing the UN would say is, “see… this is why superheroes can’t be trusted!” and who knows what their course of action would be. Everything seems to be very delicate and hanging on by a threat at the moment so expect a lot of tension! I think the Russo Brothers learnt from their mistake and gave Black Widow a better hairstyle because not many people were a fan of the straight ginger style. But hey, it’s just a film, who cares about hair that much?.. unless it contributes towards the plot… everyone could be bald for all I care! She’s wearing a fancy suit which means she’s probably been to a boring government meeting. Perhaps she didn’t sign The Accords right away during the Thaddeus scene which is what she might have been doing earlier on in this scene. We might be going into potential spoiler territory right now so I’ll put some ‘*’ around it so that section is an optional read… *Apparently Black Widow will be a double agent in this film which means she’ll be working with Stark at first only to betray him and fill Cap in on his dirty secrets. If this is the case, I don’t know whether this will be evident throughout the film or if it will be a surprise plot twist. Either way, you’ve read this now so if it’s true then say goodbye to that surprise!*. Okay no more potential spoiler, you’re safe. Lastly, is that a fire truck behind her? Has there been another explosion or similar catastrophe? Have a good look at her surroundings and then check out this next shot…


25. Probably Cap’s first ever mobile phone
Yeah, it’s obvious they’re both talking on the phone to each other but when I said look at the surroundings in the previous shot, I said it because I think they’re probably stood a couple of meters away from one another because his surroundings look rather similar. Cap may have gone into hiding at this point or simply keeping his head low (which explains the hat and sunglasses). This might mean that the two of them shouldn’t be caught talking to each other… now that she has sided with the government and he hasn’t. I can imagine her walking by and seeing him stood there doing a terrible job at being incognito and then ringing him to tell him to stop. Anyway, if they are indeed in the same location and that is a fire truck behind Black Widow which indicates an incident… when she said, “stay out of this one” she might have meant that in regards to whatever is going on in the background. Who knows, I’m only 20% sure about this theory. Cap replies to her with, “You saying you’ll arrest me?” like wow, Cap aint scared! He knows full well what the consequences are but he seems to be putting his and her friendship to the test… perhaps to try and sway her to join his side instead of the governments.


26. Naughty Cap
Looks like he’s just been arrested! Thaddeus voice overs with, “There WILL be consequences” which is probably a snippet from his scene… perhaps Cap or someone else asks, “what happens if we don’t sign The Accords?” and that’s what Thaddeus replies with… Essentially a threat to the heroes to ensure they know what will happen and that he heavily requests they do as they’re told! This shot of Cap putting his shield on his back surrounded by armed police shows what sort of consequences Thaddeus was talking about. I think this tunnel is part of the same tunnel scene where we saw Bucky whizzing by on his motorbike. Maybe Bucky escaped and Cap stayed behind to make sure Bucky had time to escape on that bike from the other shot. I think this whole tunnel scene is a chase scene and you’ll see why in later shots. Oh, I’ve noticed there isn’t an Avengers symbol on Caps shoulder. In the set photos of the Africa scene (which I believe is the beginning of the film) Cap is sporting the Avengers logo on his shoulders. After the fall out with the government has he ripped the symbol off of his suit? It could just be a newer suit but if he has in fact ripped off his Avengers symbol this shows that he’s working on his own rules and he doesn’t want to be a part of any organisation.


27. Is this Mark 45 or 46?!
His first suit in Age of Ultron was Mark 43, if you count the Hulkbuster as Mark 44 then the suit he uses at the end of the film is Mark 45 so this one must be 46 right? Anyway, here’s a close up look at Stark’s newest masterpiece. It is said to be inspired from his Bleeding Edge armor from the comics but I’m unsure if that’s what it’ll be called in the film. This shot is so cool… Stark rags open a door and I sense that this door is meant to be shut tight. We saw what consequences awaited Cap in the previous shot but here’s another style of consequence… a former super companion on the opposite side of things.


