Marvel Movies for Dummies: The Different Film Universes [BENEFICIAL TO MEDIOCRE FANS!]

Okay, if there’s one thing I hate the most, it’s people that think the MCU is in the same universe as the X-Men universe. What’s even worse is people that think The Amazing Spiderman films are in the same universe too. What’s even worse than that are people that don’t even know what ‘MCU’ means! Sorry, it’s a touchy subject for me. Well roll up, roll up Marvel fans of every severity, you do NOT wanna miss this enlightening information! Even if you think you’ve grasped the idea it’d still be beneficial for you to read just in case you’re not, I’m only helping! (By the way, MCU stands for, ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’).

Let’s keep this simple, there’s three big companies currently producing Marvel films:
There’s Disney which create the MCU films which feature Iron-Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America and friends (including Guardians of the Galaxy).
Fox have the rights to the X-Men series and the word ‘mutant’ so any film with ‘X-Men’ in it, easy right?
Lastly, Sony have rights to Spiderman. So the old Toby Maguire trilogy and the two recent Amazing Spiderman films.

The three companies and their films have… are you ready… ENTIRELY SEPARATE STORY LINES AND UNIVERSES! Ta-da, simple right? Nope, so many people somehow find this confusing. Come on guys, just because it’s all under Marvels roof doesn’t mean they’re all part of the same story! Even if you were unaware of all these different companies and their rights it’s still self explanatory that these different film universes are in fact completely different and not involved with one another! It’s like watching Harry Potter and being confused as to why Gandalf and Legolas haven’t turned up to help. What I’m saying is just because they’re the same genre (movie type) you can’t expect them in the same film. I use that analogy all the time, you like it?

The MCU follows the Avengers and friends and their battles around the world and galaxy. Across these films the Infinity Gauntlet story is slowly being seeded and weaved in.
The X-Men films follow mutated men/women and their struggle of being accepted in society across a variety of different time eras.
The Spiderman films follow Peter Parker as he becomes the friendly neighborhood web slinger. We see him beat all odds with no back up against numerous challenging enemies. Note: The old Spiderman trilogy has nothing to do with the two Amazing Spiderman films.

So, to summarize, Disney’s MCU (Avengers universe), Fox’s X-Men universe, and Sonys multiple Spiderman universes are completely separate! You understand? Seriously if you don’t then do ask in the comments, please!

This is where things get confusing, I said that Disney, Fox and Sony are making separate films. Turns out recently that Sony has joined with the MCU which means that Spiderman will be linking into the Avengers. No, this does not mean that the already established Amazing Spiderman will just suddenly pop up into the films disregarding plot holes etc. What they’re doing is completely redoing the Spiderman character once again. So Andrew Garfield as Spiderman, his world and his films… FORGET THEM! They have nothing to do with these MCU films. They’re making a whole new Spidey and he’ll be a part of the MCU now okay? Seriously, don’t be afraid to comment if I’m losing you. Sony are still producing the new Spiderman content, but it’ll be done under the wing of the MCU… but the films will definitely be connected from now on with the Avengers etc. I’m going to show you a list of films so far for each different film universe. If you haven’t watched some of these films and not in order then that’ll explain your confusion… especially if you’re jumping in and out of Fox’s X-men world and then into, I dunno, the MCU, and then watching Sony’s Spiderman stuff and assuming they’re all connected.

So far, the MCU consists of these films (in chronological order):
– Ironman
– The Incredible Hulk
– Ironman 2
– Thor
– Captain America: the First Avenger
– Avengers Assemble
– Ironman 3
– Thor: the Dark World
– Captain America: the Winter Soldier
– Guardians of the Galaxy
– Avengers: Age of Ultron
*then future films…*
– Ant Man
– Captain America: Civil War
– Doctor Strange
– Guardians of the Galaxy 2
– Spiderman (the new revamp version, nothing to do with the old ones Sony made)
– Thor: Ragnarok
– Avengers: Infinity War Part 1
– Black Panther
– Captain Marvel
– Avengers: Infinity War Part 2
– Inhumans
Don’t forget the ongoing TV series Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter and the upcoming Netflix series’, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and the Defenders.

