NEW: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Concept Art!

Oh yeah! Check it out; some juicy conceptual art released by Empire showing off some Guardians shenanigans. There hasn’t been much of a costume tweak, but tweaks can be seen throughout… but if we’re talking ‘differences’, check out the pint sized Groot whizzing by in the bottom left, unconcerned about the gigantic tentacle beast. Speaking of the monster, I don’t think it’ll be the boss fight, but more like an introductory ‘throw you in the deep end’ fight scene near the beginning of the movie, to get you caught up on what developments have been made regarding team work and cooperation… similar to how Age of Ultron started. Seeing as though this is just concept art, there is actually a chance none of this will happen! But hearing the descriptions of the GotG footage at Comicon, this scene is going to happen. Some are saying that the alien is The Brood, which were introduced in the late 80’s I believe, but I think it’s just a random, unconnected, gross creature… which I imagine will explode and leave slimy gloop all over them like Mr Staypuff Marshmallow Man. What do you guys think? Are you hyped? I can’t wait to see an actual trailer! I’m estimating the first trailer/teaser to come out around/just after the Doctor Strange release, which is early November for most people! Enjoy the picture and bye for now…

2016-08-22 20.48.12

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