28. The tension grows!
“Captain… You seem a little defensive” says Stark. He means “defensive” in more than one way. The literal fortification of the door and the fact that Cap was slowly walking forwards with his shield at the ready… and the fact Cap is defensive over what happens to Bucky. Typical Stark being as condescending and lighthearted as ever. During this shot you can see his armor slightly moving behind him. I think this is actually his helmet retracting and deconstructing behind him on his back which is certainly a cool step up from having to lift the facial mask or taking the helmet off entirely. I’m unsure what location they’re in but it definitely seems like a hideout. Also, check out that black eye, damn what happened to him? You’ll notice as the breakdown goes on that pretty much all of the shots that feature Tony’s face show him with that back eye. I’ll discuss my black eye theory later on…


29. The other side of things
Cap replies with, “Well it’s been a long day…” so there must have been a previous fight earlier on and he’s retreated to hopefully chill but no, here comes Stark barging in, worrying Cap… how rude! Yes you’ll notice that Bucky is behind him at the top of the stairs aiming a gun at Stark. He’s out of those civilian clothes and into his more relevant costume so I’m guessing this is after the chase scene at some point. If so, that means that Cap wasn’t arrested for too long. I could be wrong, this could be before that chase scene but I don’t think it is. I don’t know if it’s just Cap and Bucky present here. If so, it makes me wonder where Falcon is at this point. Maybe him, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man and Hawkeye have been arrested and Cap and Bucky are the only ones left… and this scene is some sort of last stand?


30. Big trouble
“If you can’t accept limitations… we’re no better than the bad guys” says Stark in voice over. I’m unsure which building they’re in. My biggest guess is an Avengers HQ. It looks like Cap and Falcon have walked into a telling off my Martin Freeman’s unknown character. Although he’s unknown, it looks as though he’ll be playing a government official of some sort. Maybe Thaddeus dishes out the rules and Martin Freeman’s character is the one that makes sure everyone’s following them. I think that’s Agent 13, Sharon Carter at the side of him for some strange reason. Oh wait, potential spoiler again… *Maybe she’s the double agent, not Black Widow* Sorry about that! Martin Freeman is British so perhaps his character is representing Britain’s involvement with the Accords which could mean that this possible Avengers HQ is in England? There’s probably more chance that Martin Freeman is putting on an accent and playing someone American or some other country. I don’t know which or how many countries own BMW police motorbikes so their location is puzzling.


31. This is probably like having your favorite toy taken from you as a kid
This is the same scene as the previous shot. We see Caps shield and Falcons flight pack taken away from them which is exactly the sort of limitations Stark was talking about. Just look at Sam’s death stare he’s giving them as his flight pack goes by! It looks like the two of them have operated outside of the government and their gear has been taken from them. Maybe this was after Caps arrest in the tunnel scene or maybe this is before… Stay with me on this one- We don’t know how much involvement Ant-Man has in this film. Maybe Scott not only helps Bucky escape the warehouse but also steals their suits back for them? Maybe the warehouse scene is set after this and that’s the reason neither of them have their suits at that moment. Ant-Man needs to steal the suits back before they can begin to help Bucky escape the warehouse.


32. Time to suit up
We see Bucky grabbing some weapons before a big battle. This could be prior to that scene from earlier where Stark barged in. They might know the government are on their way to Cap and Bucky’s location so are getting ready. Then of course Stark strolls in so instead of fighting soldiers, they have to fight Iron-Man instead… awkward. The next couple of shots show Cap putting his hand on Bucky’s shoulder and Bucky smiling. They’re probably pleased to be back and fighting together like the good old days. We get some voice over, “That’s not the way I see it”. So I assume that’s a response to Starks accusation that without limitations they’re no better than the bad guys. It’s meant to be Caps response but I’m sure the voice is a little too deep to be him- to me it sounds like it’s Thaddeus saying that line and it’s taken from a completely different scene out of context. If so, then that is the definition of clever trailer editing because it fooled you into thinking it was a direct response from Cap. If it is in fact Cap saying that line then my apologies! I’m on the fence between whether it’s Cap or not. It doesn’t matter too much anyway so it’s probably best to not think too much about it.