Sony’s old Spiderman films include (in chronological order):
– Spiderman
– Spiderman 2
– Spiderman 3
*then new revamp versions…*
– The Amazing Spiderman
– The Amazing Spiderman 2

Fox’s line of films include (in chronological order):
– Xmen
– X 2
– Xmen: Last Stand
– Xmen Origins: Wolverine (prequel)
– Xmen: First Class (prequel, but after Xmen Origins)
– The Wolverine
– Xmen: Days of Future Past (set in the future AND a prequel to the Xmen 1)
*then future films and new timeline…*
– Xmen Apocalypse (alternate prequel timeline. Pretend the first four films and The Wolverine never happened basically)
– New Wolverine film (honestly confused as to what’s happening for this film)
There are pictures on the internet showing possible future films (that goes for the other universes) but I can’t prove the legitimacy of them.

Fox are also making the new Fantastic Four film series. Because these films are going to be made by Fox they have all the right to implement them into the same universe as the Xmen but I don’t think they’re going to.

So those are the three (four if you include the two different Spiderman series’. In fact, FIVE if you include the upcoming Fantastic Four series) completely different film universes!

Here are some recent things that might have made things confusing:
There are two different Quicksilver characters. One is featured in the MCU and one is featured in Fox’s X-Men universe. This happened because they somehow both have rights to this character. Remember, the MCU can’t use the word ‘mutant’ so they’ve bypassed this by calling their version of the character a ‘miracle’. These two characters are different interpretations of each other. They’re not the same person… they just happen to have the same name and powers. Okay? In the Xmen comics Magneto is believed to be Quicksilver, and his twin sister, Scarlet Witches father. With this information should we be seeing Fox’s Xmen Magneto make an appearance in the MCU? Nope! Why? “Because they’re different universes and in the MCU, Magneto can’t be their father because Magneto doesn’t exist in the MCU”. Why can’t Magneto exist in the MCU? “Because the MCU don’t have rights to Magneto and other mutants”. Yay well done, you’re learning!
There was a mid-credit scene during the Amazing Spiderman 2 film. It featured a teaser for Xmen: Days of Future Past. Some people (somehow) thought that this was a hint to the Xmen working with Spiderman in future films. Obviously this is impossible because they’re what? “Different universes”. Well done! What happened was Fox paid Sony to advertise during their credits. It was a stupid move because all it did was confuse people. Ugh, the amount of news posts I read about it was beyond frustrating.

Basically, don’t be that kind of person who only watches the Avengers without watching any of the films leading up to it. Don’t proceed to say it was confusing seeing as though you should have watched all the films leading up to it. Next, don’t watch Xmen films in whatever order you like because your brain will melt. After that, don’t think that the two different Spiderman series’ are linked with each other. Then, after all that, don’t get confused as to why you never see the Xmen fighting with the Avengers and why Spiderman never featured in it either!

Seriously, all it takes is for people to watch these films and keep them in their separate bubbles/universes/microcosms. Also, for heavens sake watch them in order and don’t miss any out because you’re not doing yourself any favors! You wouldn’t grab a comic book and start reading halfway through, put it down for two years and then come back to it and read the ending would you? Well that’s essentially what some people are doing and it’s a shame (and annoying for me, sorry). Don’t be one of those people who only go to the big Avengers summer blockbuster and that’s it. Take your time, these films require some serious studying! Again, I’ll be more than happy to answer questions in the comments. In fact, I’m eager to ask questions!

I’ve probably sounded patronizing and condescending all the way through this blog post but maybe I had to be… to make people understand. I’m not an a-hole, I just wanna make sure you understand. These films are getting bigger and bigger and more and more people are becoming fans without the knowledge they require to know what the heck’s going on! As long as you understand these universes are separate to one another. Yeah, maybe Fox gives up the X-Men franchise like Sony did with Spiderman and hand it over to the MCU and then we can see X-Men with the Avengers but that wont be happening any time soon. Whenever a producer company has to give up their rights to the MCU, that film series will be revamped and seeded into the MCU (which is what’s happening to Spiderman). As a side note: remember, these films are merely influenced by comics. If you have comic book knowledge then great, it’ll help understanding most things but don’t assume things based solely on what happens in comics.


