Does Marvel Release Too Much Footage Before the Movie is Out?

For the past couple of movies Marvel have stepped up their promotion game but it’s not necessarily for the best. Whilst most movies upload one or two trailers Marvel feel the need to post trailers, seemingly endless TV spots and way too many clips. I remember back when Avengers: Age of Ultron was coming out, I watched all three trailers which gave me sufficient hype for the movie but they just didn’t stop! I counted over FIFTY TV spots, most were almost identical to one another but there was a handful that offered new footage. They went on to release numerous clips/snippets of scenes so I felt the need to watch them and I regretted it heavily. It wasn’t until after the wave of Age of Ultron hype had passed and the movie came out that I realized the repercussions of my greed. I’d have seen too much of the movie and in a way, it had taken effect off of my first impressions when I finally watched the film. Can you blame me though? It’s like giving a dog endless treats. The dog is never going to say no to more, and I fell into that trap. I certainly learnt my lesson so I made sure I didn’t do the same thing for Ant-Man and Captain America: Civil War. If there’s any movie franchise that doesn’t need endless promotion, it’s Marvel. Audiences are already entirely sold on the film once they see the “Civil War” subtitle (at least that was enough for me).

There’s endless personal incidents where I’ve had things spoiled for me. Most of these spoilers aren’t exactly pinnacle to the plot but that’s not the point. It’s things/moments from the films that I wished I could have waited to see. A good example I can think of is about two weeks before Ant-Man came out. I’d seen the trailers, I was hyped as hell, then I scrolled on social media and saw a TV spot which revealed Falcon would be in the film. I didn’t even click on the link and watch, it was on the thumbnail of the video whilst I was merely scrolling by! It’s now happening again for Captain America: Civil War. I won’t say what things in particular for potential spoiler reasons but let’s just say I’m annoyed. Again, it’s not things that spoiled major plot points but I just wished that I could have appreciated it when watching the movie. I know, I can prevent myself from seeing these things if I don’t look for them but that’s the point, I don’t even look for them. We live in a day and age where everyone has access to a keyboard so some people grow big careless mouths. I also know the internet is a big place and nowhere is safe. Perhaps I should just live in a cave away from any WiFi until the movie is out but the fact is I shouldn’t have to!

I honestly don’t see why Marvel feels the need to release so many clips of their films before they’re even out (I think there’s about four out at the moment and I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more in the following days). For me being in the UK the film isn’t even out for two more weeks and I don’t think global release is for another three or four. It didn’t help that critics got to see the film a whole month before the film comes out. So whatever hype they ignited, the general public felt left out so of course people are going to want to see all the footage Marvel posts. By the time the film is out I can assure that almost every scene from the film has a clip, and people with those careless big mouths are going to post every aspect of the film on their social network accounts.

Why Marvel, just why? It’s like they can’t help themselves. Perhaps they’re proud of their excellent work and just can’t contain their excitement but come on now, there really is no need. Ever since Age of Ultron I’ve noticed other movies doing the same thing. An example is the new Jungle Book movie. I’ve spotted a bunch of clips for that on my travels across the internet. I believe a trailer is a traditional and fundamental why to promote and display what your movie has to offer but we’re getting into an advertisement age that doesn’t know when to turn the tap off. It’s not difficult to watch all of these clips and then put them all together like jigsaw pieces. You’ve soon got a good visual outline of the whole film and what direction it’s going to take. I just feel like if all of these clips are being shoved in my face I should be entitled to money off of my movie ticket seeing as though I’ve seen a good portion of the film. I believe there is a “too much” and once you watch them you can’t unsee them. Marvel aren’t going to read this and think about their actions but if they feel the need to show half the movie then they shouldn’t make them so accessible and in my face the moment I go on the internet. I’m mega-confident that Civil War is still going to be my favorite movie ever but I think that not giving in and watching all of the clips and TV spots will help my verdict. It’s easier said than done so I can imagine there’ll be a handful of people that can’t help but watch them because they love the franchise so much, and I don’t blame them, I blame whoever is in charge of promotion.

What do you guys think? I’d love to hear and respond to any arguments against me or if anyone agrees with me. Bye for now!

12 thoughts on “Does Marvel Release Too Much Footage Before the Movie is Out?

  1. It irritates me how many films give away too many details in the trailer. Lets look back on the remake of When a Stranger Calls. In the trailer they actually gave out the information that the stranger was, calling from inside the house! It ruin the entire point of the movie.

    If they want us to be surprised or laugh out loud why not leave the best scenes out of the trailers?

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  2. I like to see a trailer or two, but I do think Marvel go overboard with all the tv spots and clips sometimes. If you see too much it can feel almost like you’ve seen most of the movie. So, excited as I am to see Civil War, ill be looking away from any more clips as I want to enjoy the film 🙂

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  3. Concerning Ultron, you are right. By the time the movie came out, I already had a pretty good idea about the plot. Concerning Civil War, though, they have done very well so far. Even if we pull all the snippets we have seen so far together, we have perhaps 10 minutes of a 2 and a half hour movie, and none of them seem to be from the third act. I still have barely an idea what will happen aside from the fact that there will be a giant fight on an airport, which I would have known either way since the scene was shot on an actual airport in Germany and not on a closed studio lot.

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    1. Yeah thankfully all the footage from Civil War that’s been released hasn’t been too important but it’s still stuff that I would have enjoyed waiting to see. I just feel the amount of things Marvel upload to hype the movie is a little unnecessary and excessive, even if it isn’t pinnacle moments being spoiled


  4. I just don’t watch any of the clips or spots. I’m lucky in that I don’t have TV so I don’t see clips or the TV spots, even had to fast forward a YouTube video when a part of the news story was the opening clip from the MTV movie awards. At least with Civil War there was what, two-three trailers? Batman V. Superman had six. SIX!. I listened to the Fatman on Batman for Batman V. Superman and there could be a drinking game for every time Kevin Smith said “you saw it in the trailer”.

    It’s not just Marvel, but everyone. I just learn to ignore it. I watched the first trailer, and the “reveal” trailer and that’s it. I’m not reading the reviews or looking at the click bait news articles. I wasn’t that hyped by The Force Awakens, nor do I love it like the rest of the planet, but I appreciated it’s minimal marketing and how everything felt like a surprise, well, as much as at it could have been given how much it rehased and telegraphed things.

    I also like how with Star Wars, there was a collective “no spoilers” call to arms from the internet at large. I saw it on the Sunday of opening weekend in North America, did not Twitter or Facebook black out and had nothing spoiled.

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    1. I know strong-willed people like yourself are able to steer away from all of the footage but the majority of people can’t help themselves and look at everything they upload. That’s the disappointing thing about it, knowing that they’re cramming more and more in people’s faces when all we really need is one or two trailers. Like I said in my post, if there’s any franchise that doesn’t need over the top advertising it’s certainly Marvel


  5. Not watching any TV spots or trailers #2 and above is a fight I’ve been trying my best to win at. Been successful so far. It’s kinda easy for me not to watch any more footage if the screen date is just a few weeks away.

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  6. I think they calmed themselves down for Civil War having 2 trailers and identical TV spots, but after a week of a film’s release the marketing spoils and shows everything. Seriously! A week after Civil War came out they showed the Ant-Man scene at the airport!!!!! And more Spider-Man scenes!!! Why?

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