10 Things I Want to See in Infinity War…

We’re still a juicy 2 years away from the big climax that is Avengers: Infinity War, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t jumping around in anticipation as though it’s just around the corner (must be a pretty big corner). You’ve probably checked out big movie news articles expressing their speculations but today, instead of talking about what to probably expect, I’m going to talk about what I want to see in what should be the MCU’s version of a season finale. I mean, I follow these films closely like a shadow, so I have an outline of what things are probably going to happen and which characters will be present… The difference here is that I want to talk about what I personally feel would make this film live up to the hype inside of me.Who knows, it might shed some light on some things you may have not thought of. I’m going to do this in a ‘1, 2, 3′ format, but this isn’t a countdown and nothing is in a particular order. Let’s go:

1. A montage-style exposition scene showing casual fans a brief overview of what Thanos’ intricate plan has been since the beginning, and the location of all Infinity Stones that have been revealed.


I say this because not everyone would have seen Thor: The Dark World so they won’t know about the Reality Aether and how The Collector was given it at the end of the film. Everyone will know about the Space Tesseract thanks to the first Avengers film (and the first Captain America film), and thanks to Thor’s vision scene in Age of Ultron, fans saw the culmination of all 4 of the stones that had been revealed at the time. There’s always going to be people that are (somehow) only interested in the Avengers films so they won’t have that layer of depth which full MCU fans will have. That’s why I appreciated that vision during Age of Ultron, and I hope there’s something similar in Infinity War. For example, the Tesseract shown in Odin’s vault whilst flashbacks of Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers play over it. Same for the Power Orb locked up on Xandar, the Aether on Knowhere (if that’s still the case), the Mind stone jammed in Vision’s head, and [SPOILER ALERT] the Time stone in Doctor Strange’s Eye of Agamotto as well as wherever the Soul stone will pop up. I have no doubt the film will do something like this, but the format/direction I have in my head is the way I imagine it.

2. Drax the Destroyer gets a righteous revenge.


If you remember back to Guardians of the Galaxy, Drax swore vengeance on Ronan the Accuser for the death of his wife and daughter. Once the team defeated the Kree zealot, the tattooed maniac revealed that Thanos was the one he was truly after, and Ronan was merely a puppet. A moment in the comics even gave the Destroyer the opportunity to punch Thanos through the chest! Whilst I don’t think Thanos’ end will be served by just the walking thesaurus, I still hope that the film isn’t too congested that the plot flies straight by Drax’s revenge story arch. I simply ask for a moment of the movie where the character’s motives are expressed and his eventual closure is shown on-screen, because he deserves it!

3. Genuine stakes, repercussions and death.


Most people asked for this in Age of Ultron and Civil War to not much avail. Don’t get me wrong, Civil War in my fav MCU film to date, and Ultron is my 2nd fav… but let’s face it, the ‘Age’ of Ultron was more like an inconvenient week of Ultron, and Civil War was more like civil playground fights. It’s as though both films were set before their subtitles, and the story focuses on preventing those things from happening. In other words, if Ultron had won the battle of Sokovia then it would have become the Age of Ultron… and if Zemo’s plan went full circle and there was actual death involved then there would have been a civil war in response. Either way, I don’t mind much, but the point I’m trying to make is that I want Infinity War to actually feel like a grand war centered around the 6 Stones of Infinity. I don’t want the team to kick butt successfully and foil Thanos’ plans from start to finish… I want grueling failures and unpreventable disasters. Hell, I wouldn’t mind if Earth was blown up! Something I liked about Civil War was Wanda’s accident with the explosion in Lagos. You felt a real “Yikes, that’s bad” vibe when it happened when Cap was lost for words and Scarlet Witch gawked in disbelief. I want Infinity War to be swimming in these kinds of moments. The MCU started all the way back in 2008, and we first saw Thanos in 2012, so if there isn’t a hefty payoff for fan’s patience I will be extremely angry! With such a large roster of heroes, I can imagine some of the original Avengers to take more of a back seat, retire or simply die. It would allow the newcomers to feel more like a new/fresh team whilst the older heroes chime in every now and then (but only after Infinity War of course).

4. The elders of the universe… to some degree… maybe.


If you’ve read the Infinity Gauntlet story line then you’ll know that these guys play a big part in defeating the mad Titan. This includes characters like Order, Chaos, The Living Tribunal and Eternity. Although Galactus was also present I think we can rule him out (awkward). Two Celestials made an appearance too, and we’ve seen them hinted towards in Guardians of the Galaxy. I know the movie won’t follow the Gauntlet story exactly so there is a chance we won’t see things as heavy as universal elders… especially Eternity. This however doesn’t mean I don’t want to see them. Think back to 2008 and Iron-Man; the film was so grounded you wouldn’t think for a second that a talking raccoon and a sentient tree would share screen time with him 10 years later. Doctor Strange is going to introduce the more supernatural and more implausible aspects of the universe so there is a chance we’ll see something as crazy as Eternity. Even if the film simply brushed across the concept of such characters, it would tease them for a future Avengers film. I also wouldn’t mind an explosive Odin VS Thanos showdown too, giving the Asgardian King a proper send off as well as finally showing us just how strong of a character he is (so long as he doesn’t die in Ragnarok). Speaking of Ragnarok, we’ll finally see The Grandmaster, who in the comics is The Collector’s brother. I would love to see some childish brotherly squabbles between two supposedly old and wise elders!

5. “Avengers, assemble!”