33. Dentistry rivalry
“Sometimes I wanna punch you in your perfect teeth!” says Stark to Cap angrily. That’s it, we know what starts the civil war… Stark is jealous of Caps patriotic teeth! End of the breakdown! Thanks for reading! We don’t really ever see Stark this mad- he’s usually a bit of a jester. Even though he’s angry and serious, his threat to Cap is still a funny one. Where are they right now? And why is Stark dressed fancy but Cap isn’t? Cap is wearing the same jacket as the one in the shot 30 and 31- the scene where they’re being told off by Martin Freeman. I’m guessing this scene here with Stark is either slightly before or after shot 30 and 31. Cap has been sat down and told off by Stark and the Government (falcon may be in the room too) and then they go downstairs to leave for a second dose of telling off by Martin Freeman’s character as they witness their suits being taken from them. If not, then the two scenes are the other way around- they see their suits being taken from them, and then they get sat down upstairs in this scene. It’s obvious that Cap must have said something clever prior to Stark’s threat. Stark will be trying to make Cap see the government side of things but Steve will be having none of it and it’ll be getting on Tony’s nerves.


34. It’s funny… Cap probably wants to punch Stark in his perfect teeth
Yep, Cap is probably thinking the same thing. He probably wants to punch Stark so bad! So bad that he could give Stark a black eye… oh wait! Perhaps this is indeed the black eye origins. Cap socks Tony in the face because he’s getting on his nerves. This would be hilarious because Cap would have been wanting to do that for a long, long time. If this isn’t the black eye origins then my only other guess is that it simply happened whilst Avenging. Not much else to say about this shot.


35. Time to fly
We get some voice over from Falcon as we see him in action in that Africa IFID scene, “I just wanna make sure we consider all our options…” I think he’s talking about Ant-Man at this point. If someone told me they want to bring a quirky thief that can shrink called Ant-Man onto the team I would be skeptical too. Plus Cap is probably extra cautious of who he adds to the team now that he’s trying to save his best friend.


36. Look out!
We see someone shooting out of a helicopter (not the one in that screenshot) and then we see cap on the floor getting shot at from above. He’s next to a destroyed blue helicopter which doesn’t make much sense until later on so remember this scene because I’ll be referring to it again later on. Not much to say about this shot, and the one after this one at this moment in time.


37. That was a close one
Cap experiencing what happens when he goes rogue. He looks to be in shock and disbelief and I don’t exactly blame him. I wonder how he escapes this fire fight unarmed and without his suit. Maybe this is after his gear is taken from him so there’s little he can do. Now, remember near the beginning of the breakdown when I told you to remember what Cap was wearing? Yeah, his dirty clothes in the warehouse are a result of this explosive ordeal so I think this scene is before he reunites with Bucky. Like I said in the previous shot, I’ll discuss more about this helicopter scene later.


38. Sympathy for Falcon
“..cos people that shoot at you usually wind up shooting at me too” this is a continuation of what Falcon was saying about considering all options. I think he’s saying this because he’s entitled to a say in how they go about things. Poor Falcon is along for the ride and he gets shot at too so why shouldn’t he have a say? If Falcon is confident about bringing in Ant-Man then so should Cap. Also, I should note that when he’s talking about considering all options, they may not actually be talking about Ant-Man but that’s my most confident guess. In regards to this shot, we see Sam in generic incognito clothing like Cap so they’re both trying not to be noticed. The two of them are indoors at this moment so perhaps the shot from earlier of Cap on the phone with Black Widow is outside of this building.