Study this diagram for the MCU and you will become an expert in no time:

Fox’s X-Men timeline fiasco is confusing… here, use this whilst you’re watching the films:

Here’s a very good diagram by The Geek Twins. It shows who has rights to what. NOTE: disregard the Spiderman Sony part because we now know that belongs in the RED area now don’t we. We can also see characters like Ghost Rider and Blade who, yes, have had films in the past but haven’t got anything to do with the MCU Avengers films. MCU wise, anything from the first Iron-Man film onwards is connected. That’s not to say that Blade and Ghost Rider could get a revamp and be included into the ongoing story in the future. For example, there was a Daredevil film years ago but that has nothing to do with the Avengers… but what they’re doing now is revamping him by giving him his own Netflix TV series that’ll be a part of the MCU. Anyways:

The two DIFFERENT Quicksilver’s. Left, X-Men Quicksilver. Right, Avengers Quicksilver:

I hope all of this helps. I merely hope to educate the world about all of the Marvel Films. If I’ve helped you, hooray! If your friend needs help and you don’t know how to explain, link them to this post! I don’t say this to self promote but please please please share this around! I want everyone to know who, what, when, where and how! Fame isn’t important to me, I just want to be a disciple of Marvel. Thanks for taking the time to read all of this.

Say it after me…


15 thoughts on “Marvel Movies for Dummies: The Different Film Universes [BENEFICIAL TO MEDIOCRE FANS!]

  1. My thoughts on all the marvel movies. Watch a movie. If does a good job of telling to story, you won’t have needed to watch any other film to enjoy it. If you like and want more, follow the actors. If your caught up in thinking about the continuity while watching then the film your watching isn’t doing a good enough job of entertaining you. And that should be the first priority of these movies, to keep us invested until the credits (or post credits) run.


  2. Yes. Thank you so much for making this post. I hope this post will spread around and become common knowledge. See, I am a fan of the MCU. Whenever I say I am a MCU fan, I have to explain that that does not include the X-Men or Spiderman movies(although I am a fan of the Spiderman movies, as well.) and sometimes I write the list of movies and shows in the MCU so people know what I am actually a fan of. It would be nice to call myself a MCU fan without people thinking that means I am a X-Men fan, too. I’ll reblog this on my MCU blog in a bit, to help spread it around. Sorry for the super long comment, but I really enjoyed this post. I get annoyed when people confuse the universes, too. Great post!


      1. Hi Movie Maniac

        I adored your post explaining the MCU. It is so informative, really. I must tell you though, I’m a little hurt ( hang on while I wipe the tear off of my phone screen ). I am a graphic novel lover, comics reader/enjoyer, but I’m not a big movie or TV watcher. I watch bad horror movies and cartoons. The last real movie I saw, on DVD unfortunately , was Gaurdians of the Galaxy. Loved it, but I digress. It’s in my nature. I must admit that I know very little about the MCU. I didn’t know there was one. You and your readers please don’t be hating on me. I just need to learn.

        So this is why I love your blog so much. It’s great that you’re so knowledgable, and you have a venue to share it with all of us.

        I also would love to reblog your post on my site I think my readers would love it.

        -Graphic Novel Girl 🌙


  3. Ok, as someone who really enjoys all of the films listed in this post, but am wary of calling myself a fan as I don’t believe I have the knowledge that being a fan of these kinds of things entails, this was really helpful. Thanks!


    1. Sometimes reboots are worth it for example this whole new fiasco with Spiderman joining the MCU. I’m sad the Amazing Spiderman film series abruptly ended but I’m glad he’s being redone and introduced into the Avengers films. The redo’s are usually way better (because the old ones aren’t as visually epic due to technology at their times).


    2. I’m confused as to why they feel the need to reboot the Fantastic Four but the way I see it is that they’re comic book movies. And comic books have numerous series’ and stories that don’t have anything to do with each other. Writers create their own take on characters


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