Come on… we’ve all been waiting for it. Although I appreciated them not spurting the words out in the first Avengers movie, I found myself crying at the screen when the end credits cut Captain America off in Age of Ultron! “Avengers, A-” *Roll Credits!* Damn you film! It was at that moment I realized they were saving the badass moment for Infinity War… right? I sure hope so anyway. We’ll finally be getting all the heroes together at once so I demand a scene where everyone is charging at Thanos and Cap screams the magic words. I tell you, goosebumps atop goosebumps will be dished out that day. I don’t think I could bare another tease.

6. The heroes should have equal screen time and each serve a significant/unique purpose.


This one’s a bit of a no-brainer because I know everyone will have screen time. What I want however is precise equality. It is an Avengers movie and every one of them is an Avenger so each character deserves just as much as the other. With that being said, I can imagine Marvel pushing the newcomers ahead to get audiences prepared for their long stays. Everyone has their own power and a way of thinking that no one else shares so it’s imperative that each hero does something helpful and important. In terms of side characters like Fury, Maria, Sif and the Warriors 3 etc, I hope no one is left out! This one is a simple request but it’d be easy for them to focus on a set few and let the rest simply follow behind. If it’s a universal threat then it needs to affect everyone in the movies universe and we need to see that.

7. Awkward post-civil war tension to overcome.


At the end of Civil War we saw the Avengers divided. Iron-Man led the officials back at HQ, and Cap & friends remained in hiding in Wakanda who are now technically the Secret Avengers. It’s obvious that both sides will rejoin to defeat Thanos but I want it to be forceful and awkward. I don’t want them to just kiss and make up, I want them to join together simply for the sake of the universal threat and then slowly begin working like a team again. It’d be cool to see both sides tripping over one another during strategic fights so they have to reach a consensus and avenge in unison once more. In a way, it’d be interesting if both sides remained separate for the complete first half of the film. It’d be too simple if everyone were suddenly happy and chipper, specially with ex-assassin Bucky being on one side and Stark being on the other. Going back to the point about emotional repercussions, there better be something shocking enough to make both factions actually want to work together.

8. Thanos Lieutenants.


I like that the MCU has recently been featuring side villains before the big bad at the end. Like Crossbones, Von Strucker, Batroc etc, just with more of a strength to them. They were great ways to help the film jump straight into conflict, and if Thanos has a team of slaves beneath him, it’d help keep the story diverse. If Loki doesn’t die in Ragnarok I can expect him to be one of them. Other contenders could be Mephisto, Magus and maybe even Red Skull if he returns (which I feel is 90% not going to happen!). We’ve seen two alien armies so far; the Chitauri and the Sakaarans, and I hope to see more in Infinity War, but mainly who will be leading those said fleets. If the film is just the Avengers chasing Thanos around for stones then it’d be a little two-dimensional if you ask me. Having multiple villains leading up to the purple guy would offer specialist side quests for certain characters which would help spotlight them and their abilities.

9. Don’t be afraid to push past the seemingly 2hr 30min curfew.


You may have noticed that the MCU films, mainly the bigger ones, tend to reach around 2 hours and 30 mins. I feel as though this hasn’t affected the success of any of the movies majorly but I do know that Joss Wheadon’s original cut of Age of Ultron was around 3 and a half hours! Personally I wouldn’t have minded sitting in the cinema for that long but they seem to stick around the 2 and a half hour mark for the comfort of the bigger audience demographic. A super long film would put off quite a few casual movie goers unfortunately. I understand that Joss would have cut an hour off of Ultron because of directional changes, but I know a big portion would be because there was no time to tell the story in more depth. I think that was most people’s complaint with the film anyway. I just hope that if there’s space and reasoning for Infinity War to be a 10,000 hour extravaganza they dare to go all the way! By its 2018 release we would have been waiting 10 years for this film so I pray that I’m able to be sent on a spectacular, action packed epic similar to the likes of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. If there’s one big film in the MCU that deserves to be more than 3 hours, it’s this one.

10. A cinematic masterpiece!


This point is like all the other points in one. The Russo’s making a badass war film is just one aspect of its development… they need to make sure that our decade of building up and waiting is rewarded in the most perfect way possible. If it’s just a shambolic battle against hero and villain then it won’t stand out… and it won’t come close to a worthy finale. Make sure this film is centered around space and the universe. The Avengers have saved the world twice together, Thanos has the one device capable of literally anything he wishes, reality and time has the opportunity bend to his will and the universe shouldn’t be the same again. I want to see everyone off-planet in a variety of unusual and new environments, I want a musical score which encapsulates the might of Thanos and the doom which impends, I want the science of Iron-Man, the divinity of Thor, the heroism of Cap, the strength of the Hulk, the ‘cosmicness’ of the Guardians, the magic of Doctor Strange, EVERYTHING! I want everything to become one because I feel like we deserve that after such a long wait. Saying all of this, I’m 100% confident that the Russo brothers will do the MCU justice. The film will without a doubt be an adventurous, emotional pay off… I just hope that it’s the ultimate comic book movie at the same time.

As you can see I’m a little passionate about the MCU, and just like most others, I cannot wait to see the Infinity Gauntlet in action and Thanos kicking everyone’s ass. I hope my list of friendly demands come true, but if you disagree then let me know in the comments. If you have your own list of hopes then let me know those too! Bye for now…

2 thoughts on “10 Things I Want to See in Infinity War…

  1. You makes some very solid points. As much as I liked Civil War, it still felt the two sides cleaned up nicely, or at least nicer than I thought they would. If their next meetings were more awkward that would show there were actual long-term consequence. As for character focus, I think it is going to be like Civil War where a core of the cast gets the spotlight but others are going to show up. I’m so excited and I can’t wait for 2018!

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