39. Badass mode activated
Just an awesome shot of Falcon in action. He flies up and takes out two of Crossbones’ men and spins around awesomely. I’ll be honest, In Captain America: The Winter Soldier I  thought Falcon’s flight and movement was a little awkward but I think they’ve nailed him now! After his cool fight scene in Ant-Man they’ve really broke the character down and played around with his possibilities and I love that. It’s great to see his potential unleashed. He’s much more fluid and flows much nicer. This is during the Africa scene again if you didn’t already guess. If you can remember back to shot 14 where Cap is crouched and looking up, maybe Falcon is the one he’s looking up at. Loving the suit by the way. In the D23 footage it showed Falcon using his Redwing drone which is awesome. In the comics, Redwing is Sams actual pet bird. Of course in the movie world they strive for realism so the bird was replaced by an over-head surveillance drone which only unlocks Falcons potential even more! Great job, Russo Brothers!


40. It’s about to go down…
Here’s Black Widow suited up and ready for war. She says, “You know what’s about to happen?” rhetorically perhaps wanting to make whoever she’s talking to reconsider. I believe she’s talking to Cap. It’s hard to tell really but I think that shoulder on the right hand side is navy blue. This would make sense- she doesn’t want to see Cap fight/get hurt. They’re at an airport which if I remember correctly was filmed in Germany so more scenes in Germany. Why is there a fight about to happen at an airport? More of Baron Zemo’s terrorism that has to be stopped? I’ll discuss more about the airport later on because there’s a couple more shot there to come.


41. Super jump number two
Another shot from the Africa scene. You can see the IFID logo on both the window and the truck Cap is jumping on. You can see the men that Crossbones laid waste to during his infiltration. Cap ends up jumping up and through the window above and takes out a couple of guys. Not much to say about this one I’m afraid.


42. Best friends VS old friends
Black Widow continues, “do you really wanna punch your way outa this?” which emphasizes that there’s no easy way to victory- there’s going to be a lot of difficult choices and awkward fights… including this one at the German airport. Iron-Man has arrived and he’s brought along War Machine. I’m not sure if that’s the War Machine Mark 2 from Age of Ultron or if this is a new Mark 3. I think it is Mark 3. I’ll discuss more about the airport in the next shot…


43. Resistance VS the traitors
Things are starting to get a lot more faster and juicier! At last we finally see team Cap (minus Ant-Man and Agent 13)… Bucky, Cap, Scarlet Witch and Falcon is off shot to the side of Hawkeye. Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye’s outfits are both pretty cool. I like what they did with Hawkeye’s look in Age of Ultron but in this it looks more simplistic similar to his first Avengers suit. There’s nothing wrong with that because I understand the Russo Brothers are going for a more serious and realistic tone so ‘costumes’ are more ‘uniform’. I say Ant-Man isn’t present but he could technically be chilling somewhere in tiny mode. Same goes for Agent 13- she might be at the airport in a different area taking care of some other business. Maybe that also explains a lot of absence on Iron-Man’s side- perhaps Ant-Man and Agent 13 are somewhere else fighting… let’s say Black Widow and Vision for example. I could be wrong though. There missing heroes could be doing other things some place else or locked up. Bucky is out of those street clothes so perhaps the shot of him grabbing the gun and gearing up is before this. So, what I wanted to think about is why they’re both at the airport. If Iron-Man was apprehending Bucky then Cap has just handed him over by bringing him to this fight so that can’t be the motive… unless Iron-Man is here for the lot of them. It might be the other way around. Cap might have come to the airport to put down team Iron-Man so him and Bucky can continue with their mission. Option number three is that Baron Zemo related things are happening here and both sides have awkwardly turned up to stop him and they all get too caught up on fighting each other which is exactly what Zemo would want. There is a fourth possible explanation but we’ll get to that one soon.


44. Punching buddies
Same airport scene and it looks like Iron-Man wouldn’t mind punching his way out of this as he cranks up his fist. I believe Rhodey is doing the same too. Due to the fact they’re flying eliminates people they could be attacking. The only flyers on team Cap are of course Falcon and Scarlet Witch (who can float around… I’m not sure if she can actually fly for a long period of time). Maybe it’s neither of them and it’s a airplane/helicopter instead. To be honest, they could be attacking anyone that’s simply stood higher up than the ground so it’s unfair to eliminate possible victims. If Stark and Rhodey are actually fighting alone it’ll be interesting to see how they hold their own against Cap’s current team of five.


45. Run for your life!
This is what is probably said to Bucky about 5 minutes prior to this shot. At first I thought this was part of the airport scene but he’s back in his street clothes so maybe this is just before the tunnel chase in Germany? Why is he looking up? It could be police in a helicopter or it could be Stark. It could simply be Falcon flying about to pick him up to safety. There is a mystery fourth option but I can’t say who just yet but keep reading and we’ll get to him…


46. Mass destruction imminent
Back to the airport. We can see a bombardment of bullets and missiles blasting away at everything. There’s Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch below more than likely running for their lives. It’s unclear if the missile shooter is aiming for them two or aiming solely for the airport… maybe both. None of the superheroes have that form of fire power so it’s probably a helicopter- potentially Zemo. This could explain a little better as to why they’re all at the airport. Zemo could be leaving on a helicopter and both teams had come to stop him like I suggested earlier. Apparently in the D23 footage Vision was shown blowing up a helicopter so maybe this is the one he destroys. If so then that confirms Vision is present in this airport scene. It’s odd that none of the other characters are present in this rather large shot. Where’d everybody else go exactly?


47. Finally!
You can’t fathom how long I’ve wanted to see footage of Black Panther! For those of you who somehow don’t know him, his real name is T’Challa and he’s being played by Chadwick Boseman. His awesome suit is weaved from vibranium- the same stuff Cap’s shield is made out of. He has deadly claws on his fingertips to add to the cat-like persona. T’Challa is from The Panther Tribe in the fictional city of Wakanda which was mentioned and visited during the Age of Ultron. He is actually richer than Stark believe it or not due to his city being home to the vibranium ore. In short, he owns all vibranium so expect him to be a little annoyed when he sees Cap’s shield. The reason he becomes the Black Panther and chieftain of the tribe is to protect his city/land from threats such as invaders and thieves hungry for the precious vibranium. Before he was the Black Panther, his Father was until he was killed. The big question is… what is Black Panther actually doing here? My biggest guess is that Bucky was the one that killed his Father during his brainwashed assassin days and now that the United Nations are apprehending Bucky, Black Panther wants to beat them to it. If this isn’t why then maybe Zemo did something to Wakanda and blamed the Avengers for it. Another reason might actually be because he wants to take Cap’s shield off of him. My last guess is that he’s after Stark. Tony’s Father, Howard Stark was the one that made Cap’s shield in the first place. How did Howard get hold of the vibranium? Did he steal it from Wakanda? Was Howard’s vibranium raid the reason Black Panther’s Dad ended up dying? It could very well be a mixture of all of those options but I think it will probably end up to do with Bucky possibly assassinating T’Challa’s Father. So, going back to that shot of Bucky running and looking up- maybe Black Panther is the one chasing him on the rooftops. Also, remember when I said there could be a different reason as to why everybody is at the airport? Black Panther could be there doing his own superhero business and Cap has come to get him on their side and show him that Bucky isn’t the evil assassin he once was. Same goes for Stark- the government hear about a Wakandan man fighting crime in Germany so of course they’re going to pursue him… he needs to sign The Accords after all. I can’t get over how good the suit looks. I can’t wait to see more of him.


48. It’s time to battle
Still at the airport which seems to be a pinnacle scene, we see team Cap running. They could be running towards Iron-Man and War Machine or they could be running towards Black Panther. Ooh, maybe they think Black Panther is working for Zemo? That’s only plausible if Black Panther has tried to kill/capture Bucky (which he has later on in the trailer). It’d be really cool if both sides were running towards Black Panther and he just beats them all up and escapes! Before this shot we get a shot of Falcon saying, “What do we do?” and the next close up shot of Cap saying, “We fight!” then we get this running shot. I find it strange how they’re all running/flying because if their seconds from fighting you would have thought they wouldn’t be sprinting at full speed- they’d be steadily marching forward with bows, guns and shield at the ready. Instead they’re just carrying their weapons and charging at maximum pace! This led me to think that maybe both sides are running after something rather than someone. I have no idea what that could be though.


49. The two-footed panther kick
Ouch, that’s gotta hurt. Carrying on with the airport scene we get a painful looking attack by T’Challa. It’s really annoying me because I can’t figure out why team Cap, Team Iron-Man and Black Panther are all in Germany at that airport. All we know is that no one is friendly. A shot straight after this one shows Bucky crashing into stuff after T’Challa’s mega whack. Does he successfully capture Bucky at this point? Who wins this fight exactly? Also, will Black Panther stick around until the end of the movie or will he only pop up once or twice and say, “you gotta wait for my solo film!” who knows. Much like other side characters, it’s unclear how much involvement he’ll actually have.


50. This trailer has four flying leg take downs in it, just saying
A breath of fresh air as we return to a shot from the Africa scene set in some markets. We can see Black Widow taking fools down in the most technical way imaginable. Because this is early on in the movie, this is before everyone is divided which is why she’s currently fighting with Cap, Falcon and Scarlet Witch on official Avenger business. We’ve seen a lot of set photos of this area and we know Cap and Crossbones have their showdown in these markets. It’s also rumored that Scarlet Witch will mess up and cause civilian casualties which of course could be an incentive to incorporate The Accords.


51. Try and keep up
Another awesome Black Panther shot. I don’t think this is related to the airport scene- I think this is in fact the same tunnel scene we see Bucky escaping in. So that means Cap and Bucky encounter Black Panther on two occasions- this one being the first. Cap’s pace is no match for T’Challa! It’s unclear what powers he has but in the comics he has connections with the Wakandan Panther God and also consumes a mystical heart-shaped herb which is exclusive to Black Panthers only. This meant that he had enhanced senses, strength and speed. Not just that but he has access to an array of magical/mystical artifacts as well as advanced vibranium weaponry and the past strength and knowledge of all previous Black Panthers. It’s unclear as to how much of this is being implemented into this film if any. It’s obvious to see that he has some sort of enhancements though in terms of strength and speed. I think it’ll be a little vague for now in this film and his solo film will provide a more informed explanation to his origins and abilities. Another reason as to why I think it’s the same tunnel scene is because there’s a police car behind Cap which is the same type of car that was there when he was being arrested. The next shot goes into more detail about this scene…


52. Catch a ride
Yep, this is the same tunnel scene. It looks like Bucky has to jump on a car to get the necessary speed to out’run’ Black Panther. Going back to shot 45 again when Bucky is running and looking up- I think that shot is moments before they enter this tunnel so I definitely believe that those collection of shots, including those shots of Bucky on the motor bike, and Cap being arrested, are all the same scene. To summarize what I think happens- Bucky is being pursued by Black Panther, Cap holds him off for a while, Bucky gets running and ends up in the tunnel, Black Panther is hot on his tail and Cap is awkwardly behind the both of them whilst being followed by police, for some reason the chase ends and Bucky manages to escape on a stolen motorbike, Black Panther expertly escapes knowing he’s failed at catching Bucky (for now), Cap is left out of breath and surrounded by those police. I wouldn’t know what happens next in regards to Black Panther and Bucky. It’s difficult to try and put shots together to figure out the order of everything. It’s like a jigsaw with 90% of it’s pieces missing!


53. Cap’s average workout session
Ooh look, it’s that blue helicopter before it’s destroyed in shots 36 and 37! Yeah, I told you to remember it! Now that we’re onto this shot I can finally get things full circle… So, that explosion happens in that government building, everyone evacuates but Cap runs up to the roof instead, whoever tries leaving Cap obviously doesn’t want them to. Is he trying to stop them leaving to protect them? Or is there someone inside that helicopter who is important to Cap that has been abducted and dragged into the chopper and he’s trying to stop them. The only reason I don’t think it’s a villain inside is because the helicopter ends up blowing up anyway. That brings us to our next question- who blew it up? I mentioned earlier that Vision apparently blows a helicopter up at some point… is this the one? Even if it is, who’s the people shooting at Cap afterwards. This is tough! Anyway, the helicopter explodes, Caps left on the floor shaken up, then next time we see him in those dirty clothes is in the warehouse with the trapped Bucky. It’s that jigsaw analogy again!


54. Looking at explosions isn’t cool
Once again, back to the airport for another shot of that missile strike that Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch were caught up in. It seems they weren’t the only ones in peril after all. Black Widow is stood surprisingly still as explosions get closer and closer. Probably shock? Is she going to get out of that mess herself or is someone going to save her? If so is her team going to help or are team Cap going to? Someone really doesn’t like that airport.


55. Gimmie that!
At last, a new scene where we see Bucky punching Iron-Man backwards and then attempting to rip out the arc reactor powering his suit. Wise choice Bucky but it probably won’t be that easy… unless this is the end of the fight. Not much else to say about this shot, it speaks for itself really.


56. Apology not accepted
“Sorry Tony. You know I wouldn’t do this if I had any other choice…” Cap voice overs. This snippet of dialogue is probably during the same scene where Tony wants to punch his perfect teeth. If not then it could be the scene where Tony barges in and questions Caps defensive measures. Whatever scene it’s from, I very much doubt Tony will empathize. Regardless, it shows that Cap isn’t narrow sighted and stubborn about saving Bucky… he says he has no other choice. So even though Cap is the one going against the United Nations, he’s the only one doing the right thing. Voice over aside, the actual shot shows Cap inside of the IFID building probably chasing Crossbones out of the building before it finishes exploding. Not much to say about it- just showing off some cool destruction that’s gonna go down. Although, it kind of symbolizes what the voice over is saying… he’s focused and determined and he’ll get the job done no matter the risk (which in this case is imminent explosions). It shows the resistant side of him and how he essentially power houses through every threat/risk that stands in the way of his goals.


57. Get the tissues out
No! Rhodey is dead! Nah, chill out… he isn’t dead! They wouldn’t reveal such a major death in a trailer. Worse case scenario- his power source has been extracted and his suit has crash landed just outside of the airport fight scene and he’s knocked out from the fall. Judging by all of the smoke all over the airport, this shot is probably near the end of the scene where the missiles have done their job and whatever deployed them has left. This is backed up by the fact Iron-Man is looking in the distance angry and upset. Looking at the state of War Machine’s chest, it looks like what Bucky was trying to do to Stark’s reactor. It’s easy to assume Bucky was the one that ripped out this one too but it could have been a direct missile hit from whoever it was. Shot 44 which shows the two of them flying in the air about to punch something could be moments before this incident. They could be trying to stop whatever set off the missiles and Rhodey got hit. I think the scene where Stark pushes apart the door and barges into Cap’s hideout is after this and Tony is loosing his cool because of this particular incident. Rhodey was a low blow and he just wants to finish this and put an end to Cap’s gallivanting before more people get hurt. This could also be the first instance where Tony himself is questioning if The Accords are a good thing or not.


58. Sorrow/sadness/shame
This looks to be in that hideout of theres. Probably before Stark enters. It could be much before that during a pep talk with the rest of team Cap before they take part in the airplane fight or something. Nothing much to say about this one!


59. No time for reasoning
Cap’s looking pretty beat up at this point. He’s probably neck deep in a fight with Iron-Man because he says “…but he’s my friend” which was made to carry on from his voice over in shot 56 saying that Tony should know there isn’t any other way. Just because it was made to carry on from the voice over doesn’t mean both pieces are from the same scene. Like I said, the first half was probably during an earlier scene… the second half of the dialogue is obviously this different scene. I know the first half of the dialogue doesn’t belong with the second half because in this part he’s panting and out of breath whilst talking. So there’s more than one occasion Cap has tried to explain to Tony why he won’t back down.


60. Legitimate sympathy for Iron-Man here
Such a powerful moment in the trailer right near the end when Stark responds to Cap saying that Bucky is his friend,”So was I…” wow! I admit, there’s some parts in this trailer where I agree with Cap but then sometimes I agree with Tony or feel sorry for him. I can’t wait to watch the full film! I feel as though audiences will be divided too when they watch. You know how Stark is though, I don’t think they were ever actually friends. I think they mostly tolerated each other… but they did share their moments. It’s sad to see the team crumble and go against each other but at least it’s amazing to watch! Stark’s looking a little more beaten up this time around… how much more can he take?


61. About to wreck havoc
Just a close up of Cap who seems to be seconds away from ripping Tony to shreds. Iron-Man probably just shot him and sent him to the ground in an attempt to make him back down but he’ll have to do better than that. Nothing else to say about this one!


62. The most replayed moment in the trailer
Love it, love it, love it! This fight is probably the end game/the final showdown. I think shots 59, 60 and 61 belong to the same scene as well as the shot of Bucky trying to rip out Stark’s reactor. Iron-Man is getting the beat down of a life time. Cap and Bucky are showing literally no mercy here. I love how they’re just taking it in turns to whack Tony with their fists or with the shield, just constantly throwing it back and forth to prevent Stark from even getting a shot in. I wonder how far they’ll go and what will happen after this. It’s difficult to predict because no one wants anything too drastic to happen! The location is hard to make out but it seems to be in some snowy mountains such as the Himalayas or somewhere like the French Alps. What are they doing there? At first I thought it may have been Cap’s hideout but it seems a little over the top to hide all the way in some mountains. Maybe this is Baron Zemo’s lair and Cap and Bucky have come to sort things out but so has Iron-Man. Then a war triangle ensues and they’re once again too busy fighting each other. Whatever it is, Iron-Man is trying to stop them but they’re having none of it.


63. Killing blow?
The last shot of the trailer! So after we witness Iron-Man’s attempt at fighting both World War II veterans, we see Cap gripping something tightly about to smash his shield into it. Is it Iron-Man? Because it’s certainly meant to seem that way. Keep in mind there’s a chance it could simply be something Cap needs to break but chances are it’s probably Stark’s perfect teeth. This shot ends the trailer with a bang. The whole snowy fight scene looks like it’s going to be big. Throughout the whole trailer I saw no sign of Cap’s scaled armor so I’m unsure as to why leaked concept art showed it. Well I guess they don’t call it concept art for nothing. So after this shot we see the Captain America: Civil War logo and then everybody watches the trailer 100 more times.


So by taking all this time to deconstruct the trailer I can see a collection of clear scenes:
– IFID Africa scene
– Government building explosion scene
– Warehouse scene
– Tunnel chase and arrest scene
– Airport scene
– Hideout scene
– Snowy mountain fight scene
Those scenes might not be in perfect order and I’m certain there’ll be many more scenes I couldn’t figure out with this trailer. Perhaps future trailers will reveal a little more. In regards to missing characters, I saw no sign of:
– Ant-Man
– Vision
– Baron Zemo
– Spider-Man
– Stan Lee cameo
Even with all these main characters not making an appearance, the film still looks incredibly action packed, full of fun moments. Imagine when all of the other characters are on screen too! This film is going to be my new favorite film in the MCU, I can tell.

That’s it, you’ve reached the end! Wow, that really was the most thorough analysis I’ve ever done! 11,000 words and 16 hours later I’ve finished. Yes that’s right, it’s taken me a total of 16 hours! I’m just glad you’ve read it and I hope it’s cleared some things up and got you hyped for the film that little bit more. You can probably find a quick and easy breakdown that just scratches the surface but this one is for all you hardcore fans out there! Thanks for reading and if you love my efforts and lengths I’ve gone to, please feel free to share it around! Any questions? Any opposing theories Anything I left out? I’d love to respond to you so feel free to comment!

Bye for now!

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